Patience is a Virtue

At the beginning of July an offer we had on a house fell through so we decided to build. We did not end up closing on the land we were buying until the end of September. Our builder waited patiently for two months for the land to be ours.

Now that construction is underway I feel more anxious than I was before I think.

These photos are from the week of Thanksgiving.
This is my kitchen...
My living room... That was just a normal window until I saw our builder's home, then I change it to a bigger window.
Instead of a concrete retaining wall for the walk out basement our excavator guy wanted to use rock. He did not charge us extra so we said sure. I love how it came out.

On Black Friday we went to the house to meet with the electrician and I ended up adding about $1000 onto our total. Oops :)

Originally when you walked into our front door you walked into a door in front of you and a closet door on the right (living room on the left.) I thought that seemed a little closed off and cramped. I asked our builder if it would be possible to open up half of the wall later on and expose the staircase. He told me it would be better to do it now. The doorway in front of the front door leads to the attic.

My vision was to open up half the wall and have a banister and just open up that area a little. Tim asked how much it would be to open it up so I asked. I was told $1500 so I said never mind and then our builder went down to $1000 because I think he knew I really wanted it. He went over to Tim and told him it was cheaper than a divorce... he is a funny guy sometimes.
I tried to give you all a visual here in the photo -- my paint skills are about the same as they were 20 years ago hehe. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas next year on that banister :)

Tim is loving me in this process. He told me it needed to be done before I get any more ideas.

These photos are from this past Saturday. The roof is all shingled and the siding should be going on today. The windows and doors were put in yesterday.
I do have to admit, I was skeptical when our builder said this would be a stress free process, but he was right. The only stresses I have had have to do with the power company and the bank at one point. The actually building of the house has been fun and easy going.

I am trying to be patient, but it is very hard. I just want my own home again.

Have you ever built a house? If you could build a house what would be one thing you had to have in it? 

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  1. My mother in law built her house... two things she learned 1)if they cleared trees from your lot make sure they are not buried in your yard... you'll have sink holes in about 25 years. 2)Make sure they clean up well before putting down flooring... you don't want stray nails under any carpets.

  2. It'll make it that much more worth it. JK i hate when ppl say that lol
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Oh my gosh, it's getting so close. How exciting! I'm jealous! I would love to build a home as well. Maybe when we are kidless & just want a small home...on a lake...back in the woods. :)

  4. How exciting. It looks like you have a beautiful lot. I love all of the trees. We plan on building a house sometime in the future. My sister & husband have built and lived in 3 homes. It will be fun for you to pick out all of the hardware, sink, etc.

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  6. Wow what a sweet and fabulous house you have. I am jealous of you because i also want to have my house like this........We are planning to move in another location looking forward to find a house similar to this......yuppie i am so excited.