Mr July...

I walked out to my car this morning at 5 and was shocked. It was warm out, my car read 52 degrees! Weird weather we are having here for mid-November. 

Yesterday was a little chilly, but that did not stop us from getting out and about. I could not get up with the alarm to work out yesterday morning. My body just wanted to sleep so I let it. I made myself a Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana shake for my breakfast on the go. Owen had his 2 month check up yesterday and Mason had his flu shot. 
I picked Tim up from work on the way to the doctor's office - no way was I doing all those shots alone. Owen and I went in to the room for his appointment and Tim took Mason for his shot. I teared up when Owen started crying with his shots, but he was better after I held him and fed him in the room.

I came out to find Tim and Mason walking around outside. I asked Tim how it went, fearful that there was a meltdown and he said it went fine. It was worse on the nurse that does not like doing pediatrics than it was on Mason. Apparently he did not even flinch or cry when she gave him the shot. He had to show Nain and Pops when they got home from work what a brave boy he was.
Owen was a little fussy last night, but after some Tylenol he slept through the night like he has been doing for the past week.

I got my workout in yesterday when we got home from running around. It was the Lower Fix and my legs were burning during it! What a work out, Phew. I did not get up this morning to work out because I went to bed late. I have to work until 6 pm then I have an EMS training to go to at 6:30 so a workout might not be in the mix for today. I am feeling good about working out. I cannot wait to be back where I was over a year ago - hooked on working out daily.

I was taking my dreaded "before" pictures last night. While I was trying to set up my phone to take the photos Mason stood where he saw me standing and wanted me to set the timer.
Then while I was taking my photos he ran upstairs and came back down in shorts "like mommy." He came down and started posing all over the living room. Meet Mr July...


Have you seen this video? Alanis Morissette remade her "Ironic" lyrics to fit in today's world. I found it funny and so true. I loved and still love her songs. James Corden is also pretty funny.

I watched this next video this morning and could not stop smiling. What a great reaction and a great way to announce the pregnancy. 

Any You Tube videos you are loving lately? Share the link below :) 

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