Weigh In Wednesday - Hello April Showers

Weigh in Wednesday is here again. The rain is coming down here in Upstate NY and I am not happy about it. I had a run planned for today. We have a mandatory staff meeting so I booked daycare for an extra two hours prior to the meeting so I could run, well that is not going to happen when it is pouring out. I could take a misting rain, but not cats and dogs. If it does not let up by noon I will just drop him off and run errands until the meeting. {Fingers crossed the rain lets up and the temperature is not too chilly}

I saw this tank on Instagram the other night and I want it! It is from Ruffles with Love. I have not bought any of their items yet, the price is too high for me to justify. Maybe one day!

I got a little yoga in last night with some help form Mason.
I also got my second day of the 30 Day Shred in yesterday morning. It really does feel good to have a change of routine and trying something different for a little while.

My monthly friend came to visit yesterday so I did not want to step on the scale today. I still feel good about what I saw last Thursday on the scale so I wanted to keep that good mood.

How did you do this week? I saw a lot of people (including me) were in a funk last week, anyone out and in a better place this week? 

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The Death of my P90X3 Program

Why I have not finished P90X3 (& probbaly won't) by Ashlee Z (for some reason this is how this blog post started in my head)

I did a little over 60 days of P90X3 and now I am bored. I have done probably 3 of the workouts in the last two weeks. I could have been a P90X3 sales person on the infomercials in during Block 1 and half of Block 2, but I started to get bored with the workout and I wasn't seeing much difference. I am partly to blame for the lack of progress because of my habits in the kitchen.

Not much change in my measurements. I did manage to lose 10 lbs. I was going to compare the photos and I could not see much of a change so I decided to scrap that idea.

13.5” (-.25)
Right Upper Arm
Above Belly Button
Below Belly Button
Upper Right Leg
22.5” (-.25)
Right Calf
168  (-10)

I don't see myself finishing the 90 days of P90X3. I will definitely be using some of the workouts in my normal routine because I really enjoyed them and how I felt after I did them. I did gain some strength in the workouts. I went from a 5 lbs weight to an 8 lb weight for some of the moves.

Overall, I really enjoyed the program in the first 45 days, I just got bored after the 60 day mark. I guess I am more of a 30 day or a a 6-week challenge person. With that said, I started the 30 Day Shred again yesterday. I was drenched in sweat and feeling good when I was done. I am going to stick with the workouts for 30 days. I will let myself have 2 rest days or more like busy days for me throughout the month. I had great results with inches lost last year when I did the 30 days so I am hoping for a repeat.
I don't view myself as a quitter, I am still working out. I would rather be doing a program I am interested in and more likely to get done. I found myself finding excuses to do the P90X3 and not getting a workout in at all.

Did anyone else feel like I am with P90X3 or any other longer programs? 

Yesterday I decided to give Mason coconut Greek yogurt and some oatmeal squares as a snack. At first I did not think he wanted the yogurt because he turned his head when I went to feed him. It was not the yogurt, he just did not want me to feed him. He wanted to do it himself. He devoured the yogurt and oatmeal squares. He put the squares in the yogurt himself - just like I do!
Teach them young to have healthy snacks :) 

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New Shoes!

It is Monday again folks. Today is my Friday this week so I guess it being Monday is not so bad. My plan for today is to continue cleaning. I have made great progress in the house and I just have some tidying up to do. I am going to move our bedroom around for a better look. This whole selling your house thing is a lot of work. Not only am I cleaning for the pictures, but I have to keep it clean for showings. Fingers crossed this does not go on for a year or more... please!

So over the weekend and on Friday I noticed some ladies baring their mid-section with no filter. I decided to participate as well in today's post.
I have to work on my love handles and my mommy pooch. The biggest areas I want to work on are my thighs and my belly button line which includes those handles. I have to say that I am pretty proud of my progress, I am not perfect and probably never will be, but I feel much better than I did before and I have a lot more self confidence.

I used to look at run posts on Instagram and think WHOA! that is a lot of miles! I could not fathom anything over 3.1 miles and I never thought I would be training for a half marathon that is for sure.

Friday I ran 6.50 miles and thought my splits were pretty good. I wanted to get 7 miles in, but a co-worker ran late and I started 10 minutes later than I wanted to.

When Tim got home from work and I showed him my splits and how far I went he said I could have a pair of shoes! I have been waiting to start wearing these shoes for months! He said he was waiting for the half way mark to give me a pair. The only problem is I don't know which ones to use for training and the half.
I am going to go with the pink and yellow ones. I don't want to get the white ones dirty and the pink ones say they are training. The pair in the back are running shoes too, but we will save those for the summer.

