WIW My Goals for the New Year

Well I just started New Year's Eve off right... I slept until 10 :) Now time to get my workout in before Tim gets home at noon.

I know it is cliche, but how is it 2015 already?

Two things are on my mind to fix this year.


I need to get back into my workout routine. I have been doing pretty well so far with P90X3. I just need to get back into the mindset of weight loss and toning instead of mindless eating and sitting on the couch.

My Goals for January:

  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Find a workout schedule that works with my new work schedule
  • Eat well & take vitamins
  • Run outside at least once

My Goals for the first Quarter of 2015:

  • Lose 15 lbs - I want to be realistic, this is a little over a pound a week. I need some motivation and if I have a goal I think it will help.
  • Workout 6 days a week. Be active! Tim keeps saying "Play 60" which is from the NFL trying to encourage kids to get active. 
  • Eat well. I know I feel better when I eat well so I just need to do it. 
  • Start running again!
Here is where I am starting...

Budget! I need to get a hold of my spending. I have a problem -- I see a sale and I feel like I need to buy something. I am going to do a "No Spend January" I will pay my normal bills, but I do not want to spend any extra.

I also want to work on eating the food we have in the house. I feel like our grocery bill are crazy. Our freezers (main and chest) are full with little to no room and our downstairs pantry is full. It is time to start making the food we have in the house.

I have been obsessed with reading Erin's Blog - She has a whole section called Sallie & Perkins about paying down debt.

I will make this work. I want to sell my house this year (fingers crossed it happens soon) and we want to have another child at some point. Spending money like it is growing on trees in our back yard is not going to help with these situations.

A couple other resolutions I have... 

  • Stop biting my nails
  • Take up sewing and knitting again -- become good at them. 
  • Get organized 
  • Cook more! 
  • Spend more time focusing on marriage and family

Link up with us - Tell us what your goals are this month/year. How did you do in 2014? 

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2014 in Review

2014 has been a year of milestones and has been disappointing in the weight department for me. Here is a little recap of events in my life....

I started doing Yoga in the beginning of last year and I fell in love. I am a huge fan of Yoga now and get out a DVD when I feel the need for a stretch or just a good feeling workout.
It took some time to master some of the moves, but I try my hardest!
I tried P90X3 in February for the first time and loved it.
Mason became known as "bucket head" to Tim's coworkers because he put this photo on his desktop.
 I started to see a muscle in my arm! Now I just need to get that back.
I painted until I thought my arm would fall off! The rescue squad's addition was done in the Spring which meant lots of painting for the volunteers.
I saw the 160s for the first time in a decade or more. I was so excited, but sadly it only lasted a month or so. I am striving to get back there and beyond!
 Walking was a staple for Mason, me, and any friend I could convince to go with me.
Mother's Day was spent assembling a swing set for Mason at Tim's parents' house. It was their Mother's Day/Father's Day gift I believe. Mason loved it and we were able to get a nice family photo.
I ran the Rail Trail 5k for the 5th year in a row.
Mason learned how to take selfies & I tend to keep the funny ones.
In June I did something that was never on my radar. I still cannot believe I did it. I ran a half marathon and crossed the finish line under 3 hours, which was my goal. Some crazy part of me asked my cousin's wife a year ago around this time to do a Half Marathon with me in June. It was all down up hill from there.
I had some amazing friends do it with me and come to see us race.
We did it and I have to say that this is one of the best moments in my life. I did something that I told someone less than a year earlier that I would never do. 

We took up bike riding in the Spring and continued with it through the summer. I hope Mason stays under 40 lbs so we can do it this Spring as well.
We went camping at a campground for the first time with Mason. We went with my aunt and uncle and their grandson. Mason and Dalton had a great time and Mason was not that bad in the tent.
We went kayaking with Mason at Sunset Lake. We also spent the 4th of July with family and friends at the camp on the lake.
Our annual trip to Maine was at the end of July. We had a great time and Mason loved the sand and the ocean. He was not too sure of it at first, but he got used to it.
Tim got a new job much closer to home with better hours. This was one of the best things to happen to us this year. He is much happier and he has much more time for his family.

