Weight Loss

Finally an update to this page (06/13/2014)- I have come a long way and sometimes I need a reminder of that journey. When I am feeling down and like I am making no progress it helps to re-energize to look at where I was just 3 years ago.

Measurements (June 13th, 2014)
Neck: 13.5 inches  
Upper Arm:  12.25 inches 
Bust: 37.75 inches

Just Above Belly Button: 29.5 inchesJust Below Belly Button: 38.5 inches 
Hip: 41.50 inches 
Upper Leg: 22.50 inches Lower Leg: 15.5 inches 
Weight - 173.2 lbs

Measurements (March 15th,  2013)
Neck:14 1/4 inches  (-.75)
Upper Arm:  13 inches (-.75)
Bust: 39.75 inches (-4.25)
Just Below Belly Button: 42.75 inches (-.50)

Hip: 40.25 inches (-5.5)
Upper Leg: 23.5 inches (-1.52 inches)
Above Belly Button: 32 inches (-3)

Lower Leg: 16.5 inches (-.5)
Weight - 190.4 lbs



Starting Weight & Weigh-in -
  • 7/25/11   -->  220.6
Starting Measurements (7/25/11)
Neck - 16 1/4 "
Chest - 45"
Upper arm - 14 1/4"
Waist - 45 1/2"
Hips - 47 3/4" 
Upper Leg (R) - 27"
Weight - 220.6 lbs


  1. Wow ! What a transformation :) Those side by side photos are so inspiring!

    1. Thanks :) They help when I am feeling down, I get motivated by seeing the comparisons.

  2. New follower! I am just starting my own fitness journey! I am so excited to find other bloggers who have already come so far!! You look awesome!! Keep up the great work!!


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  4. Wow, You look amazing! :D
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  6. I agree with Jv M.

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  11. I wanna know how you can maintain your body after that transformation.

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