A Sick 5 on Friday

This has been a crappy week, hopefully it will get better...
Tuesday night Tim & I were up most of the night with Mason fussing and having a temperature of 102.8 F. We were getting a little nervous, but we got that to come down with a bath and some tylenol.

He went to daycare that morning and I went to work. While in a meeting I started getting chills and not feeling well. I ended up going home at noon. I came home and took a nap. I was woken up by a call from daycare saying that Mason had a temp of 103.6 - eek {mini mommy freak moment}. I called his doctor's office and they fit him right in. She prescribed an antibiotic and told us to keep an eye on him.

This must have been how daycare knew Mason was not feeling well. He only ate "some" of his Ritz crackers. That kid would eat a sleeve of those if we let him.

This is what I had to share my bed with yesterday morning. they took over most of the middle so I had little room.
I woke up with a temp of 101.8 yesterday morning so I called my doctor and got in yesterday afternoon. Has anyone ever gotten a rapid flu test? If you have, I feel your pain! That was awful, but the doctor coming back into the room and telling me I had the flu was worse I think.

On a better note he did say that my weight loss over the last couple years was pretty impressive. I weighed in at 172 lbs on their scale {with clothes on}.
I have decided to take it easy for the next couple days and restart the transition week on Monday. I really want to work out, but I have to let my body rest.

On my way home from the doctor my throat hurt and I was a little bummed about the flu diagnosis so I went and got a vanilla milkshake. It helps make my throat feel better. I have not eaten much that last few days so this is not too bad.
I am feeling ok today so I am sitting in a car seat class all day. If you miss one class you fail the class so I could not really miss it. I did not pay for the class, the rescue squad did so I would feel bad if I dropped out.

I am hoping I can make it until midnight (when I get out of work) before feeling crappy again. Send good thoughts my way, please.

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Weigh In Wednesday 2-26

Weigh In Wednesday

I am currently in the transition week for the first block of p90X3. It is not a bad week so far. There is a lot of stretching type moves, but I am still sweaty when I am done.
I love that I can get the crow pose now and hold it for a few seconds. I remember thinking "yea right Jillian" when I first saw it on Yoga Meltdown. No matter how hard a move looks give it a try - you will feel empowered and amazing when you are able to do the move.
I have also been busting out the burpees to catch up with my #FFburpee challenge - 1,000 burpees in the month of February!

I am not very happy today... Yesterday I started coughing a little and then my throat started hurting. I was also feeling some flu-like symptoms. My muscles are also sore, but that could be from the new workouts this week. I am hoping my sore throat starts feeling better. This might be tmi, but my cough has that sick taste to it and that makes me worried I am really getting sick. I had chills and some chest congestions last night when I got home at midnight. I was afraid I was going to wake up with no voice.
My illness had to be put aside though, Mason had that "I am sick" whine so we brought him in bed with us. His temperature was 102.8 at 1 am. We gave him a bath and put some cotton pajamas on him instead of his fleece ones. He seems better now his temp was 99.8 before we left the house. I asked daycare to keep me updated and they are so great with him.

Poor Nutmeg paced last night until Mason fell asleep. She was very worried. This dog is usually out cold from 9 pm until breakfast time at 5:30 am. Last night she was up with us the whole time and following us from room to room.

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw...
There is no change...
I am busting my butt with my workouts and I know the right things to eat, but it is so hard to have willpower with food. Why is it so hard to stay on the right track? UGH! AHHHH

No workout this morning, maybe if I am feeling better I will get my workout in tonight.

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Great Weekend, Why is it Over?

Happy Monday!
It really is my Monday today, but that changes next week. I am going to sleep form 8-1 today and then get my butt out of bed for a workout - I am in the transition week for P90X3 so we will see how this goes. There are a few new workouts thrown in. I would love it to be nice when I get up this afternoon so I could maybe go for a run outside {maybe}.

Friday was not too bad. The car seat class is informative, but it is long. I am learning some things I did not know or realize about my car. It makes for a long day when you have class 8-5 then have to go to work until midnight. Three more weeks left...

On Saturday Mason went to my cousin's for a sleepover. He got to play with other kids and we were told he was great to have.
Sister Act, the Broadway Show, was great. It was funny and very energetic. We ended up getting out later than I had anticipated so I did not get to go to Brown's before the game. Tim & I grabbed dinner at Moe's & went to the game. It was nice being back on campus. I may not have gone to RPI, but I was with Tim for 2 of his years there and we used to walk the campus every night just talking.
The game ended in a tie, but I did manage to snag a t-shirt for free :)
I wore the shirt for my workout Sunday morning. I did the Warrior workout in P90X3 and then I did 120 burpees trying to play catch up for the #FFBurpee challenge with FitFluential. I was dying by the end of that workout.
After picking myself off the floor and showering I went to get Mason. I hung out at my cousin's for a while and she showed me the work she has done on her house. She lives in my grandfather's old house and she is making it her own, but it is still odd it not being grandpa's house.

