Things Making Me Smile

Happy Friday everyone! It happens to be my Friday as well though I have to work 4-12, but I have the next two days off. I have my in-laws kitchen to paint. I am hoping to get to work on it tomorrow or maybe even today. I have been putting it off all week because I just needed a break after we ran around every day last week.

My doctor's appointment went well. We are going to try something to see if it helps with things. I have to say that I love my doctor. I just feel so comfortable talking to her and she is very helpful when I need advice or answers.

Summer Challenges
I have been staying motivated with Jasmine's Summer Challenge. I love having a partner to email back and forth with. I have been doing pretty well. I am definitely a stress eater so I have been working on that. I am also giving up soda starting today. I don't drink much to begin with, but I am giving up my one Diet Pepsi a day. I am going to start drinking more water again. I feel like I have not been getting enough plain water.

Free Vegetables & Eggs
A coworker brought in extra zucchini he had from his garden so I took a few home. I shredded it yesterday with my food process - SOOOOO much easier! I portion out 2 cups per bag and freeze. This way I can make 2 loaves of bread whenever the mood strikes - most recipes call for 1 cup of zucchini. It is a great way to not waste your extra zucchini.
The other night my neighbor had some extra eggs and veggies and gave me some. Sure, I will take a dozen fresh eggs. Mason loves her chickens. He points to them and calls then "buck bucks." He even crouched down, held his hand out, and tried to get them to come to him like you would a cat.

Yogurt Love
I love that Mason wants yogurt for a snack. He went right to the fridge and pointed to it and the Oatmeal squares on the counter for his lunch yesterday. I take off his clothes when he eats it because he tends to make a mess.

Mason Sleeping 
I love the sight of Mason sleeping. The problem is he has been sleeping in my bed in the mornings. I even came home Wednesday night at midnight to find him in bed with Tim. It was cute, but I moved him out of the way so I could go to sleep. He has been terrible about his sleeping the last few nights. He wakes up crying or rubbing his eyes. I am not sure if it is allergies (Tim has been having a terrible time with his). 
Yesterday morning at about 5 he woke up crying and when I went in to see if Tim was having any luck he said Mason kept grabbing his pillow and his blanket to go somewhere. So me not thinking straight and wanting to go back to bed brought him in bed with me. 
I just want him to sleep through the night again. 

GYSTS Starts Monday
I am so excited to start this challenge. I will post a little collage of the prizes up for grabs throughout the month and the big prize package at the end of the month. How is that for a little motivation?

Also do not forget the Dietbet that starts on Wednesday. Got here ---> http://dietbet.com/gysts14
If we can get over 100 people involved in the bet I will through in a prize for those participants as well. Invite your friends, families, and random people.

Let's make September count and erase what happened over the summer! Use the hashtag #GYSTS14 on Instagram so I can see everyone participating in the challenge!

Happy Friday!

Any fun plans for this weekend? It is a three day weekend for many of you. 

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Weigh In Wednesday

I do not know what is going on! I had a terrible weigh in this morning. My phone was in the other room so I did not get a photo but I was at 177.6! What the hell! That is a two pound gain. I do not have any idea what is going on. I want to blame the stress of work and a busy life the last couple months, but this is way to close to 180 for me and I was almost in tears this morning. 

I am torn with emotions here. In one sense I am motivated to get away from this number and get back to the 160s, but in another sense I am frustrated and just want to eat. 

I have a doctor's appointment today to discuss a few things with her. I am hoping she has some advice for me and can help with some issues I have been having. 

I have been doing the One Week Shred this week and I went for a walk last night with Amanda, Mason, and Nutmeg. She was so excited to go for a car ride and then a walk. 
Mason was not feeling the walk last night. He was good for the first mile, then he wanted "out" so we let him push the stroller for a while. Then he started climbing into the the back storage bin. I put him in there so he was sitting. He scrunched up in the baskets and put his head back. He stayed in there for a lot longer than I had expected.

I am not sure what my plan is. I want to get to 160 by the end of the year. I would love to be in the 150s by New Year's, but I feel like I have been stuck for over a year now in the 170s. 

Hopefully the Get Your Sh*t Together September Challenge will help. Challenges always seem to get me moving and involved. #GYSTS14 I have a great prize pack for one lucky participant at the end of the month. 

Don't forget to link up with Heather, Erin, and I today... Your posts inspire us! 

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Willpower, One Day at a Time

After a weekend of little sleep I could not get myself to get out of bed when the alarm went off. I hit snooze for 30 more minutes and skipped my workout this morning. Tim is going to pick up Mason today so I can go home and get my Jillian date in. Not only do I plan on doing an hour of Jillian workouts, Amanda and I have a walk planned for after dinner.

Speaking of Jillian... I started the One Week Shred yesterday and oh my goodness does she not joke around in that one. There are two workouts involved - there is a strength one you are supposed to do in the morning and a cardio one for the evening. I messed that plan up today, but oh well. I will just do both tonight with a break in between. Yesterday I did the strength when I got home at 2:30 and then I did the cardio at 7:00 after Mason was settled and dinner was done.

