Christmas 2013

I cannot believe that Christmas was a week ago!
Mason was pretty good this year. He was a little cranky at times Christmas Day, but overall he did really well.
I love these photos because he has such an array of faces for a kid that really did not know what he was doing. The bottom one is the best - like he just opened a car or something.
That was him opening his piano. He loves this thing and I wish it had a volume control. It is just his size and even though he cannot read music yet having him try to make music is fun to watch.
Tim's big gift from me was a Keurig. He talked about wanting one for months and he was actually surprised when he opened it because he did not think I would actually buy one. His big gift for me was a cupboard to put my garbage can in. Mason keeps throwing away my tupperware and other items he should not throw away so I said we needed a new garbage can.

He made this for me after not being able to find anything he liked in the stores, he also did not like the $200 price tags on most of the nice ones. I am in awe of his ability. He made me an amazing bookcase a couple years ago when I could not find one I liked. He and his father are amazing with wood and have made some great pieces. This is definitely one of my favorites - I even have more counter space for the Keurig now.
I had to include this photo - His faces crack me up!
Mason & Grammy 
 And last but not least - the best family photo we could manage :)

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway & the first Weigh In Wednesday of the year!

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The Things Some People Will Do

Friday night I was watching 20/20 and I could not believe what I was watching. The segment was about a patch hat is surgically placed on the tongue. When you eat solid food with the patch in it will inflict pain to your tongue.

I understand that weight loss is one of the top resolutions for the new year, but this seems a little drastic. 

The two girls that were on the show wanted to lose weight quickly. They said they were addicted to food and could not control themselves. That made me sad because I would like to know what they have tried. I love food and have trouble at times controlling myself (hence the reason I lost the Dietbet), but I would never put a foreign object in my mouth. I find that tracking helps me stay on track, I also treat myself once in a while. 
The plastic mesh patch is sewn onto the tongue for 30 days then removed. You have to follow a strict liquid diet for that period. You also have to workout 45 minutes daily. The two girls in the segment both lost around 18 pounds. One girl even said she would do it again. 

Why are people so desperate to lose weight quickly? To keep the weight off you have to change your lifestyle. After you get the patch out if you go back to eating the way you did before the patch you will not keep the weight off. I have found that counting calories and programs such as Weight Watchers help greatly because they make you look at food differently and how to properly portion out your food. 

If you have weight loss as one of your resolutions come join Jess & I for our new year dietbet. www.dietbet.com/ashjessnewyear

Did anyone else see this episode of 20/20? Would you ever try something like this? 


5 on Friday

I made it through Christmas week! Wahoo! I am currently on a mini vacation and so is Tim. I love having days off together to spend with Mason and each other.

I am working on a recap of Christmas, but I will tell you I got the bracelet I talked about the other day :) I am very happy and don't want to take it off. My mom ended up getting it for me because she knew how much it meant to me.

{Three}, {Four}, &{Five}
With the new year right around the corner it is time to think about your resolutions. How many of you have weight loss, health, fitness, etc on your resolution list?
I did awful with the Dietbet from last month. I felt bad that I hosted a bet that I lost. #HostFail
Jess & I decided that maybe the third time will be a charm. Come join us for our New Year Dietbet. If you are not familiar with Dietbet go here and check out the run down. They do a great job explaining how it works.
I get so excited to see people succeed with these and I would love for you to join our bet and have great success. So follow the link and join Jess and I to start the new year off right!

I am also working on finding the funding to join Jess in her P90X3 challenge starting Monday. If I do not join her group I will be doing something like a Jillian workout or some kind of workout plan.

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Bestowed Box Review

I was given another opportunity this month to review a Bestowed Box. I do enjoy reviewing these because I get to try things I have never tried before and sometimes never even heard of. I used to be awful about trying new things and now I am open to it. You do not know how you will like something if you don't try it.
Snikiddy Baked Cheddar Cheese Fries - They were surprisingly good. I would add these to my lunch or for a snack. They are Gluten Free & Wheat Free which is nice for those that have sensitivities.
I Heart Keenwah Ginger Peanut Clusters - These were not a favorite of mine. Tim did not mind them and Mason ate them. I did not like the taste. Please remember when I do these reviews that I am a picky eater at times. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't.

Saffron Road Food Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce - I have not tried this yet, but the plan is to chop up some chicken and veggies and put it all in a pan.

Pacific Simply Stock - I used this to bake a chicken breast. I put the chicken in a baking dish with the stock and some lemon juice. Bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Make sure to check the chicken to ensure it is cooked fully. It came out pretty tasty and moist.
KIND Dark Chocolate Chili Almond - I will admit that I was nervous to try this KIND bar. The chili element had me curious and nervous. I will be honest I was not a huge fan. I did not like the spice in it.

