Monday Morning Rambles

Happy Monday! Day off for me - oh yea... that means Mason and I get to spend the whole day together :) I do not plan on leaving the house. It has been raining the last few days, but that is fine with me. The snow is melting faster with the rain and the above freezing temperatures so we can now see grass on our lawn.

I need to get my butt in gear and start cleaning up this house. I kept saying that I would have the house ready to take photos for listing it by April and it will be April tomorrow. Today I have cleaning the office on my list of things to do. That has been out catch all room and it is a disaster!

I am still not sure how it is possible that tomorrow is April 1st. I feel like March flew by. I am almost done with Block 2 of P90X3 and hopefully this time I stay healthy when the transition week gets here.

I have to share some photos of Mason on this rainy morning. A couple were already on Instagram, but they were cute so I wanted to share again.

Mason & Nutmeg are best friends. The first thing Mason does when I take him out of his crib is run for our bedroom to find Nutmeg. When he finds her he pets her, says something to her (I have not clue what he says) and then runs to the kitchen for a drink. 
Friday we worked on ATV safety - The container works as a helmet right? We bring this thing to the Rescue Squad when we are there for an extended period of time and it entertains him to ride around the open areas. 

Side note - I am starting my first challenge group in April. It will start the same day as the Dietbet Heather & I are doing. Seems like a good way to get the Dietbet started on the right foot with a workout routine.

Have you tried a Beachbody workout before? I was skeptical at first too, but after starting P90X3 I was hooked within a week. I was one of those people that would watch the infomercial and think "wow that is amazing," then keep eating my candy.

I recently ordered the 21 Day Fix with the food containers (Seriously!? Why had no one thought to sell food containers with workout DVDs before?) and the month supply of Shakeology (Vanilla & Chocolate). I am looking forward to trying the Shakeology. I feel like I cannot really sell it to you guys until I actually try it. I have heard great things so hopefully they are all true :) I am not going to start the 21 Day Fix until after I am done with P90X3.

There are a number of other programs that look like they could whip me into shape. Visit my website and check out what Beachbody has to offer. If you see something you like, grab it and join my Spring Push Challenge (The April specials should be out tomorrow so make sure you like my blog Facebook for those updates). There will be a support group on Facebook for questions and support during your challenge.  I would love to be your coach and help you get to your goals for this summer!

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5 on Friday

It is Friday! Does not mean much to me because my Friday is Sunday this week. I still enjoy the weekends because Tim has a few days off and it helps for me seeing him (&daycare costs).

Not quite transformation Tuesday, but I got a new id card at work and I thought I would show you the comparison. These photos were taken a few (maybe 5 years apart). The new one is tough to see, but you can still tell the difference in my face.

I got my 4 miles in yesterday and I felt great after. I felt like I could have done more.
That is the farthest I have ever gone and it did not kill me! I ran / sped walked the route. It is not so boring when you are exploring new back streets and places you have not been before. Yes i do listen to the NSYNC channel on Pandora :)

Did you see my big news yesterday? I am pretty excited to be a coach and I cannot wait to get started with this endeavor. I am working on getting a challenge group together. Bare with me, I am still figuring this all out.

As you know I have been doing P90X3 for a couple months and I love it! I just ordered the 21 Day Fix to do when P90X3 is done and my half marathon is behind me. I would love to follow any one of your journey's through a program offered by Beach Body. There is currently a great special on the Les Mills Pump program. It is a good price for all of the stuff you get. I have heard great things about it.

Did you go check out my website for Beachbody? I think you should. :)

Do any of yo utilize consignment shops? I found one that I love near me and I just dropped off some clothes today to it. I actually had a little over $50 on my account from the clothes I have had there. It is a great way to earn a little money from clothes you do not use anymore. I still donate some and the girl that runs the shop donates clothes that do not sell after a few months.

Check your local area for a shop near you. It is also a great way to get clothes while you are in the "in between" stage while losing weight.

