5 on Friday

I love... my view while working out. Our living room is not very big, but I have a little space in the back of the room I use for my workouts. Mason moved his director's chair to the edge of my area this morning and climbed up in to watch Mickey Mouse Club. I listened to him giggle while Tony was killing my arms.
He pushed the chair into the hallway when I went to change the sheets on our bed and sat there too. I think he would take this chair in the car if he could.

Another Flex Friday shot from Thursday. Challenge day was pretty challenging this week. I pushed myself and did the regular push-ups instead of the "girl" ones on my knees. I never thought I would be able to do a regular one, but my number was 12 for those and I did it plus a few extra thrown in.
I am still using the resistant bands for the pull ups, but maybe one day...

I bought some Protein Powder at Target yesterday, I am going to experiment a little and make sure I get protein in after my workouts.

My mom said Mason needed a backpack so while we were out yesterday she bought him a little backpack. It was on clearance at Target so that made it even better.
He loves wearing it. When we stopped home to drop things off he was just carrying it around. I had to tell him we could bring it with us, but he had to wait to wear it again.

Today starts four crazy Fridays. I am taking a  Car Seat Tech class during the day and then I have to work from 5 until midnight. It is definitely going to be a few long days.

Big day planned for tomorrow. I am off to see Sister Act at Proctors in Albany. After the show is done Tim is picking me up down in Albany and we are going to go to dinner at Brown's Brewing in Troy (a personal favorite). After dinner we have tickets to the RPI v Clarkson hockey game. Tim got a good price on the tickets because he is an engineer so when he asked I said yes. We went to a few RPI games when he was still at college there, but have not been in almost 7 years.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? 

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  1. What a fun weekend, I hope you have a blast! That directors chair looks awesome, I don't blame the little man for loving it so much!

  2. That backpack is precious--and almost as big as him!! Lol!
    Sweet baby!! Happy Friday!

  3. Look at those guns baby! You look awesome. And you have a lovely view whilst training ;-) Love it.