Waddle Wednesday -- 20 weeks

Morning all :) Our appointment went great yesterday. The baby looks healthy. Everything is where it should be and they did not see anything to be concerned about. Overall it was a great appointment. 

Weight gained:  Eek... I saw 199 lbs on the scale yesterday at the doctor... Not very happy about this. That is a 7 lb gain in three weeks. I really need to buckle down on my eating before I get to where I was with Mason. 

Workouts: I am getting my walks in. It feels good to be moving. I also added in some weights and 
Symptoms: I am getting headaches daily. I did mention this to the doctor and she said it was normal. I can try caffeine and Tylenol, we will need to worry when those things do not work.  
Movement: I keep feeling flutters and some movement. It is maybe once a day right now. I cannot wait for Tim and Mason to feel the movement. The baby kept moving while the ultra sound tech was trying to get pictures. 

Food Aversions: Nothing really. 
Food Cravings:  Still having cravings for sweets. This is not good... I want to crave fruit and water. 
Sleep: Getting to be bothersome. I can't really sleep on my stomach anymore and laying on my back is no picnic either. Not to mention the fact I am up around 2 am to go to the bathroom. 
Maternity clothes?:  Very much so... I would like the weather to get a little warmer so I can start wearing the majority of my maternity stuff - capris, short sleeves without a sweatshirt, etc. 
Stretch marks?: Nothing to report... nothing new at least. 
Miss Anything?: Sleeping on my tummy, not having heartburn, and not having headaches. 
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We had an ultrasound yesterday. The tech was great - she had us look away when she got to the gender area. She got a photo, printed it off, and wrote what the gender was on the back. She then sealed it in an envelope. I think it is so amazing that the girl can find the baby's heart, the chambers, the kidneys, the tummy, and everything else. She makes it look so easy, but I am sure it takes some practice. 

Baby Items Purchased:  Nothing really. We have a lot of the stuff we will need. 
Looking Forward To: Our Gender Reveal get together Saturday afternoon! I am pretty excited to find out the sex and share it with everyone. I am making some cute blue and pink treats on Friday to serve at the little gathering. Pinterest has been great for getting some cute ideas. 

How did you find out the gender? Did you do a reveal for everyone or did you know and surprise everyone?

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A Busy Weekend

Phew what a full weekend. I meant to do a weekend post yesterday, but I had a full day of activities and just did not get the time.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for my god-daughter who turned 13 on the same day. She had a bunch of friends there for her party along with family. I could not believe how much these girls are attached to their phones! It is crazy. We watched the little kids play outside and roll around in the grass and the teenagers were on the couch on their phones -- they did venture out for a walk, but with their heads down on their phones. I think technology might not be the greatest thing at times.
Mason had fun playing in the yard. They were playing with the dog and taking turns throwing the ball. Mason also wanted to fetch the ball a few times. How amazing is the view at my aunt and uncle's house? 
Sunday was a big day for Mason. We ventured out late morning to run some errands and buy Mason a new bed. We wanted to work on transitioning him out of his crib way before the baby arrives so he does not associate the two. He ended up taking a nap in our bed that afternoon so Tim and I got to work on changing his room around. We moved the crib out and set up the bed.
When he woke up from his nap he went into his room to see what we had done. He asked where his crib was. He was not a happy camper at first. He was perplexed as to where it might have gone. I was thinking "Oh no this is going to be a tough sell and even tougher bed time."

I was gone that night for bed time, but Tim said he did well. Tim laid with him reading some books and then Mason told him he could go to his own bed. He slept through the night.

Yesterday he wanted to "go to sleep" all day. He kept putting all of his friends in bed along with his books and would lay down. I had no problem putting him to sleep last night, he wanted to read some then he was good when I left the room and said good night.
Yesterday morning we had to drop an aunt off at the hospital. Mason loved the elevator ride and he kept waving good bye all the way down. I did have to bribe him to come with some donut holes... it worked. He also had a cup of grapes he was eating too so it was balanced.

