Frustrated with Myself WIW

Weigh In Wednesday
Good Morning!

Let me start with my weigh in...

I gained a pound! My eating has been no bueno and I am getting frustrated with myself. I know better, but I cannot seem to help myself to the donut holes someone brings to work or ordering out with my co-workers. I am sick of this dance I do around changing "decades" I did it when I was approaching the 170s, the 180s. and the 190s.

I have put my husband on alert and he is to monitor what I eat when I am with him. I am thinking about making a sign for my co-workers so they know not to feed me (hehe). I have plenty of good foods in my fridge and freezer so it is time I start eating them and stop slacking!
I have not come this far to throw it out the window. Time to get serious and bust through this plateau!

In other news... I ordered a potty training seat for Mason. He loves it! I am not quite sure he knows what it is yet, but he figured out how the hand works so he is constantly pulling on it for the cheers. I ended up ordering this one because it can be used as a step stool, a potty, and the seat comes off to go on your toilet.

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  1. Ouch sorry about the gain. I'm with you on the stupid plateau so time for us both to break though!

  2. You will bust through this plateau!! I like the idea of making a sign for your coworkers--I should make one of those myself!

  3. Oh girl I feel you... I'm so tired of my scale sitting at the same number or getting higher. I can't seem to shake it, and after yesterday, I totally deserve the climb on the scale. Shake it off and start again! You got this!

  4. haha--I keep thinking of your sign idea--you should totally do that. Like the ones at the zoo "Please don't feed the animals" You could do "Please don't feed the sexy beast!" lol Don't feel too down--you've killed it in your workouts--just get a handle on that do-nut thing and you got this!!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Ha, I never thought of calling them "decades." That's cute. I want to be in the 150s so badly, but the lowest I've been recently is 165. My goal is to lose 5 pounds a month, so I'll be 150 for my vacation in July!

  6. A gain sucks. I like the idea of a sign. I wish I could get a Persona Non Grata at our local McDonalds. I'd pull up and they would be all "I'm sorry, but you aren't allowed to eat here." And then I would leave and go home because there isn't a closer one and I am all about conveinance.
    I LOVE the look on Mason's face with the potty seat. How old is he? I have 15 month old twins and haven't even thought about a potty seat? Bad mom?

  7. Sorry about the gain :( You're still doing amazing though!

    Is that the Mickey potty? My kids LOVE it.

  8. I feel you girl! I linked my post from 2 weeks ago where I was so frustrated with my dang plateau!

  9. I think the moon is having some kinda lunar craziness! Love it that you have your husband being your Bob!! Awesome!

  10. I hate gains to! But hey this is life-and the important thing is you are so focused!

  11. I always do the dance around the 5s. It sucks!! Heres to a better week!

  12. I had a weird gain last week but a good loss this week. Are the donut holes in the break room or are they passing them around? If they're in another room try not going in there unless you absolutely have to (i.e. get your food out of the fridge, warm up leftovers, etc.).