5 on Friday

I am currently on Day 3 of 4 of the car seat technician class. Today we take our final test and do our practicals. Next week is an actual car seat check with real people and vehicles.

The class is not too bad so far, but it is long. Working until midnight after class makes for a long day too.

Recently I started letting Mason feed Nutmeg at dinner time. He has always been fascinated with feeding time for some unknown reason. As I have said before we have to best dog in the world. We would definitely not let him do this with Tim's parent's dog, Mason would lose a few fingers.

This cough is driving me bananas! It is not really a productive cough, just an irritation in my throat. When I work out it irritates it and I end up coughing so much I cannot concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing.
The doctor did say that the Tamiflu would help with the flu, but the cough may stick with me for a bit. The medicine did work wonders and help kick the flu symptoms in the butt. I wish there was a fix for the cough. :/

So if you saw my Instagram from Monday you saw that I had a little mess in my basement from my washer. I put some clothes in and started a cycle and came back 90 minutes later to change the laundry before getting on the treadmill and found 2 inches of water in my laundry room. The washer did not shut off when it was in the rinse cycle and kept filling.  With a couple of shop vacs a good friend and I were able to get it cleaned up pretty quickly. I did have a small meltdown before he arrived to help, but I got over it and was happy the mess was cleaned up.
The next day I came home from work and the washer was full again with a river running from it. It was not as bad, but how the heck did it fill with water when I had the water shut off at the wall? Weird!

I tried the washer last night with no clothes in it and it still did not know to shut off when it had enough water. I called customer service for Maytag to see if this is a common problem and the guy told me no. He also said he could send a repair man out to look at it for $129 and if he finds anything it would cost parts and labor. Ummmm no thank you. At that price I could just go buy a new one.

I have been googling it and turns out it seems to be a very common problem. There is a way to fix it on your own so we may try that. I do not have any time to look more into it and give it a try until tomorrow.

The winner of the $25 Old Navy eGift Card is....

Kelly Larsen

Congrats! Shoot me an email - nutmeg0507@gmail.com and I will get it right out to you!

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  1. Happy Friday! Love the video of Mason and Nutmeg. He wanted to give him more food! :)

    I hope you have an awesome weekend. I've been fighting with an allergy-related cough, so I really feel your pain about working out. It makes it SO much more difficult!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. He looks super sweet feeding his doggie! Appliances can be so expensive!!! Hope you get yours fixed soon--and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg:)

  3. Alyssa LOVES feeding our dog too!

    Christina @ www.abettertina.com