Fun Facts Friday

Hopefully today I will find out more about what I have to do to get my phone fixed. I am also hoping that my insect guy comes today so we can get rid of our bee problem. Tim does not like spending money, but he does not like bees more. We had this problem last year and had the house sprayed in the

Future Dispatcher?
Mason went with Celinda from work the other day so he had to come into work with me for a little bit until she was done with work. He was liking that the desks come down to his height.
That raincoat is so cute on him. 

Proud Mom Moment
Mason was in his tub in the kitchen the other day. All of a sudden he stands up saying "potty" "potty." He gets out of the tub, I walk over and wrap him in a towel and ask if he has to go potty, he says no. We walk toward his room and he goes into the bathroom. He waited patiently for me to get his potty out and he sat on it. After a couple minutes I asked if he was done and he said "yesh." To my surprise there was actually liquid in the potty! He got out of his tub and went to the potty! I was shocked.

Recipe Fail 
I found a great summer recipe on Pinterest the other day and was excited to try it. I sliced up my veggies and did what the recipe told me. It came out looking great, just like the photo on the blog I got it from. The only problem? Neither Tim nor I were fans. I think the thyme was my problem and Tim said he just did not like it. It was not a recipe fail in the sense it did not come out right it was just one of those things we didn't like.

I have to work tonight, but I have the weekend off. We do not have any exciting plans. Tim's aunt comes tomorrow from Pheonix to stay at a house on a lake near us for a week so we will be over there for most of the weekend and probably most of the week.

Anything exciting planned this weekend? Only a few more summer weekends left.

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  1. We are having major bee problems this year too. I have yellow jackets traps placed around the house and they have been working great but yesterday I discovered a nest the size of basketball right in the middle of our yard. We lit off a left over firework in it last night and then buried it so I'm hoping it takes care of that problem. I've seen that recipe on Pinterest a lot and have been wanting to try it for awhile.

  2. Wow! Way to go Mason! My daughter did something similar yesterday. We have fighting the potty training battle for way too long!