I was drenched by the time I was done with both workouts, but the cardio was more intense I think. It is 30 minutes of non stop movement! I was so grateful for ice cold water!

Look what I stayed away from yesterday...
Yes 8 hours of willpower! I was so proud of myself when I left work. The little steps in the right direction are what matter.

Our dinner last night was pretty delicious. It was hot out so we decided to do grilled chicken salads. That cucumber is the only one our garden produced this year and we enjoyed it.

Have you had a situation where willpower was needed this week? 

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My College Shirt

**Edited - I have the baton today over on @TheBlogBaton on Instagram. I will be active after I get out of work at 2 :) Go see more details about the Baton over on Mason's blog

I have read a few blog posts where the blogger talks about that one piece of clothing that has been there as a marker for their weight loss. I thought my piece of clothing was my jean skirt form high school. I never wear it, but I wanted it to fit and about a year ago it finally did.

I noticed the other day that I have another piece that makes me take a minute to realize how far I have come everytime I put it on. My college t-shirt, I bought this thing in 2009 and it was skin tight. It showed every roll and looked terrible on me. I kept it hoping that one day I could wear it and feel good in it and have it be a comfy shirt or a workout shirt.
I have posted about this shirt a few times in the past. The other day I grabbed this shirt to go on a bike ride. When I put it on I could not believe how well it fit with lots of room. I am in awe everytime I put this shirt on. It is amazing to me how something that was cutting off circulation is now baggy enough for me to wear it on a comfy day.
The bike ride we went on one was of hardest I(we) have ever done. We decided we were going to go over to the lake where TIm's aunt was renting a camp and that would be where his parents were. The longest part of the ride was on this dirt road. The dirt had just been grated recently and it had rained the night before. It felt like a steady incline to whole way. I even had to get off the bike and walk a few times because it was so hard to pedal. 
The worst part was when a couple dogs came out of a driveway barking and chasing us. That was scary, I screamed and I think that was what stopped them. That road has been crossed off our list of places to ride. I am not sure I have ever sweat so much! My Run Keeper app said I burned 250 calories - Yea right! 
I ended up taking a shower at the rescue squad because I was sweaty and I was covered in mud.

Mason wore his bike outfit the other day for the first time. He was telling a story before we left and some of his facial expressions cracked me up! This kid is too much at times!

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Get Your Sh*t Together September 2014

Last year Amber did a challenge in September called Get Your Shit Together September (#GYSTS). This year I contacted her and asked her if I could host it this year.

Every summer I feel like I go through the same thing. I want to do well with weight loss and fitness and it just goes on the back burner because we are so busy. I know I am not the only one out there. I say this year we use September as a new start. This is a chance to get back into your groove. There are a few 5k/10k races coming up that I need to train for and this is exactly what I need to push myself.

The #GYSTS Challenge will begin September 1. There will be a Diet Bet to go along with the challenge. The Dietbet starts on September 3rd. This will help with motivation (no one wants to lose money.)

I am working on a prize pack for a lucky participant at the end of the month (there are some great sponsors already!) Stay tuned for more info.

Basically I will be:
  • Making goals for the month
  • Working out 28 out of 30 days for the month (Everyone needs a couple rest days)
  • Eating right (Aldi here I come for affordable food)
  • Supporting others trying to do the same! 
I hope you all will join me in this challenge. I am hoping to have a great following on Instagram so we can all support each other.

I even made a button for the challenge.
Who is in? 

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Stress, Disappointment, & a Weigh In

This weigh in is a little embarrassing. I have been majorly slacking this summer and it is really starting to catch up to me. I can feel myself not caring at times. I rarely take out my scale and step on it. I may have kicked my daily weigh in habit, but was it for the best? 

I think one of my biggest problems has been stress. I am one of those people that gets stressed and cannot stay focused on outside things. I also eat when I am stressed, my body craves pizza and sweets. I have been really stressed at work because of programs not working properly and being told it would be able to do things that we have not seen yet. I then get upset because the outside world does not care if we are having problems, they just want the help when they need it. They want us to do our job to the best of our ability when they need help. We have been doing our jobs properly, but it has gotten a lot harder for us and that is stressful. I am hoping things get better soon for not just my sake, but for my co-workers as well. 

Another problem is time. Summer is so busy and that is not a good excuse, but I feel like I do not have time to plan properly. Not anymore - planning will be my focus.

My current photos:
I wasn't going to share these photos, but I think I need to so you all can help encourage me too. 

My Goals:
  • Start running again to training for all of my fall 5ks and one 10k.
  • Start watching what I eat, not just go into my mouth, but watch the nutritional info (calories, protein, etc)
  • Workout more - I cannot tell you the last time I saw Jillian on my laptop or Tony :( 
  • Be held accountable. I joined Jasmine's end of Summer Challenge and I am announcing a Challenge soon for September to help me. I also need my friend Amanda to watch me! {Yes you Amanda, I know you are reading this ;)}
This has been a confession post it seems. I wanted to be honest because that is what I strive for here and honesty helps. I am encouraged and relate to other bloggers when they are honest.