If you saw my Instagram yesterday you saw that Tim had a small accident while tearing down a shed. From what I understand a piece of the wall or something fell on his foot, but there was a nail sticking out of it and it went through his big toe. It looked pretty gross - there was a mark on the bottom of his toe where it tried to poke through but didn't. It was swollen when I left for work last night. He says it just feels funny because it is swollen. He did have a tetanus shot right before Mason was born so he should be good there.

I have a tough enough time dealing with an adult male, I am not sure what I will do when Mason is old enough to get hurt and cause my heart to skip a beat.

How do you boy moms deal with this?

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5 on Friday

A couple goals....
Goal #1: Fit into those coral short comfortably. I just placed an order at American Eagle last weekend during their 40% off sale and these shorts were in it. I ordered a size 10 in hopes that I will continue to tone and lose weight. I tried these on this morning and they fit and button, but I would like the legs to be a little looser than they are. I will be wearing these this summer!

Goal #2: Keep training for my half marathon. I have been upping my mileage every week. I think it is time to start running a couple more days a week.
No run after work yesterday because I ended up being held over until 8 o'clock. I was a little bummed that I couldn't run, but I like the money and helping my co-workers.

There will be a run today after work, I will be turning down overtime if offered.

I am constantly amazed by Mason's imagination and his growing mind. The other day while I was cleaning he took my dish towel and the sewing machined carrier that my mom gave me and was trying to make a bed for himself. He kept lifting the towel up to cover himself like it was a blanket and he kept laying down on it.

Just watching him made me wonder what was going on in his mind.

My new lock screen makes me smile. Well it makes me sad too because my little baby looks more like a little boy now.
Nothing much planned for this weekend. We have to get the house cleaned a little more and get the boxes of packed up clutter to my mom's barn. I have to work Saturday & Sunday night so Tim and Mason are on their own. I don't really mind working nights on weekends when I have stuff to get done because I feel more productive in the morning and early afternoon usually.

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What would you spend $50 from Target on, if you won? 

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Creative Bathtime

Good morning! I woke up to the birds chirping, the cat purring next to my head and the dog hogging the end of the bed - it is a good day :)

I ended up changing my alarm and not getting the Yoga session in I wanted to, but I felt better with more sleep. I have a run planned for after work today. I am going to go for 7 miles! Eek! I am excited to accomplish that and push myself farther.

I braved the scale this morning to see what kind of damage has been done the last week or so. I was nervous, but part of me was prepared for a bad number and I wanted to see how much work I had to do to get back on track.

Then I saw this number pop up! That is less than last week!!! WAHOO! I still need to get my candy intake in check (Tim has the tote I hid so that is not available anymore)
I felt great after weighing in and even better after I put on a size medium top from New York and Company!

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning the house. Out realtor is coming next Wednesday to take photos and go over listing the house. I kicked my cleaning into high gear and I need to get this house ready for viewing! She emailed me the other day and wanted to know our plans and I told her to give me a day, she chose the next day and I said give me at least a week. It helps having a deadline now, this way I am getting stuff done and not slacking. 

Mason decided he could use the step stool I was using more so he pushed it up to the fridge and started using the dry erase board. He was pretty good and only got one mark on the fridge and it washed easily. 
The kitchen is pretty much done, I will clean the floors more on Tuesday before she comes to take the photos. I cleaned the walls (do you know how dirty your walls are??), cleaned off the top of the china cabinet and the fridge, and I cleaned a few cupboards (under the sink & the tupperware cupboard). It did not seem like much when I sat down for dinner and looked around, but it took a long time to clean and organize and sort through stuff. 

One of the reasons we are selling and looking for a new house is the fact that we do not have a bath tub. Mason has outgrown his baby tub and we have been getting him to his grandparents for baths during the week. Last night he saw his baby tub and wanted to take a bath. I had Tim go get the tub I had bought a few years ago for drinks at a party and we filled it with water. He has a blast in that thing! I put a few towels down on the floor and plopped it in the kitchen. 

What is a Non-scale victory for you today? How is your Thursday going?

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Weigh In Wednesday

Why does it seem like these weeks fly by?
I have been in a blah state of mind the last week or so. I did manage to get in two workouts yesterday and the plan is to get my sweat on today. My eating has been out of whack and i feel like my sweet tooth needs to be pulled. I am going to pack up all of the candy in the house today and give Tim the box full of candy to hide for himself. I think it is the only thing that will help. I also need to focus on tracking and eating better.
I am not weighing in today. I do not even want to look at the scale, I am afraid I will get depressed. I am avoiding the scale for a week more and see where I am next week. I need to get my eating in check or I will end up throwing all of my hard work away. Why is this journey so hard at times!?!?!

