Weigh In Wednesday 2-19

Weigh In Wednesday

Another week has passed & I cannot believe that we are almost into March. I am ready for the weather to get warmer (higher than 32 degrees). I want to get back outside and run. It is almost time to get serious about my half marathon training. I am still very scared, but I figure why not? It will be something I will be able to put on my "done" list and if I don't like it I do not have to do it again.

I am really enjoying the P90X3 program, next week will be the transition week of Block 1. I am a little nervous to go to the next phase, but trying new workouts might be fun and I see there are a few of the current ones thrown in there.
I shoveled a little when I got home from work... I did it in ankle boots and leggings. It was not the best outfit, but I wanted to get some of it done before it got dark. I shoveled some more after I did Agility X -- that workout gets me drenched in sweat every time!

I weighed in yesterday for the Biggest Loser Competition at work with my clothes on (no shoes) and it said 172.4 lbs. I want to marry that scale! It is in the same spot every time and the same scale.

Today I stepped on the scale and saw....
Not a big loss, but it is a loss.

This is proof that you should always use the same scale for weighing in. I seem to weigh less at the scale at work with clothes on, but at home in the mornings I weigh more. Find a scale that you can use regularly and use it. I also recommend using it in the same spot every time too.

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  1. Woohoo, Ash! A loss is a loss, great job! That is so interesting that you weigh less with clothes on at work--I always weigh WAY more when I weigh-in anywhere but my home scale. You are right though about using the same scale in the same place! Also, I hope you have fun with new workouts! I love trying new stuff like that.

    --Kelly @ In It To Lose It

  2. A loss is a loss no matter how small ;) So proud of you!

  3. New blogger and First Ever Link up. Thanks for being my first:)
    Have you seen how many calories are burned when shoveling snow??? You better believe I enter that burn in MFP!
    Congrats on your loss!!

  4. A loss is a loss. Great Job!

  5. I would've been freezing had I been outside shoveling with nothing more than leggings!

  6. I did a review of my scale (Fitbit Aria) for Weigh-In Wednesday today :) ... very important to use the same scale and same spot. Little things can create big changes, and actual changes in weight as usually pretty small to try and track without throwing other factors into the mix! We're getting a bunch of snow right now ... I might have to go shovel soon.

  7. So glad you are loving P90X3! Block 2 is awesome - 2 days are upper body and 2 are lower body with a Yoga and the very awesome MMX thrown in there for good measure!

  8. Yay for a loss! I'm so glad I live in Texas where we rarely get snow. I'd take 110 degrees over 10 degrees any day! :)

  9. Yah for a loss! No matter how small, the scale is still moving in the right direction!

  10. Well done, still heading in the right direction!

  11. well done on your loss, just shows that sneak peaking is never good idea!