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Hello All!
Thanks for stopping by this little nook of the internet I call mine.
My name is Ashlee if you did not know. I am in my late 20s living the American Dream in Upstate NY. When I say Upstate I mean 6 hours north of NYC. I would not live anywhere else because I love that we get four solid seasons and they are beautiful.

I have always been over weight it seems. I was always bigger than my friends and I remember being jealous that my friends could share clothes with each other and I could not participate. I had tried dieting on an off for years, but nothing seemed to work.

Finally after a doctor telling me that something needed to be done about my high blood pressure I decided it was time for a change. I joined Weight Watchers with a friend in July of 2011, I was at my highest weight of 224 lbs. I could not believe I had let myself get to that weight. I lost 35 lbs before finding out I was pregnant in December of that year.

I stayed active during my pregnancy and tried not to go crazy with my eating. I was 228 the day I gave birth to Mason at the end of July 2012. It took my roughly 6 months to finally get my head back in the game fully.

I have fallen in love with participating in 5ks and running. I am not the fastest runner and I cannot run an entire three miles, heck I can't run a full two miles. I enjoy the competition atmosphere and pushing myself to get a better time than the last. I also like to have dates with Jillian for variation in my workouts.

Meet the fam...

My amazing husband and best friend - Tim. We have been together for almost 9 years and married for 2 and a half of those years.

Our amazing little boy, Mason. Having a toddler in the house keeps us on our toes, but we would not change a thing.

The Fur-Babies. Nutmeg was our first baby, we adopted her when we bought our house in 2009 as a puppy. Scribbles joined up in 2011 after a co-worker sent me photos of his barn kittens. I am a sucker for cute kittens and talked Tim into getting her. She is now his, go figure.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you keep coming back :o)

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