A little Easter comparison this week to remind me why I need to keep chugging along. Results will happen if I stay focused and do not give in to temptation. Apparently I like standing with my hands on my hips... probably because I have hips now :)
yes I need a tan - time to start running in shorts

What is going on with you this week? Link up below with your fitness post, weigh in Wednesday, or health related post for the week.

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Easter :)

My plan was to edit photos at work last night from Easter. I put the photos on my laptop, uploaded them to Shutterfly, and then forgot to put them on my flash drive to bring to work. I had to grab the photos I wanted to use off Shutterfly so the quality isn't the greatest.

Church is at a terrible time, 11:00. It is Mason's naptime and he was good at church for the first hour, but he got fussy after that. He fell asleep on the way to Tim's parents' house and ended up taking a 3 hour nap. I had to stay in my dress that whole time waiting for him to wake up for pictures. I was pretty proud of myself, I made deviled eggs and frosted a cake without getting anything on my dress!
Doesn't he look adorable in his 3 piece suit? Judy insisted on it, she bought it last week. The pants were too big, but that is the story of Mason's life.
Mason got very excited when he saw that he had some vanilla goldfish in his Easter basket. He also got some crayons, a swim suit, a bubble blower (he is great at blowing bubbles on his own though), a blow up pool, and a tractor. 

I wanted a photo with Mason before we left for dinner at Tim's Aunt's house and he kept making funny faces!
We had such a great day. The weather was perfect and seeing Mason have fun was amazing. I like when Easter is mid to late April so the weather is nice. I am not a fan of it being early like it has been the last few years.

Yesterday I did not get an actual workout in, but I worked outside getting the weeds out of the garden for a could hours. My arms definitely got their workout because those weeds were tough and plentiful! I also mulched my flower beds so they look great when the house gets photos taken of it.

While I was weeding and working on the flower beds, Mason was riding around in his chariot...
Mason was being fussy so Tim put his new chair in the garden cart. Mason has this obsession of getting into our cars and pretending to drive. It started out cute, but now it is a pain because that is all he wants to do and we get nothing done.

Today is the Agility X workout for P90X3 Block 3. I am not a fan of this workout, but I am going to push through. I am starting to think that 90 days for a workout is a little long. I did 60 days before getting bored with it. I will finish, I will finish, I will finish...

I want to do the 30 Day Shred and Jillian's Yoga Inferno next. That might be my problem, I have decided what my next workouts will be and now I want to do them.

I need to get out of this blah mode :-/

Oh I almost forgot - Today is the last day to enter the giveaway from Apera!

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Half a Weekend Review

Happy Monday Morning! I know some of you are going back to work after a week of vacation and the kids are going back to school around here today. Tim has today off so we have some work to do around the house. I want to start mulching the flower beds today so I can get it done. I also need to see how my vegetable garden looks and get that ready for planting. Tim's parents filled our Easter basket with seeds!

I spent from 6 on Friday evening until 2 on Saturday at the Rescue Squad painting the new addition. I did sleep from midnight til 7 so I was not working straight through, but pretty close. The bazillion rooms were all painted with primer and two coats of color by Saturday evening.
I have not been that tired and sore in a long time. My hands still hurt , no blisters though :)
I even had a friend that is not even a member come to help - Thanks Steph! 

I came home from painting with enough time to shower and throw together Mason & Tim's Easter baskets.
Mason did not get much, some stuff were things he needed. I wanted to get him some rain boots and some new summer shoes. He also has an Adirondack chair that is his size for outside. See the slinky? Tim has a metal one that he has been obsessed with so when I saw a plastic one in the Target dollar deals section I jumped on it.
Yes I still make Tim an Easter basket. I like Easter and we always got a basket with goodies so I like making a basket for both of my boys.
I will post morning tomorrow about how Easter went :) 

Today is Monday.... It is going to be a restart day for me. I took a week to do whatever I wanted last week. I worked out on Monday and then I ran on Thursday, but basically did not do much of anything else. I am going to count painting as a workout because I was doing squats to paint the lower part of the walls with the rollers and I was reaching above my head over and over. (my shoulder is killing me still!)

I have to finish P90X3, I may not enjoy the last block, but I have to get it done. I want to get my free t-shirt for finishing and I want to be able to say I did P90X3.

I also feel like blah again from crappy eating over the weekend. I was pretty good for Easter, but Friday and Saturday were not great eating days. My Fitness Pal is out and ready to be used.

Hope you all have a great Monday & start to your week! I will share some photos from Easter tomorrow after I have time to go through them.

How was your Easter/weekend? 

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