Big News & Living Update

Today was the big day, we had our closing on our land!

At the end of July we closed on the sale of our house. We could not find a house we liked on the market and it was getting a little discouraging. Our realtor's dad, who is also a family friend, said he had some land that he had parceled off years ago and would sell if we were interested. We went up to look at it and really liked it.
We bought an eight acre parcel and Tim's brother bought the 5 acre parcel next to it. We both closed on the land today, which is odd because 6 years ago we closed on our houses on the same day as well.

I am so excited to have our builder start building. At the end of July we moved in with Tim's parents. We all get along so it is not too bad. Mason has his own room and we have our own room which is nice. One of the downsides to this arrangement is our sleeping arrangement.
Why yes those are twin beds. This room used to be Tim's brother's room and he had two beds in it so Tim could sleep in it too. We moved in a clothes rack, a bunch of boxes and our dresser set. The dressers in the room already were full so we were happy to have enough room for our set. Owen sleeps between us in a small crib or the rock n play - which ever thing works at the time. As you can see there is a real crib in the room for later on. Mason used that crib and we just piled stuff in it and under it lol.
I honestly do not mind living with my in-laws. We all get along and having their help with a newborn and a three year old has been a blessing. I must say that I am ready to sleep in the same bed as my husband as soon as possible - I rely on the his body heat and I like being closer to him. I am also ready to know where all my stuff is. Tonight's project is trying to find my normal clothes and stuff that will fit... I know it is packed some where, I just hope it is in some of the boxes that are here and now a box at my mom's in her barn... fingers crossed.

Any who... We signed the papers and we are now the proud owners of 8 acres of land. Our builder has been anxious to start and he has done a lot of the leg work already. He is set to start on Friday -- eek! Tim is putting the mailbox in this weekend.
View up the driveway - Tim mowed the driveway area and where the house is going

We are building a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with a full basement that will be unfinished for the time being. Eventually the basement will be our additional family room / workout room, office area, laundry room / pantry, and Tim's workshop. We did not go too big - we stuck to a budget and tried to design a practical house. Eventually there will be a 2 car garage next to the house, but that will have to wait a little bit for funds to build back up.
View from the beginning of the driveway - I love the birch tree lined driveway! 

I am sure there will be some stress in the coming months, but our builder told us this should be a fun time in our lives and he likes to make the building process stress free for the owners. He is a great guy and just a person you feel good about hiring.

I have been a little Pinterest happy, but I am sure it will be crazy because it is official now. WAHOO!

Any suggestions to manage stress while building or handy tips for building a house?

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A New Kind of Love

Things around here are going well. Getting used to having two kids is taking some time, but we are doing it. I am sure it will get tougher as Owen gets older, but Mason may mature (as much as a little kid can) a little as you gets older as well. Mason is going to preschool/daycare 2 days a week to keep up his routine and to give me a break and maybe a nap or two. This helps with my sanity. I am not a person to become a stay-at-home mom. I like my time at work away from the craziness in my house. I know that may sound terrible to some, but for my mental health it works. {make any sense?} Mason is currently in his terrible three stage and listening is an issue so this mama needs a break a couple times a week.
Tim and I were a little nervous as to how Mason would react to having a baby brother. He would sometimes talk about his baby brother in my belly, but we were not sure how he would be when Owen actually arrived.
Mason wanted to uncover Owen's Feet -- "Stinky feet!"
I am happy to say that Mason has been a great big brother. He loves kissing his "baby brother" and he helps us when we ask him to get something for us. He likes to talk to Owen about things - I am not really sure what he talks about most of the time.
He really wants Owen to play with him, but we keep telling him that he can't just yet. He says he wants to show him his trucks and tractors. I cannot wait for them to be able to play together - Mason is going to be so happy that he has a partner.
We took all three kids for a ride last week. Owen and Nutmeg had appointments so nutmeg rode with us to be dropped off so Michelle could take her to her appointment and the rest of us went to Owen's appointment. Mason likes talking to Owen when we are in the car. In Tim's truck Owen is in the middle and I think Mason likes being that close to him.
 Mason changed his clothes the other day so he could wear overalls. He got downstairs and said "Now I look like that guy" he was pointing to Owen when he said it.