Mason took a nap on the way home. He must have been tuckered after playing with all of the other children.

Did you do anything exciting the weekend? 
I know it is Monday and no one wants to do anything today, but try to have a wonderful day :)

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5 on Friday

I love... my view while working out. Our living room is not very big, but I have a little space in the back of the room I use for my workouts. Mason moved his director's chair to the edge of my area this morning and climbed up in to watch Mickey Mouse Club. I listened to him giggle while Tony was killing my arms.
He pushed the chair into the hallway when I went to change the sheets on our bed and sat there too. I think he would take this chair in the car if he could.

Another Flex Friday shot from Thursday. Challenge day was pretty challenging this week. I pushed myself and did the regular push-ups instead of the "girl" ones on my knees. I never thought I would be able to do a regular one, but my number was 12 for those and I did it plus a few extra thrown in.
I am still using the resistant bands for the pull ups, but maybe one day...

I bought some Protein Powder at Target yesterday, I am going to experiment a little and make sure I get protein in after my workouts.

My mom said Mason needed a backpack so while we were out yesterday she bought him a little backpack. It was on clearance at Target so that made it even better.
He loves wearing it. When we stopped home to drop things off he was just carrying it around. I had to tell him we could bring it with us, but he had to wait to wear it again.

Today starts four crazy Fridays. I am taking a  Car Seat Tech class during the day and then I have to work from 5 until midnight. It is definitely going to be a few long days.

Big day planned for tomorrow. I am off to see Sister Act at Proctors in Albany. After the show is done Tim is picking me up down in Albany and we are going to go to dinner at Brown's Brewing in Troy (a personal favorite). After dinner we have tickets to the RPI v Clarkson hockey game. Tim got a good price on the tickets because he is an engineer so when he asked I said yes. We went to a few RPI games when he was still at college there, but have not been in almost 7 years.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? 

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Yoga, Mason, & Trader Joe's Ideas

We have the best dog in the world. Mason came over to me in the living room yesterday and was giggling pointing to Nutmeg. The first photo is what I saw when I turned around. He was so proud of himself for putting the blanket on her. He then went back over to her and covered her all the way up.
He looks so innocent right? Nutmeg is great with him and lets Mason do just about anything to her. The other night Mason climbed on her back and wanted her to go so he could ride her. We got him off of her before she got annoyed.

Yesterday was Yoga day with P90X3. This is one of my favorite days in the program because it is so relaxing.
With the plow pose I cannot get my feet to touch the ground - it is not possible.
 I can, however, reach my toes to the sky.
 I love all of the warrior poses. They are a good stretch and are great for balance.
Notice the child on the dog's bed with her in the background...

The Challenge is tomorrow. That one always makes my arms feel like jello after.

Today my mom, Mason, & I are going shopping together. This has not happened in a long time so hopefully we all make it back in one piece ;) We are going about an hour away because I miss NY & Company. All of the stores near us closed so the closest one is in Colonie.

I am going to Trader Joe's today. Give me some suggestions / must haves I should buy...

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Weigh In Wednesday 2-19

Weigh In Wednesday

Another week has passed & I cannot believe that we are almost into March. I am ready for the weather to get warmer (higher than 32 degrees). I want to get back outside and run. It is almost time to get serious about my half marathon training. I am still very scared, but I figure why not? It will be something I will be able to put on my "done" list and if I don't like it I do not have to do it again.

I am really enjoying the P90X3 program, next week will be the transition week of Block 1. I am a little nervous to go to the next phase, but trying new workouts might be fun and I see there are a few of the current ones thrown in there.
I shoveled a little when I got home from work... I did it in ankle boots and leggings. It was not the best outfit, but I wanted to get some of it done before it got dark. I shoveled some more after I did Agility X -- that workout gets me drenched in sweat every time!

I weighed in yesterday for the Biggest Loser Competition at work with my clothes on (no shoes) and it said 172.4 lbs. I want to marry that scale! It is in the same spot every time and the same scale.

Today I stepped on the scale and saw....
Not a big loss, but it is a loss.

This is proof that you should always use the same scale for weighing in. I seem to weigh less at the scale at work with clothes on, but at home in the mornings I weigh more. Find a scale that you can use regularly and use it. I also recommend using it in the same spot every time too.

Don't forget to link up with Heather & I!

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A Day in the Life - Day Shift

I have seen these "day in the life" posts from a few bloggers so I thought I would give it a try. I may do another one of these posts to write about my day when I work a night shift.

5:35 - Alarm goes off. {Ugh} Hit Snooze

5:45 - Hit snooze again

5:50 - Finally get up because I have to start working out by 6 or I will be rushing to get ready for work.

6:00 - Start my workout - Currently it is the P90X3 program. I have done Yoga Meltdown, The 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, mostly workouts that are 30 minute or less. (This morning I ended up laying in bed dozing until 6:30, workout will have to be this afternoon)

6:30 - Finish workout / cool down - Time to see if Tim is done with his shower

6:45 - Out of shower time to find something to wear. This could take forever...

