Weigh In Wednesday 2-26

Weigh In Wednesday

I am currently in the transition week for the first block of p90X3. It is not a bad week so far. There is a lot of stretching type moves, but I am still sweaty when I am done.
I love that I can get the crow pose now and hold it for a few seconds. I remember thinking "yea right Jillian" when I first saw it on Yoga Meltdown. No matter how hard a move looks give it a try - you will feel empowered and amazing when you are able to do the move.
I have also been busting out the burpees to catch up with my #FFburpee challenge - 1,000 burpees in the month of February!

I am not very happy today... Yesterday I started coughing a little and then my throat started hurting. I was also feeling some flu-like symptoms. My muscles are also sore, but that could be from the new workouts this week. I am hoping my sore throat starts feeling better. This might be tmi, but my cough has that sick taste to it and that makes me worried I am really getting sick. I had chills and some chest congestions last night when I got home at midnight. I was afraid I was going to wake up with no voice.
My illness had to be put aside though, Mason had that "I am sick" whine so we brought him in bed with us. His temperature was 102.8 at 1 am. We gave him a bath and put some cotton pajamas on him instead of his fleece ones. He seems better now his temp was 99.8 before we left the house. I asked daycare to keep me updated and they are so great with him.

Poor Nutmeg paced last night until Mason fell asleep. She was very worried. This dog is usually out cold from 9 pm until breakfast time at 5:30 am. Last night she was up with us the whole time and following us from room to room.

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw...
There is no change...
I am busting my butt with my workouts and I know the right things to eat, but it is so hard to have willpower with food. Why is it so hard to stay on the right track? UGH! AHHHH

No workout this morning, maybe if I am feeling better I will get my workout in tonight.

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  1. First of all, I am super impressed with your yoga abilities! Seriously! I'm sure that your weight maintenance this week has to do with changing up your workout. Your muscles are like "whoa wait what are you doing to us?! we are going to keep some water in here to repair the small tears that happen when you work us out!" I swear it happens! Plus, no gain is a great thing!! I'm so sorry that you and Mason are both feeling yucky. I hope you feel better soon--keep on keepin' on, you will see another loss if you keep up these crazy difficult workouts.

    --Kelly @ In It To Lose It

  2. I read an article where Jennifer Aniston claimed part of the reason she has such great arms is crow pose. You're on your way! Hope y'all feel better!

  3. Sorry about the scale but good job with everything else! Hope you feel better soon and Mason too!

  4. I hope your throat feels better! and Man I cannot think of doing that move!

  5. Ugh, I hope you feel better soon!

  6. The Flu bites!!! Hope you get better soon!

  7. I love how dog's know when we are sick or when something is wrong. Nutmeg sounds so wonderful. :)

    Food is SO hard to get a handle on, but I know you'll do it. Feel better soon!

  8. Hope you guys feel better soon!

    Maybe try concentrating on the food side as opposed to the workouts in March to see if that makes a difference on the scale for you.

  9. I hope you and your little one feel better soon. That it so sweet that your dog gets worried. Mine is very sensitive to peoples moods also, if someone cries, she will come over and try to lick the tears away..its so sweet lol As for no weight change, SAME here girl! We are doing the right things and the scale doesnt always reflect that.


  10. I hope that you're feeling better & that your little fella is feeling better too!

  11. I hope your sick feeling doesn't progress! Good for you for sticking with your workouts! There is a Bulgarian saying, which is fitting for this case: "A lake is created drop by drop". (roughly translated of course)