Bestowed Box Review

I recently got a chance to review another Bestowed Box. I enjoy these boxes because they usually come with goodies that I have never tried before in them.
-Wild Garden Hummus Dip - I am not a fan of Hummus, but I did try this dip and it was alright, but I am still not a fan of Hummus. It is too bad because they have so many varieties and it is not terrible for you.

-The Zico Chocolate Coconut Water was interesting. I already kind of knew I did not like it because they were giving samples of that water at the Color Vibe.

- Quest Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter - I have wanted to try these Quest bars for a while now. Everyone on Instagram eats them all the time. I ate the bar the other morning when I was rushing around with Mason to get things done and did not have time to stop for a meal. I am glad you have to go to GNC to buy this product or I may go into debt trying the different flavors. I have to make a special trip to GNC soon!

-Salba Smart Chia Boost - This is another product I have wanted to try. I put the ground Chia seeds in the banana bread I made yesterday. I have also put some on my morning cereal. They do not change the taste, which I like, but it give the food a little more oomph.
-Perfect Fuel Chocolate - I will be honest, I expected these to taste like crap. I was pleasantly surprised when they were pretty tasty. I usually feel sluggish and snacky in the afternoon and eating one of these actually helped get through the afternoon slump.
-LifeIce - Now this is a pretty good idea! I could eat a hole box of these in one sitting, probably not a good idea. They are pretty good and they helped with my sweet tooth attacks.

-Multi-seed Crackers - I ate these with the Hummus dip. I actually liked the crackers, they were pretty tasty.

Use this code: HELLOTEN105 to get $10 off your first box. The code expires November 30th, sorry for the short notice, but that means you get a Bestowed Box for $10. If you have never tried it I would suggest trying. It has gotten me to buy products I was leery about.

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Weigh In Wednesday - Thanksgiving Edition

Weigh In Wednesday

Ok I have to mention the Dietbet that Jess & I are hosting. It starts tomorrow and the pot is over $1,000! It is a great motivation to stay on track this holiday season. You do not have to stave yourself, but you will have to keep up with your exercising and healthy eating.
Follow the link below to find out about Diebet if you have not done one before and to see what ours is about.

My weigh in this morning was not stellar - I gained 1.4 lbs - Not a huge deal, just need to keep it under control for the Dietbet and the Holidays. I did not track like I should of the last week and I know tracking equals success for me.

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow I figured I would share some of my tips and tricks for trying to stay on track.
  • I tend to use small plates at home for meals, but when you are at another person's house you do not usually have a choice with plate size. I tell myself that I cannot let my food touch on the plate. That I do not over fill my plate and I do not use up the extra space on the bigger plate.
  • Veggies! I load up on veggies on my plate. 
  • Bread - My biggest downfall at Thanksgiving are the rolls. I love bread and sometimes I overdo it, but I do try to keep the rolls away from me or at least hope that they end up on the other side of the table. 
  • 5k - The last few years I have participated in A Journey to Thin's Thankful 5k, but she is not doing it this year. Jess mentioned doing a Virtual Turkey link up. I may put on my warm running clothes and head out Thursday morning. I figure doing a workout on a day of big eating helps even it out a little. I will also have to do Level 3 Day 3 of the Shred because I will not have time today to do it. 
The biggest thing to remember is to pace yourself and do not over do it. Enjoy yourself too. Don't deprive yourself of the delicious foods you only see once or twice a year. Just do not over do it.

Do you have any tips to share? 
Don't forget to link-up your weekly weigh in or fitness post :) 

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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Exciting news from last night - Our Dietbet is currently on the front page of the Dietbet website!
Want a way to stay on track this holiday season? I am thinking about the extra spending $$ after Christmas I will have :) Come join us - for $20 it is one of the cheaper bets on the site and you get Jess and I to encourage and help you along the way!

I start Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred Sunday and did day 2 today. I had no motivation yesterday to work out, but I did clean a lot of the house and go up and down the stairs enough times for a few days.

Yesterday morning consisted of playing with Nutmeg. He thought she wanted to build with Legos with him. She just wanted a belly rub.
He also felt the need to carry around a package of pillows...
 And to climb on things that were not meant for climbing on to get to the Christmas decorations.
Speaking of Christmas Decorations...
I had to urge to clean and decorate yesterday. I have not cleaned the basement well in a while so it definitely needed it. I did this while Mason took his nap because I knew it would be twice as hard to do it with him walking through my piles of dirt and wet areas.

