Like Father, Like Son

How is it Monday already? This weekend went by way too fast. I have today off, but I have a few things on my to do list, thankfully all of it can be done from home. A workout is definitely on the list. I am really enjoying my workouts and getting back into that routine.

Saturday I managed to get a few workouts in. I changed into my workout clothes and went to it. I started with the Pilates Fix. When I was done Mason was playing nicely and Owen was fast asleep so I decided to do 10 minute abs. After that was done the boys were still good so I decided to do one more workout - the Yoga Fix. That felt soo good to get that stretch in. My core was feeling it yesterday, but it was worth it.

I finished just in time because Tim and his brother came in from hunting for a snack after I got done with my shower. I looked in the kitchen at one point and saw this...
Like father, like son! Mason even has his leg crossed like daddy. He is always copying him and I find it adorable.

After this snack I took Mason to my mom's for a sleepover. I forgot his blankie - eek. He did fine without it, but my mom was nervous.

Owen, Tim, and I went looking for a bed for our room Saturday night. Owen was dressed nice and cozy in a fleece outfit with little ears on the hood :)
I really want a storage bed, but the nice ones are so expensive. I found a few I like, but I also found a few sleigh beds that I love! We decided that if we can find a sleigh bed that we like and the matching bedroom set is not at a crazy price we could get a whole set instead of just the bed. When we moved out of our house we got rid of our old full bed so we really need something before we move into our house.


I am currently taking a Sports & Exercise Nutition class for certification. Living Social had a deal on it so a few of us beach body coaches decided to take it. I am finding it very informational and helpful with understanding how the body works and how food fuels it. I have been out of college for six years (say what?!?!) and I am surprised at how much I like taking a class again. I have seven more classes to go...  wish me luck.

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  1. Way to go on getting those workouts in, girlie! Awhoo hoo!

    That picture of Mason & Tim cracks me up - he looks so much like his daddy. :)

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