Don't forget to link up with Heather, Erin, & I below. I definitely need the encouragement and motivation from your posts :)

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Monday Ramblings & a Giveaway

Hopefully today I can get my screen fixed on my phone. It is getting worse by the day and I just want it to be back to normal.
We had a house showing on Friday and I had my fingers crossed but it was not meant to be. The good thing about showings is my house gets a good deep cleaning. I am praying that our house gets some interest soon. We just dropped the price a little more. I really do not want to move in the winter and I don't want the house that we really like to be sold before we can get it.

While I was cleaning the other night Mason wanted to help, gotta teach them early. He kept saying "wash" "wash," it was pretty cute.

We have been at the lake the last few nights. Mason loves taking a boat ride. He wants to go in the tube, but we have to wait until the weather gets a little warmer so I will get in with him.


Candra from Camo & Lipstick is at it again with a Swag Swap. She is hosting it with a few other ladies. This was fun last time she did it so get your mouse over the link to her blog and head on over there for the details!

Kelly is celebrating her 27th birthday this week and she is doing a giveaway! Go Check her out and enter the giveaway below :) 

Special thanks to all the lovely ladies below for helping me pull this together! 

This giveaway goes through Thursday night with a winner being announced on Monday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fun Facts Friday

Hopefully today I will find out more about what I have to do to get my phone fixed. I am also hoping that my insect guy comes today so we can get rid of our bee problem. Tim does not like spending money, but he does not like bees more. We had this problem last year and had the house sprayed in the

Future Dispatcher?
Mason went with Celinda from work the other day so he had to come into work with me for a little bit until she was done with work. He was liking that the desks come down to his height.
That raincoat is so cute on him. 

Proud Mom Moment
Mason was in his tub in the kitchen the other day. All of a sudden he stands up saying "potty" "potty." He gets out of the tub, I walk over and wrap him in a towel and ask if he has to go potty, he says no. We walk toward his room and he goes into the bathroom. He waited patiently for me to get his potty out and he sat on it. After a couple minutes I asked if he was done and he said "yesh." To my surprise there was actually liquid in the potty! He got out of his tub and went to the potty! I was shocked.

Recipe Fail 
I found a great summer recipe on Pinterest the other day and was excited to try it. I sliced up my veggies and did what the recipe told me. It came out looking great, just like the photo on the blog I got it from. The only problem? Neither Tim nor I were fans. I think the thyme was my problem and Tim said he just did not like it. It was not a recipe fail in the sense it did not come out right it was just one of those things we didn't like.

I have to work tonight, but I have the weekend off. We do not have any exciting plans. Tim's aunt comes tomorrow from Pheonix to stay at a house on a lake near us for a week so we will be over there for most of the weekend and probably most of the week.

Anything exciting planned this weekend? Only a few more summer weekends left.

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Not Enough Cubbies

Let me tell you all a little story.

Last November I needed to look for a car because my lease was almost done. I thought I wanted to get a used car with a sunroof. I looked all over and decided I wanted a Nissan Rogue a year older than my lease vehicle. I went and picked it out and bought it after test driving a couple. My husband was there at the time, but he was watching Mason.

A few months after owning the car I decided that I really did not car about the sun roof, I wanted more cubbies in the car. There were no extra spots to put loose change or my cell phone or anything! I dealt with it because I wanted to keep the car as long as I could. Now we are half way through the summer and I don't really use the sunroof. I also needed new tires. Tim was kicking himself (and I think wanted to kick me) for not checking the tires when we bought it. They should not have been as bad as they were for just 6 months of me driving it.

Tim told me that we had two options - (1) We buy 4 new tires and I keep the car for a few more years or (2) We look at new cars with more space and the features I want. I priced out tires and I looked at cars. I was not sure what I wanted to do.

I thought I wanted one of the new Jeep Cherokees, but after I test drove it and saw the back I decided it was not practical. I could not even get an umbrella stroller in the back without turning it, that meant a jogging stroller was not fitting in it. I went and looked at the CRV, Escape, Edge, Terrain, and the Equinox.

Looking at the space and the prices I found that I liked the Equinox and it had more space than the others. It also had a smaller price tag. I looked at a few dealerships and ended up finding one in New Hampshire that gave us a good deal. We have actually used this dealer a few times. They deliver to your door for $175 which is not bad for someone that lives 4-5 hours away from the dealership.

I took delivery yesterday of a 2014 Chevy Equinox. I really like this car! I am so happy with my choice. Good thing because I will have it for a few years!
The guy that delivered it was apologizing for the rain and the fact that it was not perfectly clean. I told him not to worry about it, he couldn't control the rain.

Now Tim wanted me to get the silver and I decided on the light blue because I have always wanted a blue car. He said that old ladies have powder blue cars... it is not powder blue it is silver topaz so there!

People are going to think I am crazy for getting a car less than a year after getting one, but if my husband was pushing me to do it then I count that as alright. I needed something more practical and this is it. It has more cubbies and the back is much bigger (for that double stroller someday in our future).

Have you ever made a purchase that people thought you were crazy for doing? 

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