5 on Friday

Mason was loving his sandbox the other night. He took off all of his clothes and laid right down and dumped sand on himself. His pull-up was full of sand when we took it off for his bath. Might need to think about a bigger sandbox with another boy on the way.

While I was grabbing some items on sale at the grocery store the other day I saw the new S'mores Oreos and decided to pick them up to try. Apparently while we were gone for a few hours, someone else in our house decided she needed the oreos more than us. Nutmeg ate the whole package leaving us with with a mess of garbage to pick up and a longing to try S'mores Oreos.

This is what bedtime at our house looks and sounds like...

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I am sitting here writing this post and listening to Mason and Tim read. It is amazing how much Mason loves books and he has his regular stories memorized.I was told by daycare the other day that he will be visiting the pre-school room for the month of June and then probably transitioning over in July. My baby will be in preschool! That is very hard to believe. Exciting for him, sad for mommy.

I have to work all weekend this weekend so we do not have much planned. I am working noon til midnight tomorrow so I can to a 5k. Mason is signed up for his first 1k at the same event so we will see how that goes. He loves to run around, we just have to focus that running on a certain path. There were children younger than him doing it last year so we should be good.

Any exciting plans for this weekend? Anyone else stuck working?

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Waddle Wednesday -- 24 weeks

What?! 24 Weeks? When did that happen? We are at the six month mark which is mind boggling to me.

Weight gained:  I step on that dreaded scale this afternoon at my doctor's appoitnment.

Workouts: ehhh umm... well uhhh I have a 5k this Saturday, but other than that I have been seriously slacking. I was thinking about taking Mason for a bike ride tomorrow. He loves riding on the bike and it is a good workout. I will see how my balance is with this pregnant belly.
Symptoms: I have been getting heartburn a lot the last few days. I ate goldfish the other day for a snack and they gave me heartburn. I have been getting cramping in my calf muscles lately, mostly at night, but they are annoying. The tightness in my belly is still there. This kid is taking up some room now, he should start eating the fat in there and make room with what he had and stop stretching me more lol. 
Movement: Moving like crazy. Last night I saw my belly move, but Tim kept missing it. He thinks I am making it up - yea ok. 
Food Aversions: Smells still get me. Nothing particular, but I had a water the other day and the bottle smelled so I could not finish it. 

Food Cravings:  I am craving fruit and water. We have our fridge stocked with fruit right now. Watermelon is a favorite for Mason and I lately. 
Sleep: Well.. that is hit or miss these days. Some nights I sleep like a rock throughout the whole night. Other nights I am up every couple hours to pee or just lay there for a while before falling back to sleep. I cannot get comfy. 
Maternity clothes?:  That is all I am wearing right now. I have been trying scarves lately and really liking them :) 
Stretch marks? Hard to tell... When you have a bunch from a first pregnancy it is hard to tell when new ones pop up. 
Miss Anything?  I miss a nice frozen beverage with alcohol in it after a long day, but I can wait until September. I miss sleeping on my tummy. That is a big one. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I have a doctor's appointment today. I have a 5k on Saturday that I have been doing every year since it started. I also signed Mason up for the 1k after the 5k. This should be interesting. 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing. I did manage to go through all of our baby clothes. We have at least one big tote for each age group. Mason saw his Halloween costume from his first Halloween (Size 3-6 months) and he wanted to be a monster so he put it on. Oh dear! He was funny, he managed to get it on - a little snug, but he ran around like a monster.

Looking Forward To: We don't really have anything coming up. I am looking forward to the 5k and doing it without a stroller (though I may end up having him, not sure yet). I have to work all weekend so I am not really looking forward to that. 

Ok I need your favorite baby carrier recommendations... and go! 

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Much Needed Long Weekend

Tim and I had three days off together and it was great! I am not sure you could say we accomplished a lot, but it was a nice weekend.

Friday night after I got out of work we went over to my mom's house for a sleep over. Tim and I went home after dropping him off and had a nice peaceful evening with the animals. Watching Memorial Day shows on the History Channel.
Saturday Tim and I had plans to run some errands that were better off done without a toddler in the morning, but there was an early morning structure fire. Tim did not get home until after noon. We did end up running a couple errands before we went to get Mason. My mom said he was great for her. When we got there he told us we had to wait because he was helping Gammy water flowers. What a good little helper.

After picking Mason up we went to see Tim's brother at the fire house because that is where Mason wanted to go. "Go see Mikey"
He tried on some fire gear and then he helped with the hoses.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We went to see a family member in the hospital. Mason lasted less than five minutes in the room, but he was loving the elevator. That afternoon we went to Tim's brother's house for a cookout, no photos from that. I was too busy watching Mason because his uncles were teaching him how to use a squirt gun - I didn't want to get sprayed.

Monday Tim and I went took the ambulance in the parade while Mason and Tim's mom watched. He was not interested in us when there were fire trucks behind us.
After the parade we went to a cookout at my mom's. When we got there my brother told Mason he had a fishing pole for him and asked if he wanted to go fishing.
"I go fishin'"

He was very interested in reeling it in, not so much casting it out, but he will get the hang of it.