I have to say that watching Mason with Owen is amazing - it is amazing how a three year old can have that much love for a tiny person. I must say my heart swells when I see my boys together :)

How the transition with Child #1 and Child #2 for those of you have that more than one? 

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We are a family of 4 now...

Hello :) I am still here & I am a little smaller than the last blog post ;)

As I am writing this Owen is fast asleep, Mason is at daycare, Tim is at work, and it is my first day alone with Owen. Not as scary as my first day alone with Mason, but I am remembering what multitasking is and trying to get myself to relax. Tomorrow will be the big test - It will be my first day with Mason and Owen by myself.

Today I am getting down the birth story so I do not forget any details. I want to make sure I get it "on paper" before I forget all of the details. Here you go :)

Tuesday 9/15

I left work at 1:30 to go to my Doctor's appointment. I was hoping that the results from my 24 hour urine test and my blood work were back. My blood pressure was pretty good when the nurse took it. When the doctor came in she asked how I was doing and I told her I was ready to which she said she was ready for me to have a baby too. I was going to be induced that day. She talked to me for a bit and then she said she was going out to make a few calls and she would be back. I grabbed my phone to text Tim and noticed a missed call and voicemail from the doctor's office. One of the midwives did not know I was in the office and had scheduled me to be induced the next day due to my test results.

My doctor told me I did not have to go to the hospital right away, but she wanted me there by 5. That worked perfect because I could get Tim from work at 4:30 and then go to the hospital. My cousin Marcy said she would pick Mason up from daycare and take him for the night. I ran home to shower and grab my cell phone charger (important piece). Tim and I got to the hospital around 5 just like I was told to do.

I got to slip on that beautiful gown and get into bed to start being monitored. The down side to being induced it that you are hooked to a monitor the whole time and do not get to walk around the halls. I received my first pill around 6:15. It was the kind that dissolves in your mouth. I had another one around 8:15 and then they reassessed at 10. The worst part was the nurse that did my iv -- she was older so I thought she would have no problem - my hand is still sore from it.
At 10 I was making a little progress so the nurse and midwife decided to go ahead with the pitocin and get this show going. My contractions started around 11, they were mild and just uncomfortable in the beginning. I really did not rate them over a 5 on a 1-10 scale for a few hours.

Wednesday 9/16

By midnight Tim and I were pretty tired, we were both up before 4:30 for work on Tuesday. We were both dosing on and off, but it is hard when you have machines hooked up to you.
Around 2:30-3 am I started having a little more pain. It was around that time my nurse asked if I wanted my epidural yet and I said no not yet... I did not think it was too bad yet. then thirty minutes later I was gripping the bed rails and said yes when she asked again. It was going to take almost an hour to get it all together so I am glad I requested it when I did. When the doctor got there to do the epidural I was nervous - something was going into my back - eek! I laid on my side in the fetal position and just kept my breathing steady and held Tim's hand. It was pretty quick and the pain started to dissipate almost right away. 

After getting the epidural Tim and I both slept. He pulled out the little bed from the chair and I was feeling good in my bed. My nurse kept moving my legs around trying to get the little guy to move down into position.

I was really hoping that this would go quick being my second pregnancy, but I started to realize that I was wrong. Tim enjoyed the breakfast that came around 7 and I watched him eat. I was loving the ice chips because I really like chewing on ice in general. I was glad I did not have too much because I started throwing up around 10. It was awful. I was nauseous and I had the shakes. I had the shakes all night long.

When they checked me at 11:30 I was at 8 cm. I was happy with that because that meant it could be soon. This labor was longer than Mason's! I asked about my water breaking at that point and I was told they could break it and it could make things move quicker. I decided to do it. Then my midwife pulled out a long hook and said I wouldn't feel a thing. I didn't feel anything.

Things started moving quickly after my water broke. I was told at 11:50 I could start pushing when I felt like it. I was scared and nervous because I did not remember how and I was nervous about the pain. Yes I was feeling pain even with an epidural - they want you to feel some of it so you can push.

I started pushing at 12:01 and Owen was born at 12:09. I pushed 5 times and he was out. Longest eight minutes of my life! But it was worth it, Owen is perfect and I did not need stitches - win - win!
Owen William - 7 lb 10 oz - 20.5 inches long

More to come, but I have to go feed Owen now. Have a great Tuesday!

