Changes Aren't Bad, Just Different

Hopefully today goes better than yesterday. I am back at work and we are still trying to get all the bugs worked out of our new system. We are all learning a new radio, phone, and CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems. We are working through it and the public is still getting the service they deserve. I love my job, but times like these I wish I was on vacation.

After work last night I went to see Mason last night and we took a walk with Tim's mom and aunt. Debbie bought Mason this Radio Flyer Tricycle is amazing! I wish we had gotten this a year ago. He loves it and it is so easy to push around. He has a tricycle at home without the handle at home, but this one is letting him ride while we push until he learns how to pedal.
Judy ended up taking Mason for the night. Our daycare needs a schedule a week ahead of time so during the summer it is nice to have Judy off from school. She is a big help and a money saver that is for sure!

Hopefully this day flies by because Tim mentioned going for a bike ride tonight and it has been over a week since my last ride and I am looking forward to it.

Any other 911 dispatchers out there? Have you ever changed CAD systsems? 

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Weigh In Wednesday

I cannot seem to wrap my mind around this weight loss thing lately. I tracked for 8 days straight, then I didn't track this past weekend. I have given up alcohol and been good with that. My problem is ordering out when coworkers order out and sleeping in when I should be working out. I am ashamed of the number on the scale this morning.
I changed my clothes 3 times yesterday morning because I was feeling chunky. I thought to myself that this could have been prevented if I had gotten up with the alarm and did a workout. I am identifying my issues and I coming up with a game plan. Heather's challenge is helping me get my workouts in (let's not look at the last few days, shhh).

Do you have any tips for getting past a rough patch or a rut?

I did have a non-scale victory on Friday with my Kiki La'Rue Champs Maxi! I posted it to Instagram and A couple people said I should get a small next time instead of a medium. I am not sure about that, but if I order another maybe I will give it a try :)

My Weigh in Wednesday post isn't the most positive one out there, but I still want to see yours. I am inspired weekly by your posts!
Send good thoughts my way today... we are switching to our new 911 dispatch center at noon and things are not as ready as we would like. Fingers crossed it all works properly and things go smoothly!

Link up with Heather, Erin, and I. Sadly you will have to go to the other girl's blogs to link up... codes are messing up my blog :( I will have to look into this further and see what I can do.

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Mason's Birthday Weekend!

Phew this might be a long one. We had a fun filled three day weekend! Friday we went to the Six Flags Great Escape (about 20 minutes away), I have not been in probably 5 years. My god daughter and cousin met us there because I needed someone to go on the roller coasters with me. Tim says that he doesn't like him because he is an engineer... Geesh.
Sadie took Mason on the children swings. He was not happy at first, but after the first time around he was fine.
Mason loved the kiddie pool. It was just deep enough for him to walk around in. We took him around the lazy river a couple times with us too.

Why yes that is a two piece I am wearing. I was brave enough to go for it. Overall it was a fun day! Mason was great and he seemed to enjoy himself.

Saturday we went to Mason's first friend birthday party. He had fun with the kids. After that we went to a Pig Roast at Tim's Brother's Firehouse. While there his uncles taught him how to throw ice and water. He was more flicking the water at people.

First things first... Let's talk about my Pinterest success story. My first Pinterest attempt this weekend failed. I could not get ice cream cone cupcakes to work so I will have to try those again. My second attempt at a Pinterest project was Mason's cake. That was a success. I ended up having to buy a 50+ piece cookie cutter set to get the one "2" that I needed, but they should last a while and maybe come in handy one day.
I love how it turned out! See that cupcake stand? I got that for a bridal shower gift and this was my first time using it. No theme this year, we just went with the flow and used things we already had. Much cheaper and I noticed I had no stress. Even when the rain was pouring down Sunday morning and in the early afternoon, I was not stressing at all.
Birthday Boy! 
Here he is learning about chickens from Uncle Michael.
Poor Nutmeg can only go that far with her wireless fence.
He got a back pack from Ashley, he wanted to put it on and as soon as he had it on he said "bye" and was off...
He made it all the way to Tim's truck. He is pretty funny. Every time he gets a back pack on he makes a run for a car and says "bye." 
Uncle Michael and Aunt Michelle though that a good gift to get him would be a drum set. They are so thoughtful, you can tell they don't have children. They really are not all that noisy so it is alright, plus he really seems to like them.
We had a fantastic weekend. Mason's party was amazing, we had a good time with family and friends. He is such a lucky boy to be surrounded by so many great people.