The best part about the decorating was finding this CD in the box!
It may seem odd, but I love this CD and it takes me right back to my 16 year old self.

Do you have a certain CD that takes you back? What is your favorite Christmas CD?

See you guys tomorrow for Weigh in Wednesday :)

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5 on Friday

These! Who the hell came up with this? They should be jailed. I was able to resist the urge to buy these, but this is no good. These will make it so much easier to eat Starbursts! I texted this photo to a friend and a few hours later he sends me a picture of some in his hand... grrr. I like size 10, I like size 10.... lol
Mason cracks me up when he rides in carts. He wants to see where he is going, not me. I think he was a little tired too. He was just hanging there for the ride, not even being nosy with the people around him.
What a happy boy :) He is happy it is Friday!
Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday on my NSV! I was amazed when American Eagle commented on my Instagram photo! I don't know about you but I like when companies are interactive with their clients on social media.

Also if you were a winner yesterday please email me your address :)

Mason was loving aunt Michelle yesterday. He got to ride on her shoulders a few times and that is his favorite thing to do!
Short today because Mason woke up from his nap before I was completely done with the post. I did manage to get a session with Jillian in and a 2.5 mile speed walk on the treadmill in.

Any plans this weekend? I have Sunday off, but Tim will probably be hunting.

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A Non-Scale Victory & Giveaway Winners

What a wonderful morning!
I am feeling amazing this morning compared to the last two days. After my workout with Jillian I was feeling optimistic so I decided after my shower I would try on the jeans I bought back in the spring. I was amazed when I put them on and they fit and BUTTONED! They are not cutting into me either, so I call that fitting.
When I first bought these they only came up to my thighs. Took me a few months, but I finally fit into them :)
I like having a pair of jeans in my closet that are one size smaller. You never know when you will fit into them or need a little motivation to fit into them. I now have to keep an eye out for these jeans on sale and buy a pair of 8s.

A feel good moment from yesterday - I went to sign some papers at my credit union and the woman that has been helping me told me that I looked good and she barely recognized me. She said that I look so much like my mom now that she knew who I was, but I look different from the last time she saw me. I love hearing that from people I have not seen in forever. It is definitely a motivation and proof to myself that I am working hard and it is paying off.

Well it is time for me to run. Remember Monday when I said I was going to look at a car? Well I ended up buying one that day :) I get to pick it up today! Eek!

The winners for the Wellness Pak Giveaway are....


Also it is not too late to link up with Weigh In Wednesday :)

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Weigh In Wednesday 11-20

Weigh In Wednesday
Sorry this is up so late, but Tim and I came down with a 24 hours stomach bug. I have to say the worst part of having a child is when you and your husband are both sick. Mason did not want to go to bed last night, finally we put him in his crib and he cried for a couple minutes, then there was silence. I checked on him and found him fast asleep. I kept waking up through the night feeling nauseous, but I feel much better now.

Other than last night, I am feeling great this week. I am still on track with my tracking of food. I did miss the weekend with tracking which is usually the hardest for me, but I was mindful of what I was eating.
I was shown/ reminded that hard work does pay off this morning on the scale (maybe a little stomach bug helped too).
That is a 2.2 lb loss from last week. I will take it!

Exciting News

Guess what?! Jess and I had so much last month with out Dietbet we decided to do another one. Need to stay accountable this holiday season? Come join us. I have had a few friends so - no way it is the holidays, I say yes way because it is the holidays.

Come join us - www.dietbet.com/ashandjessxmas

We had great results with the last one we did. Jess ended up shrinking big time!
For $20 it is one of the cheaper bets on the site, but it is still enough to keep you motivated and not want to lose your money.

Don't forget to link up  :) Numbers have been slipping the last few weeks and that makes us sad :( Be sure to share this link up with friends and the interwebs. I enjoy reading all of your posts and finding inspiration from all of you.

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The Food Battle

Why is healthy eating so hard sometimes? I figured I would go over some key areas for me and probably others as well.
Have you noticed that healthier choices are more expensive then the unhealthy choices?

The one food that drives me nuts with price is hamburger. The leaner meat is so much more expensive and rarely on sale where as the one with the higher fat content is always on sale and sometimes a dollar cheaper per pound.