 This kid is driving me nuts with his car seat -- I put it on right and he moves the shoulder strap things down to play with them. Oy - at least he can't unbuckle it himself.

It was a packed few days, but we had fun and it is nice to be able to get out and do stuff now that that weather is getting better.

Today is our 20 week ultrasound. Tim is going with me becuase it is one of the more important appointments I think. We are asking the tech to put the gender in a sealed envelope so I can bring it to Tim's aunt tonight. Our reveal party is Saturday and I am excited! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the baby is not in a bad position and the tech will be able to tell what gender it is.

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Thursday Ramblings...

Good Afternoon...

It has been a busy morning at work today. I am just getting to writing this post a little after noon.

Mason was full of energy yesterday. He wanted to go outside as soon as he woke up around 7:30, but it was chilly out there. I held him off until about 9:30 and finally said lets go out. I froze while he played in his sandbox and with his treasurers (we seem to have a rock collector.) After 20 minutes or so he told me it was chilly and went for the door.
He went inside and was excited to play with his toys downstairs. I decided it was a great time for me to get on the treadmill. He was great while I was walking. At one point I heard "I found kitty, I found kitty! In my firehouse!" He was so excited to have found her in his firehouse tent.

I must say that laying down to fall asleep with Mason will never get old. He is so cuddly. He does not want to take a nap most of the time, but once we are in bed he gets "nice & comfy." He loves saying that when he gets settled. He says it in the living room on the couch...
He will say it when he gets comfy in his car seat. He even switches it up and says "nice and cozy" sometimes.
That comforter he is using is part of his new twin bedding set, but he could not wait to take it out of the package. He has been using it on the couch just waiting for us to go buy him a twin bed. It will happen... we just like to procrastinate.

I have only been walking as exercise lately. I did a workout from Mumberry's Instagram feed yesterday and I am sore. Stairs are scary and sitting down is torture! But is feels so good! I am glad I did it, I actually liked the workout and was motivated to do it because it was targeted toward pregnant ladies. I am definitely going to keep this up now, I like being this sore knowing that I am working my body.

I have a problem when I go into Bath & Body...
I also bought body scrub, body wash, and some of the wall flower refills. You walk in that store and you see the sales and just want to smell nice! I should be set for the summer. Shhh no one tell Tim ;)

Lastly I want to tell you all how much I love being married to Tim. We have been together for almost ten years and he really is my best friend. One of the best things is that he makes me laugh daily.

I was in a baking mood yesterday and wanted to make banana cream pie. I figured I would check with him first to see if he liked it.
Really? Chicken Pot? Pizza? After that text he sent me his next 6. I laughed. I ended up making white chocolate pudding with mini chocolate chips in it. I know not baking, but it sounded good when I saw it in the cupboard.

What does your spouse do that makes you feel great about marrying him (&/or dating)?

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Waddle Wednesday - 19 weeks

Though I am not waddling yet I am sure by the end of summer I will be. I wanted to use an alliteration for the titles. I feel kind of bad for baby #2 because I have not been documenting as much as I did with Mason. We are just as excited and just as nervous this time around, but just have not been writing as much down.
I am officially 19 weeks tomorrow

Weight gained: I am using 186 as my start weight. I am sure it was lower than that, but at 8 weeks I was at 186. I am currently 192. I talked to one of my doctors at the last appointment about it. We want to keep my weight under 200 lbs. Knowing the issues I had last time with my blood pressure toward the end of my ninth month we want to avoid it. 