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Getting Ready for Feeding Baby #2

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

With this being my second pregnancy I have not been scrambling as much to figure out what I need for this bundle of joy. I have really just been trying to inventory what I kept from when Mason was a newborn.
When we were new parents we bought a few different bottles and could not believe the price of some of the bottles and nipples. We bought a few different brands, but ended up liking one or two. I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Chicco Natural Fit Bottles & Nipples. I am always up to try something different so I am excited to give them a try when Baby Z #2 arrives.
Chicco has a wide selection of products on their display in Babies R Us and on the Babies R Us website.

I like this NaturalFit Gift Set I received because it has a few different products in it that will grow with the new little guy. This system is engineered to change with the changing needs of a growing baby. Chicco has over 50 years of baby feeding experience.

They even back their product 100%. If you try out the Natural Fit bottles and are not 100% satisfied Chicco has pledged to refund your purchase price, plus cover the return shipping up to $6.99!
That moment you think that you are golden to take some photos when Mason is playing and BAM! you have a little photo bomber! He cracks me up.
I like the design of the smaller bottles/nipples. There are some bottles on the market that try to mimic the shape of a breast to help with the transition. The Chicco bottle below has a unique angled nipple with a wider/rounder base that they say will aid in neck positioning and newborn latch. Latch is an important part of breast feeding, believe me! The angle helps the the nipple area stay full of milk to prevent air ingestion. There are also twin anti-colic valves that help with gas and spit-up. 
We will have to see when I use it with Baby Z #2. I plan on breast feeding and using a bottle like we did with Mason. I like the idea that Tim can get up and feed the baby when I need a break. 

In the Gift Set you also get two 8 ounce bottles with the straight nipple and rounded base to grow as your baby's feeding skills and needs grow. They say that after four months babies have better control of their head and neck so they do not need the angle as much. Colic symptoms also reduce. 

I cannot really remember when we switched to bigger bottles with Mason, but I remember them being costly. This gift set is nice because it comes with some essentials. You will need more I can tell you that from experience, but find sales and watch for ads. 

One of the features that I like about these bottles is the adjustable flow nipples. You can adjust the flow rate for your baby's changing appetite without having to change the actual nipple. You just have to position the rate you want under the baby's nose and you are all set. The flow rates the adjustable nipples have are {1} Newborn, {2} Medium, & {3} Fast. 

They also have an 11 ounce bottle available with fast flow nipples. They have a less rounded base and have a smaller nipple area. Your child becomes a more efficient eater after six months so this longer, slimmer nipple helps accommodate their sucking power.

The gift set also includes a little case with two pacifiers. I am all for giving my baby a pacifier. It was a little tough breaking Mason of his habit, but we did it. It is worth it!

I cannot wait to actually use the bottles with the new baby. Mason has already been "helping" to feed the baby in the swing. We set up the swing the other day and he has been fascinated with helping me with the "baby." He has been bringing the "baby a bottle and a pacifier or a "plug" as he calls them. He really wanted to fill the bottle with milk, but I told him we have to use "special" milk for that. I am going to find him trying to feed the baby cow's milk in no time.

Check out Chicco's Facebook page - They have contests posted on there as well as sales and new products.
Be sure to follow them on Twitter as well - you never know what deals they may post.


Influence Central is hosting a contest that you all can enter! There are a total of 18 Chicco Prize Packs up for grabs! That is a lot :)

  • Three Prize Packs Valued at $439.98
  • Five Prize Packs valued at $189.98
  • Ten Prize Packs valued at $59.99
Contest will run through September 30th, 2015. 

Chicco Natural Fit Contest!
*I-C will randomly select 18 winners from all tiered program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.



What was an essential you needed for Baby # 2?  

I know we have stocked up on paper towels and good dish soap (the hand moisturizing kind) because I remember washing and drying bottles and pumping parts all the time!

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Influenster Wellness Vox Box Review - My Favorites

I love getting the mail and I really love getting the  mail when there is a box in it with the Influenster name on it :) The box I received a few weeks ago was full of goodies that I could not wait to try.

Olay Active Botanicals

When I read that this product was made with snow mushrooms I was a little worried about the smell. I am not a mushroom fan. The smell was good and it did not deter me from using it like I thought it might. I liked the size of the bottle because it did not take up much space (I am a shower user) and it was a good size for the price.