This child and his tomatoes... He knows that Gammy usually has a stock in the fridge for him and he was all over it yesterday. He ate those and some beans and hamburger. Of course he ate the food off of Gammy's plate mostly, but that was fine as long as he eats.

Love :) 
After the cookout we went to watch another parade. By the time that one was done it was almost 7 and we were wiped. Mason wanted to play outside for a bit and then it was bath time followed by bed.

Overall we had a great three day weekend. It seems a little hectic looking back at it, but it did not feel that way - those are the best kind of weekends. We had down time and we had some plans. It was a play it by ear kind of schedule for us :)

How was your weekend? Hectic or mellow? 

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5 on Friday

This made me giggle this morning... :) 

I have to work until 6 today, but then I am off until Tuesday and I am ready. I have been having headaches lately and being at work seems to bring them about.

Tim is off today and Monday so he has a nice four day weekend. He and Mason are home having a boys day. I can only imagine what I will come home to. I usually come home to a clean house and a little boy full of stories.

My child will be an avid hunter in no time. He found Tim's Wii Gun and he won't let it out of his sight now. We are working on teaching him to never point guns at people and all of the safety factors.

I cannot believe that is it Memorial Day weekend already! Summer is officially here. I was filling out our calendar for June and it is pretty packed full of activities already. July and August are not far behind.

Please take a moment this weekend and remember why we celebrate.

Pinterest is full of Memorial Day goodies today. We do not have any big plans or parties to go to, but I saw some things I would love to do if we did have plans.


I want one of these containers. I think they are great for parties and you can use them in your fridge too. It will definitely be on my list when we finally move.


I just love Jello with cool whip. These look cute.
Any excuse to use my trifle bowl. I love the fresh fruit and the stars.

What a fun idea to have the kids help you do. It looks easy and creative!

I am a sucker for cute wreaths on the front door. This is cute, but I think I would try to make it before spending a bunch of money on an already made one.

What are your plans for this weekend? Camping? BBQs? 

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Waddle Wednesday -- 23 weeks

Good morning all! I had a nice hour to myself this morning to watch what I wanted and just sit on the couch and enjoy the morning before a certain little guy came out of his room all smiles. Moving him to a twin bed was a great decision. He is so much happier in the mornings and he loves it. Now on to Waddle Wednesday....

Weight gained:  I did step on the scale Saturday morning and saw 196 lbs - that is better than what the doctor's scale said almost three weeks ago. I also had a stomach bug and my appetite still has not come back fully (not a bad thing.)

Workouts: Walking - not as much as I should, but trying my best. 
Symptoms: Muscle tightness. I am getting a lot of tightness on my sides - I am wondering if it is because of all the toning and such I was doing before getting pregnant. I just assumed that this pregnancy would not really have a lot of the stretching, but I guess I was wrong. I also started having hip pain yesterday. I am not sure if I stepped wrong or if it is pregnancy related. I asked Tim if he could take over the pregnancy for a bit to give me a break lol don't I wish.
Movement: These baby is moving like crazy. I could feel him when I put my hand on my tummy so I tried to get Tim to feel it too. Yea right - this child is just like Mason, stops moving when Tim tries to feel it. I think it will be soon for them to feel the little guy move. 

Food Aversions:  I am happy with bland stuff right now after my stomach bug. 
Food Cravings:  Nothing really. 
Sleep: I am sleeping like crap. I roll over constantly and I am moving my body pillow around. 
Maternity clothes?:  Yes I am loving dresses right now. I have one from Target and one from Old Navy -- the body con type (not the moo moo feeling kind.) One is black and one is grey - I need some with color! I wish they came in a better selection from those stores, but I will still look. 
Stretch marks?:  Nothing yet, but the way my sides feel like they going to burst I may have some soon :/ 
Miss Anything?: My clothes still, my smaller boobs, sleeping! 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Nothing but the stomach bug in my house this past week. That is far from fun or interesting! 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing new this week. I still have to go through everything I have to see what we will need. 
Looking Forward To: My appointment this coming week. I am sure they will tell me to go get my glucose test done in the next couple weeks.

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Weekend Recap

Our weekends in the summer start on Friday because Tim has three day weekends April through December... we love his new job :)

On Friday, we had to meet our realtor to sign some papers in the morning. Then Mason had a dentist appointment. Before we left I felt kind of off. I told Tim I felt nauseous and just continued with our day.
Mason had to play with the neighbor's dog before we left.
The dentist is on the 2nd floor and Mason loves taking elevators. I wish this picture came out better, but he is cute. 
The dentist said he looks good - no cavities and all of his teeth are in there. We did not attempt a cleaning yet, I did not think he was ready for that.

We ran some errands after his appointment. I still was not feeling well and it was going down hill. When we got home I crawled into bed and told Tim I had to lay down for a while. I ended up staying in bed from around one until the next morning. I was nauseous, had a temp, my stomach hurt, I had aches all over, and I was vomiting. I am pretty sure I caught that bug that is going around. I felt like I wanted to die. I barely ate and when I was eating saltines I was doing it because I knew I needed something in me for the baby. I tried to get water and ginger ale down, but it was tough.