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I Have a TWO Year Old!

I have a friend that just had a baby last week (see here) and my baby fever is in full force. I am also in a state of denial today. Yesterday my little guy turned two! Everyone said time would fly, but I guess I did not realize how fast. 
July 27th, 2012 our lives changed forever when Mason Andrew joined us. You can read about his birth story here. We could not believe that the hospital was going to let us leave with this tiny little human. 
Last year when I did his 12 month post I couldn't believe he was a year old. I have been seriously slacking with his monthly photos, but I guess after a year we can do them more spaced out (or yearly like I seem to be doing.)

Here are a few photos that I love of him through the last year.
He loves to read and his interest has grown
1st Dentist Appointment - February 2014
Looking Dapper for Easter  ////   First potty came in May 

Mason's personality is flourishing and it is amazing for us to watch. He is funny, smart, temperamental, and loving.

No measurements yet, his doctor's appointment is at the end of next week. I will have to update this section.

He is still a little guy. He weighs around 27 lbs. He is currently wearing 18-24 month clothing with some 2t items mixed in. He has more clothes than we know what to do with right now. Phew! He is a stylish little kid though. He is currently wearing a size 6 shoe.

Mason Likes:

  • Loves Nutmeg and Scribbles. Every morning he looks for both animals to give them a hug and a kiss. He has been attempting to pick up Scribbles, but it is tough when she almost weighs as much as he does. 
  • He likes to climb everything. He climbs up into our bed every chance he gets. He can climb up onto the chairs in the kitchen. 
  • He loves his sleep. Mason does not like to be woken up, on mornings I have to be to work at 8 it is a hassle to get him out of bed. He is not a happy camper. He is still taking his 1 nap during the day and it usually lasts 1-3 hours. 
  • Swimming. We have done a couple swimming lessons and he seems to enjoy it. 
  • Bike rides and walks - Mason likes to be in motion. We started bike riding with friends last month and he loves it. He has yet to fall asleep while on a ride. He talks a lot during it and looks around. 
  • Playing Outside - He has a tractor and a four wheeler he likes riding down the incline in our driveway. His other spot to be is in his sandbox. His new thing is taking off his shoes and getting in the box to play. 
Mason Dislikes:
  • Waking up from a nap or in the morning. 
  • Not getting his way, he has started temper tantrums when we tell him no. He knows what time out is, we tell him no and if he doesn't listen after a few times we tell him to go to time out. It is interesting to watch where he goes when we are not home. He finds a spot and sits and looks down with a sad face. I find it adorable and sad at the same time. 
Mason's vocabulary is growing daily. He seems to be trying to join words together now. He knows what cars belong to which people. He will point to my car and say "mama" and point to Judy's car and say "Nain." He can point people out in photos. He tells Nutmeg to "eat" & he runs after Scribbles yelling "kitty!" 

He loves saying "cheese!" He says it while holding our phones up to his face or when he has what he thinks is a camera. He also says it when he wants a piece of cheese. 

I am happy that Mason is the type of kid that will try things and then decide he does not like it. I am not sure how long this will last, but right now he will at least put what we want him to try in his mouth and then spit it out if he doesn't like it. 

He still loves fruit and will eat whatever you put in front of him. He is obsessed with frozen Gogurt right now and we are in trouble when he is able to open the freezer on his own. One of his favorite snacks after a nap is Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or granola. 

Working On:
  • Getting rid of his pacifier is currently underway. He is doing well I do not think he has had it for almost a week now. He had been broken of it a few months ago, but he started getting the back molars and we all needed sleep so we gave it back - oops
  • Potty Training - He has his own potty now. He has been getting on it at times and when he says "potty" to us we bring him to the bathroom and encourage him. We need a few days to focus solely on potty training to get this done. 
I am a little sad that Mason is growing so fast, but it is fun for us to watch him grow and learn. Check back tomorrow to see how our activity filled Birthday Weekend was.

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