Get Your Sh*t Together September 2014

Last year Amber did a challenge in September called Get Your Shit Together September (#GYSTS). This year I contacted her and asked her if I could host it this year.

Every summer I feel like I go through the same thing. I want to do well with weight loss and fitness and it just goes on the back burner because we are so busy. I know I am not the only one out there. I say this year we use September as a new start. This is a chance to get back into your groove. There are a few 5k/10k races coming up that I need to train for and this is exactly what I need to push myself.

The #GYSTS Challenge will begin September 1. There will be a Diet Bet to go along with the challenge. The Dietbet starts on September 3rd. This will help with motivation (no one wants to lose money.)

I am working on a prize pack for a lucky participant at the end of the month (there are some great sponsors already!) Stay tuned for more info.

Basically I will be:
  • Making goals for the month
  • Working out 28 out of 30 days for the month (Everyone needs a couple rest days)
  • Eating right (Aldi here I come for affordable food)
  • Supporting others trying to do the same! 
I hope you all will join me in this challenge. I am hoping to have a great following on Instagram so we can all support each other.

I even made a button for the challenge.
Who is in? 

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  1. Sounds great to me! I just started a new fitness routine and need extra motivation to stay accountable!

  2. After this week, I definitely need to get my shit together! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. Sounds great to me! I can do the challenge but not the dietbet.

  4. I am so in!!! just posted about it and already signed up for the Dietbet!!!

  5. I would love to do the challenge, and if the Dietbet isn't too expensive then I would join that too!

  6. Sounds like a plan! I have gained 15 lbs since the beginning of June! Just. No.

  7. Awesome! I will link up and do this too!

  8. Last year's #GYSTS was awesome for me! I will be joining in again, because I need a kick in the pants to keep it up!
    Thanks for bringing it back!

  9. I'm in. I was just looking for new blogs to follow so this is great timing as I want to get back into it and really really really need to get my shit together. :) And when I come to a blog and see "shit" in the first post I read, I know I'm in the right place.

  10. Hi Ash! I am really interested in the DietBet and the GYSTS14. Would we be doing the same goals you have listed above or are we creating our own goals? I just want to make sure since I am not sure about the 28/30 days for myself. Although I will support you all the way. :) Thanks

    1. You can make your own goals - This is a way for you to push yourself to get back on track :)

  11. this sounds like an fantastic idea, just what I need to get on track again!

  12. I'm totally in!!! I talked about it on my Motivation Monday Post, be sure to stop by and link it up!