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Exciting News...

The other day Courtney posted a photo of a delicious loaf of banana bread. I went to my freezer and saw that I had a bag of bananas so I decided to make some muffins for my brother and Tim.
*If we buy bananas and do not use them before they are too ripe I peel them and put them in a freezer bag in the freezer.  It is a great way to always have bananas for baking or smoothies.
I took the garbage out of the bin last night to take it out and someone climbed into the box and wanted the door closed. He played in there for a good ten minutes before we made him get out. He was not happy he had to leave it, but I did not want him to stay in there for hours.

I got my butt out of bed this morning for a morning workout! Wahoo! I am always proud when I can get out of my nice warm bed and get into workout clothes. I am ready for warm weather -I can remember going for a run at 6 with shorts and a tank top on last July. Come on warm weather!

Today was the eccentric lower workout. I have my stuff at work and I am ready for my run after work before getting Mason from daycare. I am going to attempt a 4 mile run. The weather is supposed to be nice with minimal wind.

Oh... to that exciting news -->

I am now a Beach Body coach.... How did this happen you ask? Well Jess kept pushing and I finally caved and took the leap. I am super excited to start helping people through their journey, whether they are half way through or just starting.
Jess made the photo, I liked it so I stole it. 
I am excited, but really nervous at the same time for this new adventure. If  you have any questions about Beachbody and the programs they offer feel free to ask. I am here to help.

To go to my new Beachbody website click here.
Thanks for all of your support in the last few years and I hope I can help some of you with your journeys :)

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Weigh In Wednesday - Last One of March

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

First I want to talk about the photo I posted yesterday for Transformation Tuesday. It is one of those comparisons that really makes you notice the difference. I feel bad for the girl on the left, I am really not sure who she is anymore. A family friend says that he feels like he is talking to a different person when he sees me and now I can understand what he means.
Roughly a 4 year difference

Marcy & Darci's Diet Bet is almost over and I am doing alright with it, but I need another push. Summer is coming people! Sooooo.....

Heather & I will be hosting a Dietbet in April! Skinny Meg is holding one now, but her's will be almost over when our's starts. If you are in her's and are doing well and need more motivation (& money) come join ours as well. Our DietBet will start on April 14th.

I am participating in Marcy, Val, & Jess's 90 Days til Summer Challenge as well as Elle Noel's Operation Red Bikini Challenge. I need some motivation to get this body into shape for summer :) This Diet Bet is a great way to push yourself and motivation to win some money (& not lose your own $$).

My weigh this week...
Good news - I figured out a way to maintain... Bad news - that is not my goal just yet. I need to really keep track of my food intake. My exercise routing is great and I am adding running into the routine so hopefully that will help.

I managed to get my morning yoga in this morning and it felt great :)
I am not getting my leg straight with the bottom left move. I got crow down though & that makes me sooo happy :) 

I cannot believe I am about to post this photo, but everyone else is posting their bikini photos so here we go...
Why did I take this photo? (sorry about the dirty mirror) I was sitting on my floor the other day folding laundry while getting dressed the other day. I looked over to the mirror and noticed my tummy. There is no doubt that I have a lot of work to do, but I have come a very long way. I was admiring my body in the mirror not criticizing. I have one roll, just one. I used to have a few creases on my stomach where the rolls were. My body is changing everyday and I don't always notice the changes, but when I do happen to notice something it feels great!

I did take photos in a bikini for the challenge and I will share those when the challenge is finished.

What changes in your body do you notice? What changes are you most proud of?

Don't forget to link up with Heather and I :) 

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Sick Kids Are No Fun

Mason has been sick for 5 days now and his parents are ready for him to start feeling better. He has not been eating a lot so when he finds something he likes we just go with it. Case in point on Sunday when he wanted cheese and crackers. There was cheese everywhere, but he ate it.

