Weigh in Wednesday

Winner of the Protein Bar box is... Cara Z!

I am getting something this morning so this will be brief. I will share my new toy tomorrow :) (check Instagram later, I am sure I will probably share there first)

Last night was not a good night. Well it started off good, Amanda and I got our bike ride in with no rain. 
After the bike ride I was talking to someone while putting Mason in the car. I set my phone on top of my car to get Mason in his car seat. Yea... I forgot it was there until about a mile later when I heard it hit the truck while it was flying off. Ugh :/

On my to do list is to start running again. Now that Tim gets out of work at 4:30 he can pick Mason up from daycare while I go for runs and it won't cost us anything. 

I am trying to figure out a way to get fun photos on my RunKeeper after a run. I have a map of the two villages near my office and I am working on something fun. I got the idea from Claire Wyckoff on Instagram. This girl is hilarious! (Her photos are better on Instagram, but I don't want to share some of those here lol)

My weigh in was pretty good. I had a loss again, a little less than a pound. I will take anything after a weekend of french fries :)
How did your weigh in go? Are you having a tough time this summer too? 

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  1. So sorry about your phone! Ive been known to forget about mine at times too!

  2. Thank you so much! Can't wait to try them:)

    Congrats on your loss this week. Not sure mine would have been, having fries around, haha!

  3. Sorry about the phone :( I've seen some funny run app pics...can't wait to see yours!

  4. Wow, sorry about the phone. Your running pictures look neat. I think that would motivate me to finish a picture. Do you figure out the route first to be a picture. I guess you could do it with walking as well? lol, it is such the little things that get me excited. Great job on the loss :)

  5. Stinks about your phone; I've dropped older ones in the toilet and ruined them before.

    People that are creative with their walks/run are awesome! I just roam the streets of downtown after I hit the farmer's market.

  6. I've broken/lost way too many phones in my lifetime! Great job with the weight loss this week!