My little guy turned 2! How did that happen. He is a spunky little boy with a lot of energy.
Mason found a love for listening to our heart beats and his own. Every time he sees a stethoscope he has to put it on and listen.
Mason became a pro at driving the boat. He loves to go on boat rides and we tried to take him as much as we could.
 I did another Color Me Rad and loved it. They are so much fun, I just wish they were not as expensive as they are.
We did a few more races in the fall.
Race for the Cure
Haynes House of Hope
 Poultney Fire 5k
We carved our first pumpkins in the fall. Mason was a big help and he really like the Mickey one I did for him.
I tried the Advocare 24 Day Challenge for the first time and did not do the greatest on it. I slacked off toward the end. The 10-Day Cleanse was great though and I would recommend it to anyone for a reboost / restart.
Mason and I went as Mickey & Minnie for Halloween. Tim wants to know when I am going to stop embarrassing the boy.
 Heather and I hosted our first annual Turkey Day 5k! It was fun and we had a lot of people involved!
Mason and I finished 15 weeks of swimming lessons at the YMCA and he loved them! He is such a little fish. Maybe we will do them again next year.
Finally, we had an amazing holiday season. We managed to get some great family photos to put on our Christmas cards which is always a plus with a toddler.

When I say this year has been a little disappointing I mean with my weight. I have gained around 10 lbs since the spring and I am feeling it. I need to get this weight off and continue on to my goal. I feel better when I am on track and eating right. I also feel stronger and invincible when I am working out regularly. I just need to get back in that mindset and that is my plan for the next month.

What was your most memorable thing in 2014?

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Christmas Recap

Phew.... Christmas has come and gone. What a busy few days we had, but we enjoyed them. All of my decorations are still up because we usually take them down after New Year's Day. I am guess that this weekend will be all about the clean up. (My OCD is pretty excited for this)

Christmas Eve morning was spent baking some delicious goodies.
Eggnog Pie & Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Mason took a nice nap that afternoon and woke up right before we had to leave for church so we thought we were golden. That was until 4:05 came and someone came into the church to say the priest thought mas was at 7 so he was on his way (he was 25 minutes away.) Mason wanted to run around the church and eat the cookies for after church.
We ended up making it through church, but we lost precious years of our life worrying about how much Mason was bothering others. I know, I know it is much worse for us than it is for others, but it still bugs us.

After church we ventured up to my aunt' s for a little Christmas Eve gathering. Mason was shy for the first half an hour, but then he left our side to go play with the other kids.

I love this gathering because we don't have many family functions since my grandfather died and this is one of the bigger ones. We always have a good time and delicious food!
Tim and I managed to get a great photo from that night. I will have to do a comparison photo because this is the same spot we had a photo taken a few years ago. I think this photo makes me look tiny! I loved this outfit. 
We ended up sleeping in until 9 on Christmas morning, I am sure that will be the last year. He will be 3 and a 1/2 next year so hopefully he will be fully of anticipation and excitement next year.

He was excited to read his new Little Blue Truck book. He went in spurts he would be excited to open a gift, then it was like he could care less.

The photo below is funny. He got all excited for one of the gifts Tim opened...
A new coffee mug... that kid and his coffee mugs.

Then Mason wanted to play with the camera - he actually took the photo of me and Scribbles. Not bad for a two year old with a camera bigger than his head.
Tim was having fun with some of Mason's presents 
Nutmeg was enjoying the activity.
My mom and brother came over for breakfast and presents. My grandfather used to come to our house and make us breakfast on Christmas morning so I asked my mom and brother over for breakfast. Mason had fun opening presents with them, but he would get distracted.
Overall it was a great morning with family and a little kid that was still unsure of what was going on.

After we got dressed we headed up to Tim's parents house for some presents. This was the best family photo we could get with a squirmy toddler. It is blurry, but I thought it was fun.
We went to dinner at Tim's aunt's house after that and more presents! Mason is one lucky little boy. He was given lots of great toys and he is playing with them daily. He loves his Hess truck, his easel/drawing table, and most of all his kitchen pans and dishes with rack. We have not opened his full kitchen set yet, but I am sure he will love it.

Today I decided that I am sick of feeling like a blob. Why wait until Thursday to start something? I wanted to start today so I did. I decided to give P90X3 another shot, I felt great while doing it and I find Tony's humor entertaining. I also like the variety and having a schedule.

Tomorrow I will be recapping my year and Wednesday I will be tell you what my goals are for the month.

How was your holiday? What was your favorite gift? I got the Microsoft Surface 2 from my mom and brother, Tim gave me my first North Face fleece :), and Judy gave me a UAlbany Alumni sweatshirt. Great gifts all around!

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