Do You Have a Healthy Pup? *Giveaway*

Happy Monday! I feel amazing, but I need a day to compile my thoughts about my half so today I want to talk about pup health. As you know Nutmeg is a big part of our lives and is a member of our family.
She turned 5 this year and I am noticing that her winter weight is a little more than usual and it is not coming off as fast as usual either. The vet has already told us to put our cat on a diet because she is too big so we do not want them to say something to us about Nutmeg. We have decided to continue to give her the Light & Healthy Dog Chow, but to stop just dumping it in the bowl and actually measuring it.

When I was approached to do a post and giveaway for the Dog Chow Light & Healthy line I jumped at the chance because I believe that your animal's health is just as important as your own.

Did you know?
(From a Report by Purina)
  • 22% of dog owners surveyed believe their dog is overweight. This is in stark contrast to the reality that 53% of US dogs are actually overweight (as reported by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention1). We would be part of those statistics. 
  • 41% of dog owners surveyed rely on their veterinarian to determine if their dog is overweight. <--We did this with the cat so we were trying to avoid this with Nutmeg
  • 77% dog of owners surveyed would rather exercise with their dog than go to the gym. <--- Me too!
  • 16% of dog owners surveyed who feed their dog a low calorie diet believe their dog does not enjoy its low calorie food. <-- Nutmeg gobbles the Light & Healthy down just like any other food. 

Tips For Slimming Down Your Heavy Hound 
Dr. Grace Long, DVM, MS, MBA, Director of Veterinary Technical Marketing at Nestlé Purina

Helping your dog reach his ideal weight is important to his overall happiness and quality of life. Not only are healthy weight dogs able to exercise with ease, but his day-to-day activities are much more manageable. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy weight can help extend his healthy years.

  1. Count Calories: Just like people, dogs need to consume fewer calories than they burn in order to lose weight. While some owners may achieve this by simply reducing their dog’s portion size, this can leave the pet feeling less than satisfied. Instead, opt for a low calorie food like Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy which contains 20 percent fewer calories than Purina Dog Chow Complete & Balanced, and includes a tender and crunchy kibble blend , is steam-cooked at the start, and is made with high quality protein sources including real chicken. Its Light in calories, big on taste.
  1. Perfect Portions: Portion control is also essential to both weight loss and healthy weight management. Always feed your dog as directed, and use an eight ounce measuring cup and on package feeding instructions to ensure you are providing him with the correct portion at each meal.  
  1. Get Moving: Slowly start adding physical activity to your dog’s daily routine. Exercise will not only help him maintain a healthy weight and support overall good health, but it can also strengthen the bond you share with your pet. Remember, it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian before beginning any new exercise regime.
This dog goes nuts when we go out to play with her. She also has a boyfriend from the neighbors that comes over to play every couple days. 
  1. Make a Plan: Develop a feeding plan that takes into account reduced calories, controlled portions and additional exercise. While it can be tempting, avoid sneaking your dog table scraps which are not complete & balanced and can sabotage his weight loss.

Purina is on a mission to Keep Fido Fit with their Dog Chow Light & Healthy Line. They are offering some goodies to a lucky reader. Enter the giveaway below for a free 4 lb bag of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy along with (2) coupons good for (1) free 16.5 lb bag each! That is a great prize if you have a pup, dog food is not cheap. Nutmeg has been eating the Light & Healthy since we reviewed it last year and she seems to really enjoy it.

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  1. My dogs get walked for 20-30 minutes daily unless weather prevents. Our vet also has us giving our dogs a can of green beans with their food to help with calories. They love them!

  2. Me? Oh, I just let him run around with all the dogs in the courtyard..

    Just kidding! He really does do that though. We go on plenty of walks, and as many times as we go up and down the stairs, we're both slimming down!

  3. Our dog likes to swim... seriously. Its crazy to watch him!

  4. My dog Sushi loves a bath, and gets one often. My other dog Toby loves to play chase, so when they get a bath, it`s like a race track. It`s good for Sushi, because she`s almost 15.

  5. By taking them outside to play.

  6. I don't have a dog but my best friend is always out and about with hers. Lots of walks and play time.

  7. We take him to the beach to run and chase sticks
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  9. Protect the health of your best friend and the integrity of your home by making sure that your dog is prepared for summer with dog bathing and grooming services. For an informal checkup or just a day of pampering, all pups will benefit from dog grooming services in the spring.

  10. I feed my dog only by home cooked food