7:05 - Time to wake Mason up and get him dressed. He is usually easy because he is still waking up and stretching while I am changing his diaper and putting clothes on him .

7:20 - Time to leave - Drop Mason off at daycare then off to work

7:38 - Arrive at work. Punch in and figure out where I want to sit that day.

7:45 - 3:45 - Work, work, work... No breaks because it is a 911 center and we do not have the resources or enough people for us to take breaks. We eat lunch at our desks and do not get a 15 minute break like some office workers. I am ok with this because I work an 8 hour day instead of working 8 hours plus a 1 hour lunch.

3:45 - I get relieved by the next shift and stay in the room to give them a run down of what is going on for 15 minutes. {The longest 15 minutes of the day}

4:00 - Punch out and go get Mason. Daycare is only a couple blocks away from work so it makes it easy to go get him on my way home from work.

4:15 - Arrive home - change into workout clothes if I did not get my workout it before work. If I don't have to workout Mason and I play and clean the house.

5:00-5:30 - Figure out what is for dinner and start preparing it. Mason will play in the kitchen because that is where I am. He seems to like to be near me when we are home together.
6:00 - Tim arrives home and we all have dinner together. Mason is in a picky eating stage so dinner is not always fun.

6:30 - I have to do the dishes because I do not like a full sink. This is also bath time for Mason because he is usually a mess after dinner. After everything is put away we head into the living room for play time.

7:00 - Wheel of Fortune & more play time

7:30 - Jeopardy time, Mason dances to the song and seems to love watching the questions.
Jeopardy watching...

8:00 - Find something on tv to watch while we play with Mason and the animals. The last week or so we have been watching the Olympics when there is something interesting on.

8:30* - We ask Mason if he is ready for bed. This is my favorite part of the night. If he is tired and ready to go to bed he will grab his blanket and walk to his room. He stops at his crib and holds his arms up for us to put him in. We say our prayers and he goes to sleep. There are some nights he will lay there and talk to himself, but he does not cry out anymore.  I love this part of the night because he understands us and goes to bed on his own. If he does not get his blanket then we play some more and ask again in a few minutes.

9:30-10:00 - Tim and I head into bed. You do not see us up past 10 on a weeknight very often.

On Tuesday nights (tonight) Tim goes to the fire house from 7-9 so it is just Mason and I hanging out before bed. A couple times per month I will volunteer 6-12 for the rescue squad so it is just Tim and Mason for the night.

*Some people (my mother) might think that Mason's bedtime is late, but it works for us. He sleeps until 8-8:30 in the morning. This helps me when I work until midnight the night before. His bed time also helps Tim see him when he gets home from work. Maybe someday his bedtime will be earlier, but for now it is what works for us.

As I mentioned before I will have to get my workout in when I get home from work. I could not get myself out of bed this morning. That is how it usually is after I work an overnight because of the weird sleep schedule I have the day before.

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Weekend Recap

Not much of an eventful weekend here... 
We had a child free morning on Saturday. Tim took advantage of it by sleeping in and I got out of bed because I could not sleep and did my P90X3 workout. Tim was not feeling well over the weekend and still isn't really. 

We went out to breakfast on Saturday morning as our "Valentine's" date. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out and it was pretty good the other morning. We stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics on the way home. Tim stayed in the car and I went in to look for some supplies to keep me busy with sewing projects. I love that store - they always have coupons and you can use a few at a time. 

We went to go get Mason in the afternoon. As soon as we walked in the door he went to he sled and wanted to go outside so we took him out. The snow is not very "packy" so it was tough to pull him around. He lasted a couple minutes in the sled and then he wanted to shovel the porch for a while. He loves being outside and I hope that does not go away. 
Sunday we lounged in the morning. We asked Mason where his puppy was and he went right to Nutmeg and started petting her. Notice how he has no socks on.... yea well he did, but his new thing is to take them off as soon as you put them on.                                

Tim's parents came over around noon so we all could go drop his mom off at the train station. She is headed to NYC for the week.     
After we dropped her off we stopped at a few places including Chili's for lunch. After Mason was done eating he did this for a few minutes...
You would have thought he had a few too many margaritas with lunch. He is really good to take out now. 
He did not want to be carried when we left the restaurant so Tim walked with him. He giggled and yelled the whole way to the car. 
We also went to BJs Wholesale club yesterday and we only spent $80! Usually we cannot get out of that place without spending more than $100. When we got to the register I noticed that Tim snuck in a little treat for him and Mason.
How is is Easter time now? I am not a fan of Peeps so I do not mind having them in the house.
Today's plan is to get home from work around 8:10 ish and sleep until noon - 1 o'clock. I have to get Mason at 3 from daycare so I have enough time to get in my P90X3 workout and maybe something else or some house cleaning.

Quiet night at home planned for tonight - some Olympics watching :)

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? 

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