Tim had yesterday off so he was home to hang out with Mason and I all day. We noticed that Mason still had a rash that we saw Sunday too. I called the dr's office and spoke to a nurse. She said he should be checked out so we made an appointment. It was actually the quickest doctor's appointment I have ever taken him to, we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. The rash is viral and will go away soon. The doctor said that rashes can show up after a child has had a fever.
When I finished my workout yesterday Mason came over and gave me his Micky sticker. He still looks sick, but we have glimmers of a happy child at times. He has been very fussy and whiny. He was glued to Tim yesterday and wanted to be carried or snuggle with him for most of the day.
I finally set up the Kurio 7 tablet Mason got for Christmas and let him play with it for a while last night. I found an app with vehicle sounds and he was obsessed with the ambulance and fire truck. This kept him happy for a little while.

Does anyone else have this tablet? I need to play with it more, but does anyone have any app suggestions for toddler learning? 

Today is a 3 mile run day. From the looks of things it should be fairly decent out for me to get out for that run before going to get Mason. The forecast for the next 10 days has me anxious for next week and temperatures in the 50s.

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It is Monday again... I have today off, but I have to go into work at midnight tonight so I will be napping from 8p-11p. Thank goodness it is only one day a week, I am not cut out to work overnights.

Thursday the local paper came in to interview some of us and take photos. They are doing a two part story on our center because we are moving and upgrading our equipment.
One of the new additions will be desks that raise up and down for sitting and standing. A lot of people do not understand the need for these desks, but they have become the industry standard. I cannot wait to stand and do my job. There are times when sitting gets old and I just have to stand up. We do not get lunch breaks or the 15 minute breaks like other jobs. We eat our meals while working and can leave for bathroom breaks or to get food/drink.
The next two photos are my favorite. Why? Because I don't hate how I look. A year or more ago I would have found every flaw in myself in these photos. I love how my arms look. I look healthy and thin.
 Check the back of that arm out :)

I managed to get in a workout both Saturday and Sunday, both of my P90X3 workouts. I love the incinerator workout, this is surprising because a week ago when I saw the name of the workout I figured I would hate it. I feel so strong when I am done and I definitely feel the burn during the workout.

I was bad about my runs this weekend. It was snowy and windy on Saturday and then windy and under 25 degrees on Sunday. I just could not get myself out there to run, it is the wind that kills me. The weather looks like it is improving throughout the next week so I am sure to get my runs in.

Reebok Introduces Customizable ZQuick for Men and Women
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**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

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My Nails

My nails have been growing like crazy lately. I am taking a hair and nails vitamin that is working great.
I decided to do something different with my nails last night and they did not turn out too bad.

My friend Steph helped with the placement of the post it note so we could do the coral color.
I do not think I could have done this by myself. We tried tape the first attempt but it took off the paint when we removed it. The post it note seemed to work the best.

I may try a diagonal line instead of straight across if I attempt it again. I am not sure how long I will keep this look, not sure I am sold on it.

I am still not used to having nails. I bit my nails all the time until the day I gave birth and for some reason I just stopped. It is such a strange change of a habit and I did not even notice I had stopped until Mason was a week old.

Happy Sunday :)

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5 on Friday

I have been good about getting my runs in. I am loving my Garmin watch for the outside runs. When I ran after work on Wednesday I was going places I have not gone before and it was nice to be able to look down and see how much farther I had to go. I need to know if I had to choose a long street to go down or if I could just run around the parking lot at work.

Yesterday was tough. I got a call at work around 3:15 that Mason had a temperature over 103 and he took a 4 hour nap. The nap is strange because he slept through the night last night for 11 hours. I ended up calling his doctor and they had no appointments. When I picked him up from daycare he had such sad eyes I could not just bring him home so we went to urgent care and sat for 45 minutes until we were called. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and said he had a sinus and an ear infection. His first of both.

