Not Enough Cubbies

Let me tell you all a little story.

Last November I needed to look for a car because my lease was almost done. I thought I wanted to get a used car with a sunroof. I looked all over and decided I wanted a Nissan Rogue a year older than my lease vehicle. I went and picked it out and bought it after test driving a couple. My husband was there at the time, but he was watching Mason.

A few months after owning the car I decided that I really did not car about the sun roof, I wanted more cubbies in the car. There were no extra spots to put loose change or my cell phone or anything! I dealt with it because I wanted to keep the car as long as I could. Now we are half way through the summer and I don't really use the sunroof. I also needed new tires. Tim was kicking himself (and I think wanted to kick me) for not checking the tires when we bought it. They should not have been as bad as they were for just 6 months of me driving it.

Tim told me that we had two options - (1) We buy 4 new tires and I keep the car for a few more years or (2) We look at new cars with more space and the features I want. I priced out tires and I looked at cars. I was not sure what I wanted to do.

I thought I wanted one of the new Jeep Cherokees, but after I test drove it and saw the back I decided it was not practical. I could not even get an umbrella stroller in the back without turning it, that meant a jogging stroller was not fitting in it. I went and looked at the CRV, Escape, Edge, Terrain, and the Equinox.

Looking at the space and the prices I found that I liked the Equinox and it had more space than the others. It also had a smaller price tag. I looked at a few dealerships and ended up finding one in New Hampshire that gave us a good deal. We have actually used this dealer a few times. They deliver to your door for $175 which is not bad for someone that lives 4-5 hours away from the dealership.

I took delivery yesterday of a 2014 Chevy Equinox. I really like this car! I am so happy with my choice. Good thing because I will have it for a few years!
The guy that delivered it was apologizing for the rain and the fact that it was not perfectly clean. I told him not to worry about it, he couldn't control the rain.

Now Tim wanted me to get the silver and I decided on the light blue because I have always wanted a blue car. He said that old ladies have powder blue cars... it is not powder blue it is silver topaz so there!

People are going to think I am crazy for getting a car less than a year after getting one, but if my husband was pushing me to do it then I count that as alright. I needed something more practical and this is it. It has more cubbies and the back is much bigger (for that double stroller someday in our future).

Have you ever made a purchase that people thought you were crazy for doing? 

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  1. New cars are fun! Yay! I have a Jeep Liberty and we can definitely see how we are going to need more room soon. Basically all I can fit in the back is the jogging stroller.

  2. A year and a half ago I was in a car accident and totaled my husbands truck that was paid off. We needed a new vehicle asap, and my husband found a newer (2011) truck that he bought. We SO regret it now, love the truck but hate the payment, lol!

    Love your new vehicle!

  3. It's a car--who cares what other people think! You are the one who has to live in it--so be sure it makes you happy! Great choice--it is super cute! I am going to drive the wheels off my mini-van, and then get something sporty and cute like that!!

  4. we have a rogue and i love it! its 2011 but our tires are bad now, thankfully were on the hunt for a new one too but i think were going to go with the pathfinder because my husband is so obsessed with that CVT!
    the equinox's are so pretty tho! and YES to the jeep! we loved the one we test drove and it was so nice inside… until you looked at the cargo. we have an orbit stroller and that thing is huge. barely fit in a honda pilot too!