Weigh In Wednesday

I do not know what is going on! I had a terrible weigh in this morning. My phone was in the other room so I did not get a photo but I was at 177.6! What the hell! That is a two pound gain. I do not have any idea what is going on. I want to blame the stress of work and a busy life the last couple months, but this is way to close to 180 for me and I was almost in tears this morning. 

I am torn with emotions here. In one sense I am motivated to get away from this number and get back to the 160s, but in another sense I am frustrated and just want to eat. 

I have a doctor's appointment today to discuss a few things with her. I am hoping she has some advice for me and can help with some issues I have been having. 

I have been doing the One Week Shred this week and I went for a walk last night with Amanda, Mason, and Nutmeg. She was so excited to go for a car ride and then a walk. 
Mason was not feeling the walk last night. He was good for the first mile, then he wanted "out" so we let him push the stroller for a while. Then he started climbing into the the back storage bin. I put him in there so he was sitting. He scrunched up in the baskets and put his head back. He stayed in there for a lot longer than I had expected.

I am not sure what my plan is. I want to get to 160 by the end of the year. I would love to be in the 150s by New Year's, but I feel like I have been stuck for over a year now in the 170s. 

Hopefully the Get Your Sh*t Together September Challenge will help. Challenges always seem to get me moving and involved. #GYSTS14 I have a great prize pack for one lucky participant at the end of the month. 

Don't forget to link up with Heather, Erin, and I today... Your posts inspire us! 

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  1. I had a 2 pound gain this morning too! I've decided that August sucks in terms of weight loss and like you, I'm torn. I'm frustrated that my jeans are too tight, but just want to drown my sorrows with carbs. Hang in there! We'll get back on track. Especially with the upcoming challenge!

  2. I have so had these weeks. Sooooo had them. So I know exactly how you feel. You'll get there--slow and steady wins the race, especially in weight loss! Keep up the good work!

  3. I am right there with you. I have lost and gained the same 5 pounds for over a year. I'm so over it!

  4. Sorry about the weight gain. Honestly though, I always seem to gain if I've been doing a lot of strength work...maybe that's got something to do with it? I never schedule a strength work out on the day before a weigh in for that reason. Looking forward to doing the challenge this month!

  5. That sucks about the gain. Especially when you're working so hard! I'm new here so I don't know how much you've done Jillian workouts in the past, but every single time I start one of hers even if I've been active before it, I seem to gain a pound or two in week one. And sometimes even week two. I also of course had sore muscles and trainer told me that when the muscles tear to build up, they actually hold more water until the inflammation goes down and then you drop it. I have no idea of the legitimacy but it sounds good right?!

  6. I hate those mixed emotions that come like you said with the scales moving up, and you doing everything you can. I think it is great that you are going to talk to your doctor. I try to tell myself to that regardless all of these little habits that I have created are taking care of my body. You are doing so much good for your body even if it doesn't show up on the scales. I know that doesn't make the frustration go away, but it helps me to honor myself for all the good I am doing. I have been trying lately to set goals for individual habits that I want to improve on so even if the scales don't move, I can reward myself. You really are doing so awesome, and you continually inspire me to work on being consistent.

  7. I feel ya; Seeing the scale go up can be super discouraging. But you look great so you're doing something right!!
    xx ani

  8. Sometimes it goes up with no explanation at all. I know that you'll be right back where you need to be by next weigh in.

    PS - Your dog is sooooo cute!