Let's Talk About Support

I want to talk about bras today. It is no secret that I do not lack in the chest department. When I was at my heaviest I was a 38DD. Since I started wearing a bra I have been getting mostly Bali brand with the minimizer feature. I did not buy the bras with shape to them because they did not fit right and the support that I needed was not there.

After losing 50 pounds I am now a size 36D close to a 34D. A month ago I decided I wanted to buy a strapless/convertible bra for my race back shirts and dresses. I bought the Daisy bra from Aerie and love it! (Sadly they don't have the one I got anymore)

I ended up buying a few more bras from Aerie. One of them was the Blakely and I noticed there was a hook on the strap. What an inventive feature! I was going to wear it yesterday, but while putting on my makeup I realized that my shirt was see through and I could tell I had a green bra on.

I am amazed at how much difference there is with the shaped bras and the non shaped ones. Does that make sense? The girls look much better with the shaped bras than they do with the plain bras.

Workout bra? 
I love my Moving Comfort Juno bra! I just gave my friend Amanda a Juno bra and now she wants more. This bra keeps the girls where they are supposed to be especially when running.
I wish they were not so expensive - I would own one in every color! I really could do an infomercial for this product, I like it that much.

I love the confidence that weight loss gives me. Epiphanies like this make me want to do more and work harder.If you have not gone for a bra fitting at a store like Victoria Secret or another bra boutique, go! A good fitting bra can boost your confidence. I know that I feel great when I have a good bra on.

Work is crazy today, we have phone lines down and for some reason it is a busy Tuesday here. On top of the business here I am tired. Mason is going through a cranky period and it was bad last night. We ended up putting him in bed with us (not going to be a regular thing) to get him to sleep and I put him in his crib around 2.
It is supposed to be warm today so I decided to wear a skirt today and see if dressing nice would boost my mood and energy.
I really just wanted to stay in bed with Nutmeg for the morning. 

I am looking forward to my bike ride tonight after dinner with Amanda! It is nice to get some fresh air after a long day.

What is your favorite bra? Workout or otherwise?

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  1. Bras are the bane of my existence. I have worn a 36D since I had my son 12 years ago. Turns out I was wearing the wrong size. I'm not sporting a 34H...H!!!!!!!!!!! They're insane! I have to order my bras from Bare Necessities because it's not like you can stroll into Victoria's Secret and buy a 34H bra. Since I've lost a little weight they're more like a 34G right now. I need to get a new bra already, just after 10 pounds lost.

    My favorite sports bras are my Under Armor sports bras that are racer back (I can't remember the actual model of them) and they zip up the front. I can run and do other cardio black-eye free!

  2. I love a good sports bra but I hate spending the money on one. They are such a pain!