Weekend Recap - Camping Edition

What a fun filled weekend we had. Mason and I left Friday afternoon for the campground. If you saw my Instagram post you know that Tim did not pack anything in his car and left it all for me.
It was a puzzle, but I fit everything in the car. Poor Mason was not going anywhere after he got in. I even managed to get the tent up before Tim got to the campground. I had the help of my aunt, uncle, and a couple others, but this tent from LLBean is pretty easy to get up. It is the King Pine 4-Person HD Dome Tent, we got it as a Christmas gift the year I was pregnant so this is the first time it has actually been to a campground.

The campground allows 1 tent on a camper site so we were able to be on the same site as my aunt and uncle with their 5th wheel.
We had a nice dinner and chit chat time Friday night. Tim and I took Mason and Dalton for a walk. My aunt and uncle had their grandson with them, he is 5 so he is a good age to play with Mason. Mason kept wanting to run with him and play with him in the sand. I am glad they had him staying with them because it gave Mason a playmate.

Friday night was hard trying to get Mason to sleep in the tent. He had a little too much sugar and did not want to sleep. We finally got him to sleep after 10 o'clock. He was up Saturday morning around 7:30.
 We went to the playground & played for a while.  

We ended up taking Mason for a car ride to get him to go down for his naps after we got back from the playground. It worked and he ended up sleeping for over an hour. 

The look on Mason's face and his posture in the photo below was funny to me. He just wanted to hang out with daddy.
Helping Poppy with the logs and rearranging them to start a fire. (He was out of the way when the fire was actually started)

We went swimming after Mason's nap with the kids. I was nervous that Mason would not like it because it has been a year since he was in the water, but he loved it. He did not like the arm floaties we put on him so we took them off and helped him. He was moving his arms and kicking his feet. 

When we got back from swimming my uncle made my aunt and I some Mudslides. Sooo delicious and great for the hot weather. I am a big frozen drink fan and these were perfect. 
Saturday night Mason went to bed much easier than the night before. We did not give him any sugar Saturday night and had him in the camper watching a movie to try to get him to unwind before we attempted to put him to bed. He was still up at 6:45, but at least bedtime was not a battle again.

Sunday we packed up and got moving early. We left around 11:30 because we wanted Mason to get a nap in around his normal nap time to try to get him back on schedule. We got home and I get to work with the laundry and getting a shower. I love that first shower when you get home from camping. I probably would have showered at the campground with we were staying another night, but I figured I could wait until I got home Sunday afternoon.

We had a great weekend and I cannot wait to go again, hopefully we will get another chance this year, but I am not sure. Our summer weekends are pretty packed with plans already.

Time to get back to better eating. I feel like all we did was snack while camping, but I was trying to be good and not over do it.

How was your weekend? 

How do you plan on staying cool the next few days? We are supposed to have temps in the 90s for the next 3 days! The air conditioners were put in the windows yesterday.

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5 on Friday

We leave to go camping today. I am pretty excited. This is our first camping trip with Mason and our first one for more than 1 night. We will be home Sunday afternoon, but I am thinking if this goes well we will save some money in Maine and book a tent site at a Campground.

Wednesday Amanda and I took a bike ride. When we started out it was sprinkling and then it stopped so we thought we were good. We ended up getting some baby cones from an ice cream stop near our turn around point.
When we were finished we noticed the rain had started again. We were at least 2 miles away from our starting point and the closer we got to the start the harder it rained. We stopped when we got back on the rail trail to put our phones in pockets instead of on our handlebars and Mason did not look impressed, we were soaked.
I was a little chilly in Price Chopper after when I had to get some groceries for this weekend.

I did the No More Trouble Zones workout again yesterday and I was just as drenched in sweat as the first time. It is a full body workout that is for sure. I don't think I would recommend this workout for beginners. If you have done other Jillian workouts this is great for you. My trouble zones definitely are sore after the workouts.

I had a creeper throughout the workout trying to take my yoga mat. She even got in my photos at the end, geesh.
This is the photo I sent to Amanda... 
I wish you could see that my skin is covered in sweat and my arms are shaking. 

I looked outside yesterday and noticed my lawn was getting a little long. I knew I had to mow it before we went camping, otherwise it would be too tall come Monday for me to mow.
I was 20 minutes into the mowing process and the mower died. Now this has happened before so I knew what happened. I walked all the way back to the garage and then back out to the mower... I got a second arm workout at least. I sent Tim a text telling him that I am not going to rely on him to fill the gas tank anymore and he sent back "at least the can was full." Funny guy.

I am going to take photos this weekend with my real camera. I am going to limit my cell phone use while camping. I do not need to be glued to it on a weekend away. Have a great weekend!

Any plans this weekend?

