Baby Gear

Today Michelle and I are off to Albany today to do a little shopping. I am on a mission to find and test out a couple different baby items I have been looking at. Stores around us do not have a wide selection so we are taking a little shopping trip.

I know most people do not have a baby shower for their second baby, but I wouldn't mind a little get together with friends to celebrate life before two kids. I have lots of clothes left from Mason and most of the gear. We kept what we really liked and used most often. I do not need much more than diapers and wipes, but I love parties and seeing people that I don't get to see that often.

There are a couple items besides diapers and wipes that I have been looking at. It is so hard to decide what we really want.

The headache of this pregnancy. What do I need? Will Mason like the sit and stand? Will we use it? Will it be easier to use a child carrier and our single umbrella stroller for outings? Mason can walk a lot, but there are times he is not so into walking. If we went to an amusement park or zoo or any event type place we would need an option for Mason to sit when he gets tired.

The practical option I will probably go with is the Baby Trend Sit & Stand. It is practical and hopefully it will hold up for walking. I saw one of these at the Phoenix Zoo when we went and asked the parents how they liked it, they liked it and recommended it. This would be nice for outings.

The cadillac of double jogging strollers is the BoB. I wish I had $400 to drop on a stroller, but I cannot do it. I have seen these strollers at a couple 5ks and they are pretty nice.

The option I like the best is the In Step Double Stroller. It runs about $270 so I don't think we will be getting that one, but it would be really nice for our walks and runs. This is the one that I would choose I think. 

There are so many options out there to choose from. I hope we can find some of these today so I can look at them in real life instead of just online. 

Baby Wearing
We had a cheap $30 carrier when Mason was little that I think we might have used a handful of times. We really were not into wearing him. My biggest problem was how uncomfortable the carrier was. My back would start hurting after about ten minutes. It just did not have the support and it was definitely a "you get what you paid for" type situation.

This time around I think that I will be using a carrier more because Mason will be running around and need things as well. I have been researching carriers since I found out I was pregnant. The one that really interests me is the Lille Baby. I watched a video on how it goes on and comes off and the uses for it and I thought that it looked pretty easy to use. The main thing is I don't want to have to have another adult around to help me get this thing on.

The lumbar support and the overall support look pretty good. I was thinking about getting the all seasons because it has the breathable 3D Mesh making it nice for hot weather.
When we go to Albany today one of my stops is to go to Bye Bye Baby and test these out. I have the 20% coupon all printed off and ready to go if I decide I like this one. I would have to get the all black one, no fancy colors because I want Tim to wear it as well and I know he will not want to wear one with pink on it or the all green one (thought I am in love with that one.)

Anyone out there have this carrier? Thoughts?  What carrier do you have that you would recommend? 

Fun Items

Tim loves his Keurig and I think that I would love this baby Keurig! How great is this product? I am in love! I may consider this if it was my first pregnancy, but I could always sell it after. I am lusting after this thing, but I cannot justify spending that kind of money.

This is not for the new baby, but it is something we saw that we think Mason (& Tim) would really like. Darn infomercials on the weekends... some of the stuff actually looks good.

For mommas of two what was something you had to have when you had baby # 2? 

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5 on Friday

I spent a couple days this week out of the office. I was chosen to teach a class at the County Highway Safety Days. Ironically I ended up teaching a joint class with my husband. The event was at a county beach area that I feel is under used. I know I never think of it, but it is a great spot. I told Tim that we need to come back down to kayak.

They put on a good lunch (bbq chicken & a baked potato) and for dessert there were ice cream sandwiches from the Ice Cream Man. It is a local ice cream place that is delicious. I think they were on Throwdown with Bobby Flay years ago.

Today is graduation day in this area. It has been ten years since my graduation day. That is crazy! Tim and I started dating less than a month before I graduated. Crazy that it has been ten years - I have graduated college, obtained a full time job, bought a house, got married, had a baby, have another baby on the way, and we are working on buying another home. Phew I am tired after ten years lol.

