I saw this yesterday and had to share it here and on Facebook. This is sooo true!

It is my birthday! Wahoo! The big 2-7.
I was going to start going backwards in my age, but I guess a few more years in the 20's won't hurt anything.
I am spending the day with my favorite lil guy. We are going to lunch at a family friend's house. Tim will be home after work and I still do not know what I want to do for dinner on my birthday.

My mom gave me my present yesterday...
I am pretty excited to get this all set up and using it. I need to practice for a while, but hopefully it will be something I am good at.

I just looked to see what I weighed lat year around my birthday and it was 198.6 lbs. I am currently weigh 23 lbs less than I did last year. Hopefully it is the same difference or more next year.

My computer is being dumb and I cannot get anything to work so treadmill time it is and some improvised Yoga Meltdown. Hopefully today I can get something to work or get the DVD on the television while Mason is napping.

Someone mentioned the cause being the Windows update, but I am clueless when it comes to problems on the laptop.

Great article here.

I think talking to your children the way the article says to is a great idea. I remember my mom always being on a "diet", I like how they say to never be on a diet around your kids just cook healthy foods. Just an all around good article to read as a parent.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! The winner of the Birthday giveaway is...

Sharon from The Tiny Heart  :)

Congrats! Send me your paypal email & address so you can be mailed your gift cards. Nutmeg0507 (@) gmail (.) com

Another giveaway is up over on Holly's blog... go check it out - $100 to Target!

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This & That

Another chilly morning here. I am ready for some nicer weather! I do not like being cooped up in the house all the time.
It was -14 yesterday morning when I went outside and started Tim's car in a t-shirt. I hopped off the treadmill and ran outside and ran back in.
For my Yoga Meltdown session I had a friend that did not want to leave my side.
I had another friend staring at me like she was planning something. 
She is in her "garage" as Tim calls it. 
Today's plan is to get a Yoga session in and while Mason is napping to get on the treadmill. I am still having problems with iTunes so I cannot get to my Shred workout to the Shred it with Weights :/

Does anyone know if I uninstall itunes form my computer and then reinstall it will I lose everything?

Mason had his 18 month well visit yesterday morning and did an amazing job while we were in the room for an hour. The nurse gave him a small blood pressure cuff to play with and he ended up getting it stuck on his butt. This kid is crazy.
The doctor was happy with what she saw. We have to work on getting rid of the pacifier, using words, & learning body parts.

 There was an accident....
Just kidding. That is where Mason fell asleep the other night and it was perfect positioning for it to look like he had a rolled over.

So I got my first check the other day. I wanted to tell you guys how much I like Ebates.com

Go sign up through this {referral} link. You can earn cash through shopping online. I have also found some great coupon codes through the website. There are over 800 stores in their list which is amazing. I did not expect Vtech Kids to be there, but it is.

My biggest problem is that I have to remember to go through Ebates when I start shopping online for things. I forget at times and realize after - kicking myself for forgetting. I got a check for almost $!5 for my Christmas shopping through Ebates. I would have gotten more if I had actually remembered to go through the website.

I have now saved the Ebates link on my favorites bar so it is there to remind me to use it.

How is the weather where you are? 
Any exciting plans for the day?

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Weigh In Wednesday 1-29

Weigh In Wednesday

Why Oreo? Why?
The Marshmallow Crispy is the one I would love to try. I may have to fold and buy it while it is available and just eat in moderation.

In other news... Weight Loss news.

Mason has his 18 month appointment this morning so I had more time this morning. I got in a 40 minute speed walk on the treadmill and a Yoga Meltdown Session in. Go me :) A couple years ago I probably would have slept in until 8, but this morning I was up at 6 to get it all in before the appointment and going to work.

I have been doing great with tracking. I am so happy I started again and I am addicted to logging everything. I have been making better choices in my eating habits and avoiding things I do not know the calorie counts to or I know I have a weakness for. I did indulge over the weekend with cake and ice cream, but I figured that was ok because I have been doing a good job and I did not eat a lot of it.
I had a workout buddy yesterday morning. She was very cuddly and in need of attention so she did not leave my side or Tim's while I was busy.

Here is my weigh in for the week...
Less than a pound gain this week. I am ok with it because for some reason Aunt Flo decided it was a good week for a visit. I have been working hard so hopefully it will show next week after my visitor leaves.

The JM DVD Challenge I have been doing all month is almost over and I am pretty sad about that. I need a new hashtag and plan. Next month starts my half marathon training. I have a couple weeks before I have to start. I want to try the P90X3 that I won through Jess's giveaway. I may start that and when I start running I will do the P90X3 on my off days or as the strength training exercise.