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Why Not Have a Little Fun When You Run? *Giveaway*

Have any of you ever done one of the color runs? I have done the Color Vibe & Color Me Rad. I have to say that I liked the Color Me Rad better. The color stuck better and I did not look like a mess after, I just looked colorful.
The atmosphere is fun too! It was like one big party. There was even a big rabbit at the event (see below).
Here is us before:
Here we are after:

We had a lot of fun and we stuck together. I ran my first mile during this race... my first full mile without stopping. It was because we were having fun and staying with each other. It was not timed. I love the atmosphere and just the fun environment.

If you have not tried a color race you need to! It is for all ages, all fitness levels, and is very encouraging to all! There were kids walking it and in strollers (I don't want my stroller that dirty so I probably would not do it with a stroller.)

From now until July 1st you can use the code RADFIT for 15% off your Color Me Rad entry.

I am also going to giveaway an entry to any race of your choice!
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Weigh In Wednesday

Yesterday was a blustering day here in Upstate NY. I did not realize how windy it was until we ate lunch down by the water. We went up the the village of Lake George with a friend to have lunch. Last time I walked down by the water I was 30 weeks pregnant!
The restaurant we went to did not have the menu item I wanted. We went there a few years ago and they had this salad that was in a taco bowl and it was delicious... they do not have it anymore :(

Mason got to see some ducks when we walked back to the car. He would not share his goldfish with the poor hungry ducks.

Time for the weigh in.. it is Wednesday after all.
I lost a little over a pound this week which I am really happy about. I am getting closer to being back in the 160s. The Sweet Frogs dish of froyo I had yesterday probably did not help with my weight loss, but my workouts have been helping.

Monday I did Jillian's No More Trouble Zones workout and I am still feeling it today. That is a great workout and a sweaty mess. The last move before the cool down is a child's pose... not going to lie, I was almost stuck in that position because my legs and arms were shaking.
I got up yesterday morning and Mason was still fast asleep. I ended up having 2 hours to myself. I decided to do Jillian's Yoga Meltdown for the stretching and a break from that crazy one I did on Monday. It was still a Jillian workout and I still worked up a good sweat so I felt good. Today I may attempt the No More Trouble Zones again... Maybe.

Here is my Transformation Tuesday post from yesterday. The left photo is from my honeymoon. The right photo is from last week. I am so much more active now with family and friends than I ever was. I call friends to go running or to ride bikes now instead of shopping or just eating.

Don't forget to link up with Heather, Erin, & I - it does not have to be a weigh in if you just have a fitness post or health related post.

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Not the "Fat Friend" Anymore

I remember in high school always feeling like the fat friend, I felt this way until just a year or so ago. All of my friends were shorter than me, smaller than me, prettier than me, etc. I had friends that I would envy because they could swap clothing and such. I had one friend when I was 16 that I could share clothes with, but the rest were a lot smaller. Looking back now I guess I was not as big as I saw myself being.
I wish I saw the positives when I was in high school instead of focusing on all of my flaws. I was a size 13/14 and a large. I always wanted to be smaller, but I never did anything to get smaller.

It looks like senior year is when I started to gain a little weight. Senior year is when I finally got my braces off after having them for 6 years, but it did not do much for my self esteem.
May of my senior year is when I met Tim. I thought for sure guys like him did not fall for girls like me. I was shocked and still am that he showed interest in me and wanted to date me.
Oh dear the photo below should have been destroyed. I am shocked that I let myself get that way. It amazes me that I did not fully see it until after my wedding. I never felt confident or liked my body, but I guess I did not see exactly what was going on.
Some how in my college years I gained a crap ton of weight and got up to a size 18 and XXL. I felt even more like the fat friend and did not want to do anything with other people. I would go out with Tim once in a while, but I was not happy going out in public a lot.
My bridal shower is a good example of my highest weight and my lowest point. This was at the end of March 2011. I still would not have something in my mind click enough to make a change until July. I look at this photo and I see me as the tubby friend in the middle.

Since losing 50 lbs, I feel like a different person. Last year when I went to concerts with my friends I felt great, I never felt like I was bigger than them and I was not feeling self conscious.
Oh dear, there seems to be a common theme here... 

I even feel great with Tim now. I used to feel like his fat wife and now I can run circles around him and wear his clothes (shirts usually like the photo below - hey I needed a white shirt lol) 
The photo below is the one that prompted this post. I looked at this photo and my first thought was "Wow I am not the fat friend anymore! I feel like an equal with my friends and I do not see my flaws." This is an amazing feel and I guess I did not realize the change I had gone through. 

To sum up the post...

This weight loss journey I am on is not just about physical changes, it is also mental. The physical changes are amazing. My health has improved greatly and my life has improved because I am more active. I fit into cute clothes and I get to go shopping in the "regular" section of stores. The mental part is a little less obvious and at times I do not notice the changes until certain events in life bring them to the surface. 
Last week when I did the half marathon I not only realized that I could do more than I thought I could, but I saw myself as an equal to my friends. I was not their tubby friend that wanted to do a half marathon. What a mental breakthrough. 

Here is a little Transformation Tuesday photo for you. This difference is crazy to me.

Did you or do you ever feel like the fat friend? 
If you have lost weight do you feel better now? 

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