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Good news! My washer is fixed. I sent Tim a Youtube video Friday night and he tried what they suggested. It actually worked! My laundry is all caught up. What did we do before Youtube? Spend too much money. 

We took a trip to Home Depot Saturday & when we got out of the truck Mason wanted to walk. I love seeing Tim and Mason together. They are even in step in this photo. Mason was waving to people we passed and he was talking up a storm. He was also trying to unzip his coat and take it off. We tried explaining the whole idea of being outside and needing a coat. 

Daily Dose of Del Signore
I am linking up today with Wendy, Jen, Brandi, and a bunch of other lovely ladies :)

I took this photo the other day. This particular belt did not even come close to touching when I started this journey the first time in July 2011. I have been having some days that I just feel bummed. I want some more progress now, but I need to look back and realize I have made progress. Having this cough has been putting a pause on my working out so I feel like crap.
Today I am going to start Block 2 of the P90X3. Please send good thoughts my way that this cough will stay away so I can start feeling good again. I find that I eat better and I feel better when I work out in the morning.
Size 18 --> Size 10 - Yes I do like that burgundy shirt ;)

Oh dear to feeling good :) 

No exercise to running 5ks & enjoying it!

There are times you will want to give up, there are times you will think you are making no progress. Remember it is hard to see change when you are living life. The people that see you everyday may not notice the change like someone who sees you once a month. Take photos and look at them once a month or every few months. It will help you see the difference and the results from the hard work you are putting in.

I had to include another cute photo of Mason. He like putting on scarves and apparently infinity scarves. He wore this one around for a while the other night.

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  1. Girl you are looking great!!! Sending good cough-free vibes your way!!

  2. You are looking great! And I can see why you like that maroon top, it looks awesome on you! Keep up the good work!

    PS Mason is so freaking cute.

  3. Awesome progress! Thanks for sharing. This is so inspiring. The picture itself speaks that 'nothing is impossible'. Yes, If you can do it, I believe I can do it too. Keep posting!