You can get a Bestowed Box for only $10, which is almost 50% off with the code HELLOYUM40.
They also offer gift subscriptions if you wanted to send one to a friend.
*Offer good until 12/31*

**I received the Bestowed Box free of charge - opinions are my own**

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Christmas Eve Recap

Happy day after Christmas all! How is everyone? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? 
We are off to have Christmas with my mom and her boyfriend this morning. I cannot wait for her to see what we got her. 

The best photo I got of Mason in his church outfit isn't the best, but it will do :) He did really well at church considering it was over an hour long. 
After church we had a great time with Family at my aunt's house for the annual Christmas Eve dinner. I ended up munching on appetizers that we took home the main course for later (probably dinner tonight). 
There is always one of us that is not looking at the camera or has a funny look on their face - this time it was Mason.

 Mason played with one of his new toys while Daddy, Uncle Aaron, and Joe played with his other toy. Mason ended up getting some great gifts that night and ones that he will definitely play with for hours.
 I got a semi good photo of Mason and I the other night. His face cracks me up though.
Check back soon for a Christmas Day Recap. We had a blast and Mason was definitely into opening up presents this year.

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Wednesday Weigh In - Christmas

Weigh In Wednesday

Ok let's be serious here - I am not weighing in today. I will weigh myself tomorrow for the Dietbet, but I am pretty sure I lost this one :/

Today I want to share our Christmas cards and wish you all a Merry Christmas. I am going to sleep until 11 ish and then spend the rest of the day with family. I cannot wait to see Mason open his gifts this year. I am sure he will not be as into it as he will be in coming years, but he may open presents better this year.

So as most of you read a couple weeks ago - I ordered two different Christmas cards - oops. I love both of them and it is a good thing because I have quite a few left  :)
The first one is the original...

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Christmas Eve

Good morning readers/friends :)

Tim and I got to have a date night on Saturday night. I was pretty excited because Mason may go to Tim's parents' house a lot, but it is usually because we are working, but this time it was to give us a night to ourselves.
We went to Davidson Brother's in Glens Falls and it was delicious. I mentioned Brown's in Troy and it made Tim think of The place in Glens Falls which is much closer to us.

I love this time of year and I really feel like a kid on Christmas Eve today. I am making a casserole today for our Christmas Eve Dinner at my aunt's house. I am also going to try to get a nap in when Mason naps. I have to work at midnight tonight so I need to get a nap in at some point. Church is at 3:30 so we have a lot to do in a short period of time. My luck Mason will fall asleep around 1 or after.

Have you wrapped your presents yet? I found some great gift tags to use and I figured I would share with you guys on this wonderful day :)
I found these on HGTV the other day and had to use them. I used a hole punch to punch holes so the tags would attach to the ribbon of the gifts. I also taped a few on.
I always try to make my gifts look nice and fun. I need to get different wrapping paper so ribbons and tags match the paper. Next year I will have to start sending paper to Santa for wrapping Mason's presents.

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A Little Sentimental

I will be honest I have never really heard of Alex and Ani - Well I have heard of them, but I have never looked at their products. My mom mentioned wanting a bracelet from the company for Christmas. I started looking at the options and different bangles to see which I would get her.
I ended up stumbling upon a bangle with St Christopher on it. Most of you have probably never heard of St Christopher and I don't blame you. He is not one of the well known Saints. I have ready he was a martyr, but I really do not know much about him. The reason he has meaning for me is because my dad wore a St. Christopher's necklace everyday. I remember him wearing it when I was younger and through my older years.
When my dad died two years ago the first thing I wanted of his was his necklace. I did not get it because when I mentioned it to his girlfriend she said she was hoping I would let her keep it. I felt bad and knew that she took care of him in the last few months of his cirrhosis of the liver. I let her keep it.
It is a little too late to ask for this for Christmas, but I did send it to my mom. Maybe she still needs a few last minute gift ideas.
It is amazing that finding one thing can bring you back to good memories and remembering someone you lost and miss.
My dad passed away two years ago tonight. I cannot be it has been that long. I really wish he could have met Mason or at least known about him. I do not want his passing to put a damper on Christmas time so I try to think of the good times.

I am officially done wrapping presents and I am ready for tomorrow :) I feel great that everything is done and ready to go.

I am working 8-4 today and have all day tomorrow off, but I am working midnight to 8 am on Christmas. I like working that shift on Christmas because I can sleep for a few hours and get up to do Christmas with our family. I also think it gives some of the parents I work with a break from having to work overnight when they need to get other things done and be home for their children to wake up at the crack of dawn. :)

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