The other night we were at Tim's parents' house for dinner. When we went to leave we were ditched. Mason told us he was not going home he was "staying at Nain & Pop's house." He asked them so nicely and gave them a cute look they could not say no.
Later on that night I was sent this photo. I think they forgot to lock the fridge... Who taught him that?

Mason's new obsession... Cars, trucks, tractors, and construction vehicles. While I was cleaning out a closet I found one of those plastic pumpkins that kids use for trick-or-treating and he scarfed it so he has a vessel to transport his cars and tractors. He brings them every where we go. He came home from his grandparents' house yesterday and I noticed the pumpkin was much heavier... he took some vehicles out of Tim's old bedroom.

After I get out of work today I have five full days off. I was going to try to get next Thursday off so I would have over a week off, but it does not look good for coverage. One of the downsides to my job is that someone has to be in my seat if I have a day off. Summer months are tough because we have a lot of people that want time off and a limited number of people to cover those shifts.

If I did get that day off it would be the first full week of vacation I have had since being on maternity leave. I usually just take a block of 5 days and go to work on days I know we don't have anything going on. I just can't get myself to take all that time at once usually. I would rather have a bunch of long weekends during the year.

It is officially the first weekend of summer - any exciting plans? 

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Waddle Wednesday -- 28 weeks - Advice Needed :)

Weight gained:  This is not a good subject... I was up to 213 lbs yesterday at my doctor's appointment. That is a ten pound gain since last month. A 27 lb gain total according to my records at the office. I need to start tracking my food and watching what I eat. I have been having cravings for sweets that get the best of me. Time to buckle down or we are going to have problems in the next couple months... :/

Workouts:  I need to start walking again. I have to get up and get moving more. It is going to be hard the bigger I get, but I have to do something.
Symptoms:  I have been having a tough time breathing at times. He could be sitting high or it could just be a symptom of pregnancy. I am having some practice contractions, nothing painful, but definitely noticeable
Movement: This little boy is a mover! He was going crazy this morning while I was trying to teach a class. 
Food Aversions: Nothing

Food Cravings:  Sweets! 
Sleep:  I sleep great some nights, but others I have trouble getting comfortable or staying asleep. 
Maternity clothes?:  All the way :) 
Stretch marks?: Maybe? Based on where my stretch marks are from last time (which I got in the last couple weeks of pregnancy) I think you get the majority of the marks when the baby "drops."
Miss Anything? A nice adult beverage after a long day or stressful day. I miss working out and just the feeling of being in shape. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Not new baby related, but my first baby moved to preschool yesterday. Tim went to pick him up at daycare and he was in the preschool room. Tim was told he is officially in there now. How exciting! He says he likes it. 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing this week. 
Looking Forward To: Going shopping for some baby items on Monday. Going to try out some baby carriers and look at double strollers.

Suggestions please! I need to know hat double strollers you like and what kind do you like? 

Baby carrier suggestions?  I am looking at the Lille Baby Carrier because the videos make it seem easy to get on and off. 

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Father's Day

It is a rainy Tuesday here... The downside? A co-worker and I are doing a safety day at the county park which is outside. Hopefully the skies clear up and the sun shines. I have a tan to work on ;)

Father's day was nice around our house. The morning consisted of relaxing. You can't tell they are father and son can you? They are both glued to Scooby Doo! Mason was very excited to help Daddy open his gifts - "one for daddy and one present for Mason" oh boy was he disappointed when it was a book.
We went to Tim's Aunt's house for a cookout around 12:30. The forecast called for a wash out Sunday, but it ended up being a beautiful day.
Mason even got to help blow out the birthday candles on Tyler's cake. I thought he was going to pass out. He kept blowing and blowing and he would take a big deep breath before each one.

