5 on Friday

What a busy life we lead! I am so ready to be in my own home and have a solid routine down again. It is tough when you live in someone else's home and you cannot really count on things being the same all the time. Though living with Tim's parents during this time has been a HUGE help with getting used to two kids. I will miss the help when we move out...

I decided to do a little 5 on Friday today... Here you go :)

Mason cracks me up. He says the other day -- "Mommy look at me I am like daddy"
A couple week earlier he was next to Tim standing just like him.

As you can tell from the top photo he dresses himself. I personally would not have gone with the lime green shirt over the red and grey, but to each their own. He has this thing lately about wearing two to three shirts. It is hot in my in-law's house and he is walking around like we are in the arctic.

Unless it is time to go to the beach...
He told Tim to get on the blanket he put on the floor, they were at the beach.

Tim and I are going to finish our Christmas shopping tomorrow morning. We are also going to pick out our tile, kitchen faucet, and our new bedroom set. I am pretty excited about this :) My mom and her boyfriend said that they would buy us a new bedroom set (our first new one) for our house warming gift.

It is nice to get out of the house together with no kids even just for a couple hours.

I am getting more and more anxious the closer we get to living in our own house again. Our builder said he is shooting for the second week in January to get us in there. I met with the kitchen designer the other day so that ball is rolling. I am so ready to start moving our things. This nice weather we are having in Upstate NY is definitely helping things move along. Fingers crossed we continue with the nice weather.

I cannot believe that Christmas is a week from today! This year has flown by, 2016 is going to be an amazing year and a new chapter in our lives. It is pretty exciting :)

What is something you are looking forward to in 2016? 

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Patience is a Virtue

At the beginning of July an offer we had on a house fell through so we decided to build. We did not end up closing on the land we were buying until the end of September. Our builder waited patiently for two months for the land to be ours.

Now that construction is underway I feel more anxious than I was before I think.

These photos are from the week of Thanksgiving.
This is my kitchen...
My living room... That was just a normal window until I saw our builder's home, then I change it to a bigger window.
Instead of a concrete retaining wall for the walk out basement our excavator guy wanted to use rock. He did not charge us extra so we said sure. I love how it came out.

On Black Friday we went to the house to meet with the electrician and I ended up adding about $1000 onto our total. Oops :)

Originally when you walked into our front door you walked into a door in front of you and a closet door on the right (living room on the left.) I thought that seemed a little closed off and cramped. I asked our builder if it would be possible to open up half of the wall later on and expose the staircase. He told me it would be better to do it now. The doorway in front of the front door leads to the attic.

My vision was to open up half the wall and have a banister and just open up that area a little. Tim asked how much it would be to open it up so I asked. I was told $1500 so I said never mind and then our builder went down to $1000 because I think he knew I really wanted it. He went over to Tim and told him it was cheaper than a divorce... he is a funny guy sometimes.
I tried to give you all a visual here in the photo -- my paint skills are about the same as they were 20 years ago hehe. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas next year on that banister :)

Tim is loving me in this process. He told me it needed to be done before I get any more ideas.

These photos are from this past Saturday. The roof is all shingled and the siding should be going on today. The windows and doors were put in yesterday.
I do have to admit, I was skeptical when our builder said this would be a stress free process, but he was right. The only stresses I have had have to do with the power company and the bank at one point. The actually building of the house has been fun and easy going.

I am trying to be patient, but it is very hard. I just want my own home again.

Have you ever built a house? If you could build a house what would be one thing you had to have in it? 

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Great Weekend

I have been slacking again. Life is so hectic right now with building a house, living with my in-laws, adjusting to having two kids, and work it is hard to fit it all in at times. I am going to try to get more posts in during the week. I like blogging and I miss it!

What a great weekend we had.

Friday night we went to the Christmas tree lighting in our home town. It was amazing, more so than last year. They have put the lights to music and it was great. Mason loved it. We plan on going to see it a couple more times. You can park near the Veteran's Park and tune into a radio station at the top of every hour from 5p-9p and watch the show. All volunteer work, it makes you appreciate the small town we live in.
We hung out with Tim's brother. We watched the parade bringing Santa to the park and then before we got in line to see Santa we asked Mason if he wanted to see him. He said no and we did not want to push it so we did not end up seeing him.
We did make our way to the other events in the village. We walked down to the Slate Valley Museum to see the "Festival of Trees" and to do the children's slate activity. We made a Christmas tree out of  a pine cone (I forgot to get a photo).

Then we went to the Pember Library & Museum for the "Festival of Wreaths." As soon as we walked in Tim's brother and Mason went up the stairs to the library. I had taken Mason to the Museum last year and he was fascinated, but Friday night he was so excited. He kept going to every animal and getting very excited.

Here he is telling Uncle Mikey what bears do. He saw the "tick tock crocs" on the table to the left and started saying "Arghhh I'm Captain Hook."
Then we came to the big bear. He was excited to see it.
Owen was great throughout the night. I wore him in the carrier the whole time and he did not fuss one bit. I love my Lillebaby Complete Carrier, it was so worth the money. My back never hurts and Tim wears it too.


Saturday I did not take any photos, but it was a great day. My cousin watched the boys for the day while Tim and I went Christmas shopping. It was nice to just have a day with just him. We usually have at least one of the kids, but not Saturday.

We laughed, we talked, we had fun buying gifts, and we were happy to be home with the boys at the end of the day. I am a firm believer in taking time for your marriage without your children, even if it is just for 9 hours. It makes a world of difference.


Sunday morning we were lounging around the house when Tim's mom said she thought we should go to see the Santa that was going to be at a local Garden Center that afternoon. She knew a few people that have been there and they loved it.

Tim went on a squad call so while he was gone I decided that was what we were going to do after lunch. I bathed both of the boys and got them dressed nice. When Tim got home I broke the news to him that we were going to attempt a Santa visit.

I looked up on Facebook how much it would cost and was surprised that you could either get a sheet of prints for $12.99 or take your own photo for a donation. The proceeds were going to a community center in the town. I paid a total of $26 for 2 sheets of 3 4x6s and it was so worth it. I will never go back to the mall, I will definitely go back to this Santa event next year.
The best part was that Santa was so nice. I had to run out to the parking lot to get Tim and Owen. Owen started fussing so we were just going to do Mason, but Santa told me to go check to see if Owen was better after some food. He was and Mason waited with Santa (I was shocked) while I ran outside to get them. 

It was an all around nice Chistmas-ey weekend.

We are having so much fun as parents this time of year. :)

What is your favorite part of this time of year? 

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