Don't forget to link up with Heather & I. Also enter the birthday giveaway... only 2 days left :)

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18 Month Update

 Yup that is my little bundle of joy....
A little bigger than last year at this time :/ 

Weight & Height
22 lbs 14 oz - a few ounces heavier than 3 months ago
32.5 inches - 3 inches taller than 3 months ago

He is now a normal height and not in the short category.

This child LOVES hot dogs. I always said I would not be the type to take the easy way out and just make mac & cheese and hot dogs. Guess what it is not the easy way out it is what people that small eat!
He usually eats what we eat for dinner. The only time I make something different is if we have something spicy like tacos.

We started giving him milk in his cereal and he seems to really enjoy it. He is doing well with using a spoon.

We still do not give him a lot of carrots. We also do not give beans. Maybe some day, but right now we do not want to upset his stomach or cause diaper rash.
He was loving raisins a couple weeks ago, but a diaper rash popped up. After a few days I stopped giving him raisins thinking they might be the cause of the rash and magically it went away.

He is picky with his eggs. If he is not in the mood for something he spits it back out at you or shake his head so you cannot even put it in his mouth.

Sleeping (naps & night)
He is down to one nap per day. The nap can range anywhere from ninety minutes (at daycare) to 3 hours. I do not mind the shorter naps because he usually will fall asleep for bed around 8:30 when the naps are shorter.
The last few weeks Mason has been going to bed around 8:30-9. For a while after the time change he was up until 10. With his naps getting shorter he is going to bed earlier.

Another huge milestone is that we can put him in his crib and say goodnight with him still awake and he will go to bed. This used to be a struggle because he would cry and cry making Tim and I feel bad. Now he just lays there until he falls asleep. It is a wonderful thing to have him go to bed on his own instead of fighting it constantly.

I received a text from Tim Sunday saying that he asked Mason if he was ready for bed and Mason grabbed his blankie, walked to his crib, and waited for Tim to put him in.

He is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing. 12 months clothes still fit well and he has some 18 month shirts that fit him nicely.

He loves being around people. It takes him a bit to warm up when he is around people he doesn't know that well. Once he is comfortable he wants to be center of attention.
He is great at Daycare. We haven't gotten any negative reports. Even when he was in his biting stage they said he was not doing it there. He will be moved to the toddler room next week. I am sad to see this happen. I like his daycare teacher now, but I guess he has to move up some time.

New the last few months
Mason is pretty good at figuring things out. He is like a little engineer. He has figured out what button turns the cable box off, so he pushes it and looks at us to get a reaction.

He is much more independent. His imagination seems to be developing. He will play with toys on his own and do things that make me think that he is pretending.

I love watching his mind grow. When he does something he could not do before we are amazed and so proud.

-He loves his John Deere tractor. We take that everywhere with us so he has it to play with.
-He has a Vtech fire station with fire truck and ambulance he enjoys playing with.
-He has a blankie that he has become attached to. If you ask where his blankie is he will pull other blankets away to check under them for his blanket.
-The piano he got for Christmas is definitely one of his go to toys to play with.
-He loves going to Grammy's house and taking a bath. The other night he pushed her into the bathroom to the tub.

-He does not like his nails clipped anymore
-He hates getting out of the bath.
-He does not like getting his nose cleaned, but who does?
-He is a pretty happy child so he does not have many dislikes.

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Weekend Shenanigans

Good Monday Morning All!
Anything exciting happen over the weekend?

I managed to get a workout in both days this weekend. I am trying to get them in in the morning before I shower if we are not in a hurry to get out of the house. I have a camera man on the weekends so that is helpful. He cracks me up though because he takes 1,000 photos of the same move so I don't ask him to take it again. I had to leave the television in the top photo because he thought Mickey was the best part of the photo.
The boat pose is crazy! I need to keep my shoulders back more. You can't see it, but I am shaking like crazy here. My abs definitely get a workout in the last circuit of Level 2. 
I have a workout planned for after work today because I worked until midnight and I am back at work at 8 this morning. It is hard to drag myself out of bed early after being up that late.

We went to a birthday party yesterday for my cousin's son. He turned three and I am still in shock that he is that old. I was a little sad that Mason fit nicely into his 18 month outfit we got from his god mother, Christina, the other day.
He was very proud of himself for getting Poppy's gloves on while at the party. He wanted to help with the wood stove. {We did not let him anywhere near the stove}
I actually did pretty good with my eating at the party. I did have some chips & dip. I also had a piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream. I did shovel a driveway and do the Yoga Meltdown. I only recorded the shoveling because I don't usually record the Yoga sessions. This is the first day I have gone over with my calories. I am not sure I went over really, if the Yoga session was in MFP maybe I would have broken even. I call that pretty good. I am still tracking everything and being diligent about making food choices. 