Workouts: I have been going on walks when possible, but I would like to get back into circuit workouts, toning, and yoga. I think that a variety would be nice. Time seems to be a factor right now. I am learning how to work around my new schedule and a toddler.
Symptoms: Not many anymore. I get heart burn easily, but not enough to warrant taking something daily. Tim just gets me tums at night after we have settled into bed, he loves getting back up I am sure ;). I am so glad that is my only symptom right now. The first trimester was 20 times worse than it was with Mason. I was always sick and exhausted, but like a light switch things changed when I hit the second trimester.
Movement: I am definitely feeling movement now. I think it started about two weeks ago, but it is hard to tell in the beginning if it is movement or something else in you stomach area. Now I know when it is Baby Z#2 moving. It is pretty cool even the second time around. I cannot wait until Tim & Mason can feel the movement too.  
Food Aversions: Nothing really. I have not had honey nut chex since the first trimester because it did not settle well, but I wouldn't say I won't have it next week.

Food Cravings:  I have wanted asparagus a lot. I have also had more cravings for sweets.
Sleep: Sleep is still going well. I get up most nights for a bathroom run. If I move just right some nights I get a terrible pain on the side of my abdomen 
Maternity clothes?:  Oh yea! I got the linen pants from Old Navy (in photo) and I love them. I want to order a pair in every color. I think they will be great for post delivery as well. I have been trying to be good about buying clothes because I have everything from when I was pregnant with Mason it is was around the same time of year.
Stretch marks? Nothing... hopefully I will not get anymore than I already have from Mason - wishful thinking.
Miss Anything? I miss a nice cold alcoholic beverage after a long day at work. I will miss waterskiing this summer  I don't know why I keep doing that to myself, I should plan these things out better lol.
Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We started asking Mason if he wanted to say hi to the baby or kiss my belly and he will get really close and then yell "Roar!" he does the same thing when he sees a photo of a baby or one on television. We will have to work on that before he is living with a baby in September.

Baby Items Purchased:  Without knowing the sex I have not really gone crazy with buying clothes. I have bought a couple neutral onesies, pants, and some mittens (anti scratch). If we are having another boy we will not need much for clothing. I have totes and totes of clothes for a little boy 😉

I have been researching double strollers and carriers. We had a cheap carrier for Mason and it hurt my back so I hated wearing him. I want to invest in a good one this time around. I think I may want to do more baby wearing with a toddler in the mix. I have been looking at the Lillebaby carrier. I watched a video on how to wear and it seemed pretty easy.
Looking Forward To: We have our second ultrasound on Tuesday. We get to see the baby. We will not be finding out the gender that day. We are having the technician put the results in a sealed envelope. Tim's aunt will get the envelope and decide how we find out at our gender reveal party next Saturday. 😁

Any must have suggestions for baby number 2?

*categories were taken borrowed from Courtney 😇

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Great Book!

It is a dreary morning here so we are hanging out watching Disney. My phone shows the weather clearing up this afternoon so we are planning on a walk later. This morning I wanted to share a book review with you.

This past week Mason has changed from a nice toddler that occasionally had moody period to a child that is happy for less than an hour a day. Good lord he throws fits for any reason at all -- He does not get his way, I put his juice in the wrong cup (I was supposed to read his mind to know he wanted the Mickey cup), he dropped one of his sticks, anything really. A friend on Facebook posted a book she had recently bought and I knew I had to read it.
I bought this book on Friday night, downloaded it to my kindle app, and was ready to read. I decided to start is on Saturday while at work. I ended up reading the whole book! It was hilarious and I was laughing out loud. There were times I wanted to cry because it was hitting too close to home, lol.

Isn't that the truth! 

There was a section on recipes for parents.
There are several sections in the book. Here was a good one...
Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but sometimes in the frustration of one of the tantrums you want to kill each other because nothing is working. 

Oh goodness some of these are comical & sadly true at times hehe

If you can remember previous posts, we do not have a bath tub, we use a metal tub in the middle of our kitchen floor for bath time. The other night our kitchen floor was soaked because Mason thought it was funny to throw cups of water.