The cutest part of the day was Mason with his uncle Michael's dogs. Tim's mom went to walk them home because Michael went on a fire call and Mason jump in front of her and took the dogs. He told her she was not taking Sandie & Lilly home because they were Mikey's dogs and not hers. Of course while he has the leashes and stands by the door the dogs thought they were going for a walk so Sandie started barking. The second photo shows Mason telling them "no barking doggies."
He then took them outside to walk them around the driveway. He got to take Lilly because she is very easy going and doesn't really need a leash most of the time. Sandie is a little more hyper. He was good though. I am amazed that Mason is big enough to walk around with a dog :(

It was an overall great weekend. :) Fingers crossed I don't get soaked today...

Anything exciting for your this past weekend?

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5 on Friday

Last night Tim ran to the store because we needed something we thought we had in the freezer, but we were wrong. I got home and noticed that there were three bags from the grocery store for the one thing we needed.

I looked at Mason & said "Do you know how mommy knows you went to the store with daddy?" and he replied with "donuts on the counter" - Kid is smart. those two cannot go to the store for just one thing. They usually come home with at least one sweet treat.

House hunting sucks... that is all.

I am amazed at how much Mason has grown mentally in the last couple weeks... He sings the ABCs, row row row your boat, and twinkle twinkle. He forms full sentences and has an imagination that runs wild.
The other night while Tim was at the fire house Mason crawled in bed with me and I noticed he had put Tim's pajama pants on - He actually had each leg in a leg hole and the waist up to his chest. He would not let me get a good picture of him standing up, but he was funny looking.

When I ask Mason a question he has a tendency to get an inquisitive look on his face. See below...
He even puts his finger up to his mouth when he is thinking at times. He is such a goober. I have to say that watching you child grow and learn. His personality is really shining lately. 

I am very disappointed that there is rain in the forecast for Sunday. We are having a family dinner and the plan this week was to cook out on the grill, we may have to move the car out of the garage and put the grill on the outer edge of it like we do at our house - chef does not get wet hehe. At least Saturday is supposed to be nice.

Any plans for Father's Day? 

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Waddle Wednesday -- 27 weeks (On Thursday Again)

Sorry for the couple day break... I tend to not get on the computer much on my days off. Tuesday was a lazy day for Mason and I. We both took naps in the afternoon and worked on cleaning the house and lounging. It was perfect :)  Yesterday was a day of running errands so I did not really get on the computer. I would rather focus on Mason when we are hanging out together.

Weight gained:  Still not looking at scale. I have an appointment on Tuesday so we shall see. 

Workouts: Non-existent  - I remember walking all of the time when I was pregnant for Mason and trying to stay active and this pregnancy is just different. I don't have the energy all of the time, it could be because I am chasing a toddler. I do try to get my stair climbs in and stay active cleaning or organizing so I am not lounging on the couch all of the time. 
Symptoms: I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions I think. My abdominal area gets really tight at times and it just feels off, but then it goes away. I have also been having some weird dreams and most are not good. I have not been sleeping well because of the terrible dreams. I don't want to go back to sleep :/ 
Movement: All of the time. This morning as I was trying to get up for work, I just wanted a couple more minutes in bed, but the little guy was moving all around so I decided to get up and get moving. 
Food Aversions: Nothing really. 

Food Cravings:  I wanted a Frappuccino from Starbucks yesterday and then I remembered the new flavors. I went for the cotton candy flavored one. Mason was loving it. I liked it, but did not think it tasted like Cotton Candy. For those of you from the NY and VT area, I thought it tasted more like Fireworks ice cream from Stewarts Shops.

Sleep: Some nights I sleep like a log and do not move, I don't wake up, but some nights I am up a few times to make a bathroom trip or to check on Mason. As I mentioned before I have been having some terrible dreams so I have been up for those as well. 
Maternity clothes?:  All of the time :) I just bought the dress in my photo today yesterday. Mason picked it out. 
Stretch marks? Yes... maybe... not sure 
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my tummy, good dreams, working out like I used to. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Nothing really. I had to do the glucose/ Gestational Diabetes test on Monday morning. Fingers crossed my results are good - I find out on Tuesday. 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing. I am hoping to take a trip to Albany in a couple weeks. I want to check out double strollers and baby wearing devices. The stores around where I am do not have a large selection of these items. 
Looking Forward To:  Spending time with Mason and Tim as much as possible before we become a family of four. I am not looking forward to the really hot weather and growing even bigger than I am. I can get through the next three months, I can do it... lol

