Bummed, But Feeling Better

As many of you may know Fit Fluential made their decisions with the last batch of applications last week. I had not heard anything and while I was in class Friday I saw a bunch of girls on Instagram post that they had been accepted. I was getting excited checking my email every couple minutes hoping my acceptance email would come through.

I think I was more excited about this than I was with my college acceptances. That is probably because I was going to a community college no matter what those letters said, but any hoo. I ended up getting my email in the afternoon and it was not good news. I did not make it this time around.

Here is what the reasons were for not making it this time:

"For a FitFluential Ambassador, we consider all aspects of your application, including audience, social media presence, overall attitude and the content you publish. While you did not qualify during this round, we encourage you to work on these areas and consider re-applying in the future. Applications will open again in the spring."

I am guessing these are generic? Any suggestions on how to make me more marketable next time? I would love to know specific things that Fit Fluential would like me to work on, but I do not think that is going to happen.

Yes I am bummed and yes I may have considered throwing in the towel, but I am still going to keep chugging along with my lil blog because I like writing and connecting with people. I will apply again in the spring and hope for the best, but not get my hopes up again.

On a better note, I am feeling better. I do not have all of my energy back yet, but I have enough to workout. as I mentioned before I am restarting the "transition" week, I wanted to make sure I got the whole thing in. I did the Isometrix workout yesterday and today was the Dynamix workout.

 I could not even stack my feet a month ago, I had to have them next to each other. Now I not only can stack my feet but I can put my foot up to my thigh & hold it for 45 seconds!

I missed working out for those 5 days, but I had no energy to do anything so giving my body a rest was right for me. Thanks for all of your good thoughts while Mason & I were sick. It was a rough end to the week, but we made it through.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the Fit Fluential. I am unfamiliar with them but I am so glad you're going to continue to blog regardless because I have loved connecting with you! I know that it's a bummer, but you really are bringing a lot of inspiration to folks just through this blog.

    Glad you're feeling better--stacking your feet AND putting your foot on your thigh? this girl = impressed

  2. I am sorry you didn't make it too. I know you are an awesome blogger. I wish I knew more specifically what they based it on so I could help you better, but I will do what I can with what I've got :D

  3. Sorry to hear that! I actually think that's kind of a rude way to word a rejection email! Don't let it get you down!

  4. Don't feel down! You are super great and I love your blog! Not sure what fit fluential is, but they are sorry to not have you!!!

  5. don't feel down! just an opportunity for something better! keep blogging, i love it! :)
    - Andrea