Great Weekend, Why is it Over?

Happy Monday!
It really is my Monday today, but that changes next week. I am going to sleep form 8-1 today and then get my butt out of bed for a workout - I am in the transition week for P90X3 so we will see how this goes. There are a few new workouts thrown in. I would love it to be nice when I get up this afternoon so I could maybe go for a run outside {maybe}.

Friday was not too bad. The car seat class is informative, but it is long. I am learning some things I did not know or realize about my car. It makes for a long day when you have class 8-5 then have to go to work until midnight. Three more weeks left...

On Saturday Mason went to my cousin's for a sleepover. He got to play with other kids and we were told he was great to have.
Sister Act, the Broadway Show, was great. It was funny and very energetic. We ended up getting out later than I had anticipated so I did not get to go to Brown's before the game. Tim & I grabbed dinner at Moe's & went to the game. It was nice being back on campus. I may not have gone to RPI, but I was with Tim for 2 of his years there and we used to walk the campus every night just talking.
The game ended in a tie, but I did manage to snag a t-shirt for free :)
I wore the shirt for my workout Sunday morning. I did the Warrior workout in P90X3 and then I did 120 burpees trying to play catch up for the #FFBurpee challenge with FitFluential. I was dying by the end of that workout.
After picking myself off the floor and showering I went to get Mason. I hung out at my cousin's for a while and she showed me the work she has done on her house. She lives in my grandfather's old house and she is making it her own, but it is still odd it not being grandpa's house.

Mason took a nap on the way home. He must have been tuckered after playing with all of the other children.

Did you do anything exciting the weekend? 
I know it is Monday and no one wants to do anything today, but try to have a wonderful day :)

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  1. What a great weekend! They really do always go way, way too fast. We had a great one ourselves in a mini-trip to Cincinnati!

  2. Mason is such a cutie!!! I also saw Sister Act Musical when it was in DC :)

  3. Still can't get over all those burpees girl! You are killing it!

  4. I think it is so awesome that you're becoming a car seat tech! So many people out there have their seats installed wrong or don't have their children properly restrained. I'm glad there's one more person out there to help those that don't know out.