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Beautiful Weekend

It is a rainy Monday here in Upstate New York. I had to drink that lovely drink at the hospital this morning. I chose the orange again after hearing that the fruit punch tastes like cough syrup. It was not that bad, I was able to drink it in the five minutes I was given. I actually did not mind having to sit in the waiting room for an hour, I got to watch the Today Show uninterrupted and it was a nice break. My blood was drawn and I will get the results at my appointment next week.

We had a pretty good weekend and the weather was perfect. Tim and I had a wake to go to Friday night so my mom watched Mason. When we got to her house we asked if she wanted to keep him over night and she said she would love to.

When I went to pick Mason up on Saturday my mom had him working in her flower beds. He was loving it - he would dig the hole and then my mom would let him plant the flower. I ended up having a couple hours to kill before the parade Mason and I were going to go watch so we hung out with Grammy and Uncle Ross. I went and got everyone subs at the local general store - I have been craving one of their subs for a few days so it was delicious.
Saturday night was nothing special - we had a nice relaxing night at home.

Sunday we did some things around the house - we mowed the lawn, cleaned up some clutter, and played with Mason. After lunch we headed to Tim's parents' house to check out Mason's new sandbox.
This child is in love with the sandbox that his grandfather made. I am not sure who was having more fun, Tim or Mason. The benches fold down to cover the sand box when not in use. We saw the idea on Facebook and printed it out for Tim's dad to figure it out. It came out so great and just what he needed.

All of a sudden Mason said "it is raining, I need to go inside" - when Tim and I looked around we saw Tim's parents in the doorway spraying us with water guns. They thought it was a great idea to get Mason two water guns. He had so much fun with them. Nain was rethinking her idea when she became a target.

Mason ended up taking a bath there before leaving. He had sand everywhere, mostly in his hair. He had a great weekend. We were surprised when he was still wide awake at 10 pm. We finally had to put him to bed and he took a bit to fall asleep and was not happy to be woken up at 5:30 this morning.

What exciting things did you do this weekend? 

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5 on Friday

I was going through things in the house the other day and I found the baby tub. Mason asked if it was his tub and I told him it was, but now it will be for the baby. He went to climb in it and then decided he was too big and that the baby could have it. He has been pretty good about letting some of his stuff be put aside for his new little brother.

Thank goodness for the Boomerang Channel because a certain toddler is obsessed with Scooby Doo right now. He wants to watch is all the time. He even sings the song & asks for Scooby snacks.

I tried a new recipe the other day and it was delicious. It was a S'mores Pie and it was super easy to make. I found the recipe on Pinterest - the original website is here - there are other recipes that I would try on there... could be dangerous.
My mom cam over for dinner the night I made this and she liked it, she said she doesn't usually like S'mores, but this was good. Tim loved it. It is a little rich so you won't want a huge piece. 

I was perusing the Walmart flyer last week and I saw a carbonated flavored water and thought it sounded good. When we went grocery shopping I found it and decided to give it a try. I do not like seltzer water so I was a little nervous it would taste like that, but it didn't, it was good. I would buy more of this. It has zero everything except 5 mg of sodium and it was $2.88 for a twelve pack.

Today is my boss's birthday. I usually make cupcakes for co-workers on their birthdays, but since he has an office I decided to decorate a little. :o)
*Tip - if you want the cellophane balloons go to the Dollar Tree or a local dollar store that has them. They are around $4-$5 at the grocery store a piece, but only a $1 when you go to the Dollar Tree.

After working 4 whole days in a row, I get the weekend off :) I usually work 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off, and so on so 4 in a row is more than normal. I thought it was going to be crappy, but I am good.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? The weather is supposed to great this weekend here so hopefully we can get out and enjoy it.

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