We also had to run to Tim's Aunt's house to get her car so I can take it today to get an oil change. The plan was to go with Mason for a 3 mile walk/jog while I was getting her car, but it was late by the time we got there to get the car and he was not feeling well.

Tim had a Cadberry cream egg for dessert Wednesday night. While he was eating it the cat kept getting closer and closer, like she was getting ready to pounce. When she climbed up in his lap he gave her some of the cream and she ate it. This cat is strange. He said it was because eggs come from chickens and she likes the chickens next door. His logic makes me smile :)

I am loving my protein shakes. I have been trying to get a braver everyday and add something new to it. I like the ice cubes and peanut butter the best so far. I did add a frozen banana last night and it was pretty darn good too.
I wish I had tried these sooner, but I am picky and get nervous when trying new things.

Mason walked outside yesterday and saw that we had more snow and he just kept saying "oh" "oh", yes buddy we have more snow. Spring will be here one day.

Big Sale this weekend at Reebok! I love their shoes for running and their clothes too :)

30% Off for Friends and Family at Reebok
Friends! Family! Loyal Blog Readers! Reebok has just given the green light for you to get 30% off on their gear! So go shopping and at checkout use the promotion code FAM30. Just know that my powers aren't all encompassing, so this deal doesn't include their Crossfit gear, products ending in .98, custom shoes and gift cards. (Don't wait! This sale is only runs from 3/19 - 3/23.) 

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

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Meet Val!

Today I was lucky enough to get Val from Fab Chick Gets Fit to do a guest post on my little blog :) I am over on her blog today as well :) She is a big motivator and inspiration - check her out.

Hey Muffins,

I'm Valerie and I blog over at Fab Chick Gets Fit. I blog about life in general and my journey from being overweight to the competition stage. I'm excited to be guest posting for Ash and would love to share a little about my crazy life.

First, I'm a wife to Charles, we met in college back in 2000. We have two kids, 2nd grader Bryce who is 8 and preschooler Sydney who is 4. Those three keep me on my toes, daily! I'm a work from home mom as an Event Planner. I love it. Someday soon I will get back in the office!

Now on to the good stuff. I wasn't always overweight. I was pretty active in high school and college. Even after college I continued cheerleading on an adult competitive team. Then life happened. Excuses started becoming a daily thing and before I knew it I went from 150lbs of muscle to 280lbs of... not muscle, haha. In 2012, I turned 30. I had just so happened to see a picture of myself from my birthday vacation in Miami and I cried. For days. So as usual for the 50th time I was starting January 1st. This time I wasn't going to do some fad program, pill or drink. Simply put, I did the research on clean eating and found that I really enjoyed kettle bells. I was going to lose 100lbs. I was going to blog and share my journey with the world. I wanted all women, married, with kids, busy, etc. to know they could do it too. This was the first picture I took of my journey. It really shows how miserable I was.
Six months in, I was down 50lbs and I had been following some competitors on Instagram, seeing their bodies transform, I was hooked. I knew I could do it too. I remember in high school and college how easy it was for me to build muscle and I wanted to push myself to get there again. So I decided in a year, I would be competing. Fast forward to January 2014, I hired my coach and I've been on a strict workout and eating plan. I love it. I love seeing my body change. 
The biggest surprise is that I have stuck with it for over a year. I've got goals and I can't won't let myself down. I have a few tips, no matter what your goals are:

-Do research on clean eating and portions. 
It is going to take time but it can be VERY helpful. These are a couple of my faves:

-Find what workouts work best for you. I'm not a runner. I like the stairs and I love lifting weights. Try a couple of different things until you find one that you can stomach enjoy.

-Use My Fitness Pal to log your workouts and all your food. Figure out your caloric deficit to lose weight each week. 

Most important- Be Dedicated. Be Consistent. Learn Your Body. Give It Your All. You do these things, you will succeed. Always remember, it will take time, but it will be so worth it. Promise. 

Thanks Val!

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