Yoga, Mason, & Trader Joe's Ideas

We have the best dog in the world. Mason came over to me in the living room yesterday and was giggling pointing to Nutmeg. The first photo is what I saw when I turned around. He was so proud of himself for putting the blanket on her. He then went back over to her and covered her all the way up.
He looks so innocent right? Nutmeg is great with him and lets Mason do just about anything to her. The other night Mason climbed on her back and wanted her to go so he could ride her. We got him off of her before she got annoyed.

Yesterday was Yoga day with P90X3. This is one of my favorite days in the program because it is so relaxing.
With the plow pose I cannot get my feet to touch the ground - it is not possible.
 I can, however, reach my toes to the sky.
 I love all of the warrior poses. They are a good stretch and are great for balance.
Notice the child on the dog's bed with her in the background...

The Challenge is tomorrow. That one always makes my arms feel like jello after.

Today my mom, Mason, & I are going shopping together. This has not happened in a long time so hopefully we all make it back in one piece ;) We are going about an hour away because I miss NY & Company. All of the stores near us closed so the closest one is in Colonie.

I am going to Trader Joe's today. Give me some suggestions / must haves I should buy...

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  1. Their almond butter is yummy! And the store brand coconut oil is a great price! TJs trail mixes are diverse and inexpensive. Just browse around, there are so many great things at affordable prices there. :)


  2. Hummus! I love the trader joe's spicy hummus and their frozen turkey meatballs for when I need a quick lunch/dinner protein. Seriously there's too much good stuff at TJs!

  3. I love the vacuum fried pineapple chips!! !AMAZING

  4. Awww, what a sweetie Mason is! He just wants to make sure that Nutmeg is all warm & cozy. I love it! :)

    1. They are definitely best friends already - I am a little worried about when they start conspiring against us lol

  5. Look at you, bein' all flexible and stuff!! Also, your dog and your baby are SO CUTE.

    --Kelly from In It To Lose It

  6. OMG Love it!! My girls always want to ride on our German Shepards back too!!! She lets them do whatever to her!! I have Yoga tonight and will be doing those same moves....your so limber!! Love Trader Joes but I never know what to get when Im there...beautiful flowers there too!

  7. Nutmeg and Mason are so sweet together! We have a Golden Retriever who has been such a great dog to our girls! Great job on all of your work outs... You are a machine!