Saturday I took off from work to get some stuff done and there were things going on I wanted to do.
I was very happy when I woke up and felt about 85% better than Friday. We headed over to the village to check out the yard sales at the town wide yard sale. Tim went out with his dad and brother and I went to mom's to sit with her, my aunts, and my cousin at their yard sale.

Mason had to help Grammy with some yard work. He was glued to her all day.
They read books on the couch, played games, and then enjoyed some fresh strawberries together. It started getting warm out so both of them needed a change of clothes.

Saturday night Tim and I went to our fire department banquet. I think we clean up pretty nice :) The food was good and we had a good time. My appetite was still not around most of the day, but I had some turkey and potatoes. I knew I was not feeling 100% yet because I did not eat all of my roll and I love rolls.

I worked on Sunday. I was not complaining because I heard it was warm outside and when I got out at 5pm it was hot. I will take free air conditioning :)

We had family dinner last night at Tim's Aunt's house. She had been making it a monthly event, which is nice. I picked up pizza and wings on the way home, nothing creative this month, but it was nice.  I still had a headache for most of the day, but I did feel kind of hungry yesterday. When we got home Tim started feeling crappy and ended up with the same stomach bug we think. Oh the joys of having a child that carriers germs like a gift basket.

How was your weekend?

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Waddle Wednesday -- 22 weeks

Weight gained:  Next scale reading will be May 27th. 

Workouts: Walking, walking, and walking. 
Symptoms: Some tightness on the sides of my abdomen at times, nothing major. 
Movement: Lots of movement, he is flipping and rolling and working on his punches I think. If I have something cold he moves all around. 
Food Aversions: Nothing really. 

Food Cravings:  Sweets. I have days that all I want is something sweet. I am trying to chew gum and other things instead of eating the package of cookies. 
Sleep: I have started sleeping with my body pillow. I am starting to regret getting rid of my pregnancy body pillow. 
Maternity clothes?:  I am trying to wear something different everyday so I can actually wear all of my maternity clothes and not leave items out. I have a good selection so I should be set for the summer. I may need to go to Walmart and get some gym shorts for comfort. 

Stretch marks? Nothing new
Miss Anything?  I miss my smaller chest! I am not a fan of this larger chest -- it is about the size of what it was before I lost the weight -- I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. I want my smaller ones back again lol
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We went for a walk on Monday in the heat. It felt good to get out. Mason was "nice and comfy" throughout the whole ride. Last year he wanted nothing to do with his sunglasses and this year if I have mine on or Tim has his on he has to have his on. 

Baby Items Purchased:  I shouldn't be buying anything until I go through what I have, but Carters was having a sale online. I picked up a few outfits.

Looking Forward To:  My glucose test in a couple weeks... not! I am looking forward to my next appointment. My doctor said that we will do 2 more appointments at the four week intervals then we are going to every other week. That means we are getting closer! 

What are some must haves we need for baby # 2? 

Don't forget about the For Two Fitness HUGE Mother's Day Giveaway! Lots of great prizes to win :) 

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Mother's Day {Giveaway}

Happy Monday! I have today off so I will be spending the day with my little man who is still fast asleep. I am starting to enjoy these mornings that I have a little time to myself before he gets up.

Yesterday was a great day. Happy (late) Mother's Day to all the moms & moms to be reading. You really should tell your mom you love her all the time, but if there has to be a day to get treated a little extra special then I will take it.
We started the morning off with my first 5k of the year. I did not have anyone to do it with this year so on a whim I asked Tim if he would do it with me. The answer was no at first, then I said it would be my Mother's Day Gift and I didn't want to do it alone he said he would do it.
I thought it was fun. He ran a lot in high school so I knew he probably would not have a problem. He pushed the stroller and we ran/walked the race. Mason did great in his first race. He had some snacks (even a banana from the food table in the beginning) and he kept telling us "faster faster." It was a terrible time for me compared to last year's times, but I have not run in months (since the fall) and we had fun. Tim even mentioned doing another one in the future and he wants to get out walking and running more after we move. We live on a busy road right now so it is not really possible with a stroller.
Both look thrilled right?

After the race we came home. Tim cleaned the inside of my car (always a blessing), it seems to be a tradition now, he did it last year too. After we had lunch we headed up to Tim's parents' house to give his mom her gift. Mason ended up falling asleep in the car on the way and when he finally woke up he saw that the tractor was in the driveway and he had to get a ride on it.

Then he wanted the four wheeler, though the way he says it is much cuter. 
*Disclaimer - Tim only takes Mason on the lawn with the tractor and the four wheeler. 

I stopped by my mom's to drop off her gift last night. She was in the middle of some major Spring cleaning so I did not stay long.

Overall it was a great day spent with my two favorite boys. Next year it will be three boys! I have a feeling I am in for a lifetime of entertainment and craziness!


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How was your Mother's Day? Did you do anything special?

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