Here is something I need to get. I found the part about Colorado pretty funny :)

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that Mason was whiny and had been for a couple days. His daycare teacher commented saying he was great for him that day. I read this section of the book and had to text it to him. He found it funny.

I would recommend this book to anyone with a toddler, maybe not someone that is planning on getting pregnant anytime soon. I am glad I am pregnant now and not trying because I may have a second thought.
This book helped give a little humor to a sometimes trying time in the life of having kids. Sometimes you just need to laugh.

What parenting books have you found helpful or entertaining?

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Beautiful Weather

It is amazing how nice weather can help change your moods. The fact that we can actually be outside to walk, do yard work, or just play makes life so much nicer. Mason is getting some energy out by running around outside. I am enjoying the vitamin D and getting outside for walks.

Mason sure has missed his walks -- he used to get in the stroller in the basement and want to be pushed around.

We decided to clean and refill the hot tub this past week because it was nice out. Mason was fascinated with the water and watching it fill.

Nutmeg and Mason have been able to get some energy out with some games of fetch... not sure who is fetching most of the time.

Tim even busted the crab out of the shed and filled it with sand. You would have thought it was Christmas Day. Mason was so excited. He ran into the garage and found all his sand toys -- I did not even know he knew where some of them were.
We even got some cleaning in the other day with the windows open. Tim started washing the windows in the living room. Mason wanted a "papa towl" too to we gave him one and he went to town. We had to spray some windex for him too. He loved it and he actually did a pretty good job.

It was such a long winter or at least it felt like it. I am so happy that the weather has been nice and Spring is finally here.

What a crappy weekend activity wise. I was at work Saturday & Sunday so my steps were dismal. I got home Saturday night and did not want to just sit around (that is what I did all day because of the activity at work.) I ended up doing stairs climbs for a while. I also paced the house and just kept moving to get more steps in. I did the same last night when I got home from work. I figured I wanted to hit one goal and surpass it.

Having a FitBit again has been helping get me active. I may not hit my goals daily, but I try more than I have been. It is a start to get back to where I was.

How was your weekend? What did you do to get active?

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I know Easter was a couple weeks ago, but I still want to share our family photos from that chilly day. Mason was not a fan of the Easter Bunny when we visited him at the mall so there was no official photo with him. When Mason woke up on Easter I asked him if he wanted to go see what the Easter Bunny brought him and he said no. Then I told him the Easter Bunny was not there anymore, but he left gifts. He was ready to go out of the kitchen then. He was pretty excited -- one of his two gifts was a children's camera and he was in love. He took over 200 photos by nap time that afternoon. There were none that were frame-able, but he was having fun.
We did not go all out with his basket. He got a couple packages of gold fish, a puzzle, a new book, and a camera. The basket on the left is the basket Tim and I bought for each other. We both bought each other our favorites. Basically we got the candy and Mason got the gifts. I have been good with moderation and eating it. We put it in a small totes and put it away so it is not in sight.

Mason was great in church... when the priest went up and down the aisle for the baptism part mason yelled out "Hey I'm all wet now!" oh dear. The ladies around us laughed.

After church before I changed into warmer clothes we attempted a family photo....
Yup we are the parents of a 2 year old! HA 

Overall it was a great day.


Today is my first of two days off. I am working on refilling our hot tub this morning. That meant going out to the shed and getting the long garden hose and dragging it to the to hook it up. I am loving the nice weather so it is not such a dreaded event to do something outside. The tub is currently filling and Mason is fascinated with it.

He has been whiny all morning (and last night) so if he is interested and not upset I am fine with him watching a hot tub fill. I think I jinxed myself the other day by telling someone that I did not think we have not really had to deal with the terrible two's :\ oops

We are going for a walk later, I have to get my steps in today, yesterday was rough with only 5,000 steps. I forgot to pit my wristband on this morning for the first couple hours of cleaning and going up and down the stairs, oh well I will just have more than it shows at the end of the day.

How are you getting your activity in today?

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