Ozzie - 2 Months & a Challenge

I am a few days late with this, but life seems to have become hectic.

Owen is not over 2 months old. He is growing like a weed and I think he is growing faster than Mason did at this age. He is already in 3 month clothing and it fits well. This outfit was Mason's and Mason was four months old when he wore it.

Mason is still such a great big brother. He tries to help every chance he gets. He does get jealous at times which is understandable. He gets in his three year old moods as well that are not fun, but we work through them. 

Owen started smiling a week or so ago. We have noticed a lot more facial expressions, some are quite comical. He has also started grabbing toys more and following them when we move them in front of him.

This is a normal sight in our house. It doesn't matter who is holding him he wants to nuzzle into your armpit. The other day he kind of blew his nose all over Tim's shirt. Laying him flat on his back also seems to calm him.

I had to compare these two with the same hat on. I did not realize when I posted this on my Facebook that they are the same ages in the photos. I had people guess who was who and both grandmothers got it wrong.
Mason is on the left and Owen is on the right. 

How am I doing?

I have weened off pumping. It was getting to be too much. I am working on a post on how I did it and what worked for me. I feel good not doing dishes constantly and not finding a spot to pump every few hours. This is personal preference and I feel every woman needs to do what feels best for her.

I feel great. I am happy to be working out again. I cannot wait to get back into shape. I like having a little workout buddy this time around.

Side Note:

A friend and I are hosting a challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is no need to wait for the New Year to make a change, Why not now?
Joining this challenge group gets you a support group on Facebook, Muah as your primary coach, portion controlled meal plans, and 30 minute at home workouts that aim to get you in shape! 

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Come join us & enjoy this holiday season instead of over indulging and regretting it come January!

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