I had some bags full of clothes for Mason from Tim's aunt that I needed to put away yesterday morning. I told her we were set on clothes for him this year so she bought him a bunch of 2T items for next year. They are at a really good price right now. I did not have enough room in his under the bed totes for them all so I had to put some back in the bag and put that under the bed as well. He should be all set on shirts and sweatshirts for next year. Now we need some pants, but that seems hard because he is short and who knows what size he will be then.

Have you entered the Birthday Giveaway yet? Go Here to do so.

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5 on Friday

I look forward to January, April, July, and October - those are the months I allow myself to get my hair done. I usually try to go three months between trims and color.
The other day I got my hair trimmed, layered, and colored. We did a cherry cola throughout my hair and I really like it. It looks lighter in the sun. I love getting my hair done, I always feel great after.

Day off today! I have a workout or two planned... lounging with Mason and finishing my weekly cleaning. I finished the laundry yesterday and the feeling of taking care of the last load of laundry is amazing. #lifeofamom

I got these warm slippers from my cousin for Christmas and I actually wear them quite a bit. They are a little goofy, but who cares they are warm.

My little guy is growing too fast. What difference a year makes. He is much more active in the snow and seems to like it better. I am in awe when I compare Mason now to a couple months ago. Watching him grow and learn is amazing. I am planning an 18 month post next week, I cannot believe he is that old.

Did you enter my Birthday Giveaway yet? Check out yesterday's post for all of the details. Some great ladies have teamed up with me to bring you all a nice giveaway for the end of this chilly month.

Have a great weekend all!

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Birthday Giveaway!

Day 4 of tracking... I am doing pretty good. Tracking makes me conscious of what I am eating which helps a lot when I am making food choices. I am doing great. Yesterday was the first day I let myself enter my walk into MFP. I don't usually like to eat my workout calories. I did not add my Jillian workout and I did not get down to 0 calories.

Speaking of Jillian... I was trying to get a photo of one of the poses for Instagram yesterday and I had a little competition for camera time. Mason kept photo bombing my photos.
That kid cracks me up. He is always there with me watching and trying to mimic me. 

I cannot believe this is my first time hosting a group giveaway! I have been really nervous to give it a try, but I decided to give it a go for my birthday.

I love my birthday, I love my birthday day, week, month, etc. This year I have been pretty mellow with my birthday month, but once tomorrow hits and it is the start of my birthday week watch out friends and family :)

The only two things I have asked for is a sewing machine so I can practice at home and gift cards so I can get some new under garments. I really just want a date night with Tim, it is nice to get out without Mason and just have some "us" time. We will have to see... I did see a wrapped present in the shape of a sewing machine box at my mom's yesterday, but she said I could not have it until next week.

Some great girls have joined with me to bring you all a little giveaway. 
Sam from 24to30, Ashton from A Fluffy Girl, Christina from A Better Tina, Holly from Back Home Again, Nina from The Nina ShowElle NoelFrugalattes, & I have come together to bring you some gift cards and cash.  The giveaway starts today (Thursday 1/23) & ends on my birthday 1/31.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Weigh In Wednesday 1-22

Weigh In Wednesday

It is Wednesday again all.

Jess over at Run with Jess had some great safety tips for running in the winter yesterday. After reading about Meg Menzies from Virginia it is very important to take charge of the safety aspect of running in the winter or anytime of year really. Meg's story is heartbreaking and could have been preventable on the driver's end of things.

Yesterday morning I chose to lay in bed and chit chat with Tim for half an hour instead of getting up to workout. I ended up getting out of work 30 minutes later than normal. I got home and had an hour to get a workout in, feed Mason, take a shower, and leave so I could be on time for squad duty. I did it, I got in 30 minutes of Yoga Meltdown in and I put the high chair in front of the bathroom door so I could shower while he ate.
Here is an idea of what I look at while working out... the television is behind me. He climbs up on the coffee table and sits with his cheerios. the DVD is playing on the laptop which is supposed to be out of reach from him and for the most part he leaves it alone. Yesterday he decided to throw cheerios at me and make funny faces.

Couple things coming up:
  • I am starting an 8 week Biggest Loser Competition at work with a couple co-workers. It starts next Tuesday. I cannot believe 8-weeks brings us to the end of March, beginning of April. At least the weather will be nicer then.
  • Birthday Giveaway starts tomorrow and goes until my birthday. Some great ladies have teamed up with me to bring you a little giveaway in these chilly times. 

How did everyone do this week? Here is my weigh in....
See I knew tracking would help! Even though I have only been tracking for a couple days, I still lost 2 pounds! Wahoo! Now to keep this momentum going and get into the 160s. I want to get there bad.

I have been tracking for two days, this is my third. I have been great with moderation and no snacking. After tracking again for a few days is it amazing how much extra food I was eating. I do not even want to think about my calorie intact the last few weeks. I just hate to think about where I could be if I actually started tracking on January First. 

Don't forget to link up with Heather & I.

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