I try to use cleansers on my face to help with my occasional breakouts and my sometimes oily skin. I like this cleanser and would recommend it to people. My skin feel soft and moisturized, not oily or dried out. You only need a tiny dollop of the product which helps it last even longer.

Colgate Enamel Health 

I have used mouth washes in the past, but a lot of them are too harsh for my teeth or the alcohol burns my mouth. My teeth are sensitive because of years of brushing too hard and using the wrong type of tooth brush. I liked this product because of the enamel health - anything to help my enamel is good with me. The bottle is not gone and it is on my grocery list. 

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
Now on to my favorite product in this box!
I have been a Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion user for a few months now and I really like it. When I received the Jergens version in my VoxBox, I figured it was probably the same so I kept putting off using it. Well I started using it a week ago and I am swtiching to Jergens! I love this stuff. My skin is so soft and it feels great to get this done before I am in a cold environment. Even Tim has commented on how nice my skin feels :) I am going to need another bottle soon, especially with winter coming.

This was a great Influenster box. All of the products were something I would use normally. I also became a big fan of a couple of them.

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39 Weeks - Sooo Close!

Weight gained:  I am currently at 227 lbs, well as of last week's appointment. 

Workouts: Ha
Symptoms: Cramping is a big one. I had quite the contraction the other day, I thought for sure it was time. I was in such pain for a good 2 minutes so I got Mason and me ready just in case, but nothing else happened. 
Movement: He is moving - he keeps punching down there it feels like and he will make my belly look funny/lopsided. 
Food Aversions: Nothing

Food Cravings:  Blooming onion -- has not been satisfied, I don't even like blooming onions! 
Sleep: I toss and turn all night long. My hip hurts after a little while of laying on one side so I have to roll and then that hip starts to hurt so I roll again. It is not that easy when you have to roll with a body pillow. 
Maternity clothes?:  I just want leggings or dresses right now. Everything else just seems like it would be too tight. I want to be comfy. 
Stretch marks? Bottom part of my belly and my hips. 
Miss Anything? Sleeping and being able to do what I want. Limited mobility right now with my big belly. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We went apple picking the other day and Mason had fun. He was so excited to pick his own apples. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I haven't really purchased anything. My friend Amanda bought us a diaper bag for the little guy. I wanted a different bag than I had with Mason - one with more room and one that was easier. I have purchased diapers because they were on sale. I feel kind of bad for Baby Z #2, he has not really gotten anything that is his. Maybe a few clothes, but no gifts from anyone or stuff from us. Hopefully we can make sure he doesn't feel like a hand me down kid. 
Looking Forward To:  The Doctor telling me it is time. I am so ready to meet Baby Z #2, I just want to not be pregnant and see him. I want to see how Mason will react and how he handles it. I am starting to get a little nervous about the labor part and the pain. 

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Waddle Wednesday - 38 Weeks

Weight gained:  So far I have gained 50 lbs in this pregnancy... we shall see what the scale says this afternoon at my appointment. 

Workouts: HAHA
Symptoms: Tossing and turning all night because I am uncomfortable. My hips get sharp pains often when I am standing or walking. 
Movement: The little guy is moving like crazy and he likes to kick my bladder. It is kind of cool when he moves so I can feel his butt sicking out or when I can watch my belly dance.
Food Aversions: Nothing

Food Cravings:  Brownies with walnuts! Yummy :)
Sleep: Did you read above? I keep tossing and turning so sleep is not going well this week. 
Maternity clothes?:  Today I am wearing a dress for the third day in a row. I am either in gym clothes or a dress because I am so uncomfortable and I feel like all of my clothes are either too tight or do not fit right. 
Stretch marks? : Still at the bottom of the belly. 
Miss Anything? : Being able to move - This belly is in the way all of the time and it makes me have to restrict myself. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We are at the two week mark, I am hopeful to go any day now. I am so ready. Mason and I put together the swing the other day and got it all washed up. Mason practiced buckling the buckle and then he said the baby was cold so he went in the other room and got his favorite blankie and put it in the swing. We shall see if that still happens when the new guy is here. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I bought a Boppy and a cover form a consignment shop and my friend Amanda bought some cute outfits while we were there for the little guy. 
Looking Forward To: Having this baby! 

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