Potato chips, cookies, and snacks foods are much cheaper than lower calorie foods. If I wanted to buy Special K Popcorn chips it would cost the same as two bags of chips. The ice cream treats that are supposd to be low in fat are high in price as well.

Frozen vegetables are much cheaper than the fresh ones. They last a lot longer too. I still buy fresh ones, but I buy the ones on sale. Always pay attention to the price per pound on things. Grapes get me sometimes, I forget they are price per pound and they are not light.

I know some people do not like the frozen meals, but I am a fan of the Smart Ones and Healthy Choice meals. I really like the breakfast options. There are a few of the entrees I like too, I am picky so I do not like them all. They are reasonably priced when they are on sale. I buy chicken and other lean meats when they are on sale and freeze them already portion for what we will eat in a sitting.

I try to snag healthy snacks when they are on sale. Go through your local grocery flyer and take advantage of deals. Look for coupons to match up with sales as well.

Choices/ Willpower
Making the right decision is HARD. There are more bad foods out there than good. When you go to work and someone brings in breakfast it is never a fruit platter but rather a box of donut holes.

The hardest part of weight loss and eating healthy is willpower and making the right choices. Temptation is all around us - At work, home (especially after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), on the run, anywhere you go.

You could clean out your house and not have any bad choices there for you to go after, but that would not make your husband/roommate very happy. I try to make sure that low calorie snacks are available at all times. My favorite go to snack is popcorn, I make sure I have a few packages in my locker at work for those times I have a craving or I need a snack.

I try to think of the big picture when I want a big bowl of ice cream or an order of french fries. I have shown many times that no matter how much you work out if you eat like crap you will not lose weight. It is definitely hard sometimes to care about the big picture when a pile of fries does not seem like it will matter much, but try. It is definitely worth it in the long run!

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5k Recap & A Giveaway!

Saturday was my first 5k of November and my first one in almost a month. I was starting to go through withdrawal so I decided last week to sign up for this one and another one on December 7th. I had no idea what to wear to this one because it was going to be cooler, or so I thought. It ended up being around 56 degrees, so I was warm in my long sleeve.
When I signed up for this 5k I was doing it alone. I ended up talking these four ladies into doing it with me. For a few of them this was their first 5k ever. We all came in under 39 minutes which was amazing.
This girl was pushing me throughout the whole thing! She wanted to try to run the whole thing she said in the beginning, but I stayed with her for the first mile. When I went to slow down a bit she did too. I started to feel bad, but she said she wanted to stick with me. Her being next to me really pushed me to run at times I did not want to even speed walk. My first mile was completed in 10:02 minutes! That is amazing for me. I ran the first mile and then some before I needed to speed walk for a bit.
We came in a little after 33 minutes. I was aiming for under 40 minutes because I had not done any running since the last race in October. I was shocked when we came around the corner and the big clock said 32:45. I cannot find the race results so I do not know my official time yet.

The after shot. We don't look too bad after trying to kill ourselves.
Look what I got with my T-Shirt at the registration table :) Freihofer's was a sponsor of the race. Tim was very happy with this 5k freebie.

Anyone have any 5ks coming up for the end of the year?

Now onto the giveaway!
My three bittles    A complete waste of makeup   venus trapped in mars   reagan's toy chest
Tawny's tid bits    a dose of Paige    My so called chaos   sparkling with sneakers
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who doesn't want cash for the holiday season???

I am off to look at a new car today and I am pretty excited :) Have a wonderful Monday all!

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More Motivation - 5 on Friday

For my Instagram followers you saw that Mason was scratched by Tim's parent's dog on Sunday. There was a misunderstanding - Mason had food in his mouth and Bailey thought it was for her. He cried for 20 seconds and then Tim said he was back to giggling and trying to get into things he should be in.
The good news is that this experience did not turn him off to dogs. He was laying with Nutmeg on Monday and feeding her his lunch on Wednesday.
Mason spent the night at my mom's last night. I dropped him off yesterday afternoon and while I was chatting with mom I snapped some photos. Mason climbed up on the couch with her and was sitting there like he wanted to chat. I love watching him with other people. He seemed fine when I left and he was having fun finding all of his toys at her house.
The photo quality is not the greatest because I had to zoom in with my iPhone and take them without either noticing.

So I think I have been watching too much Disney Junior. I got all of Mason's bags to spend the night at mom's ready and put them in the car. I looked out my bedroom window and noticed Mason's bear looking up at me.
I felt bad for him. He looked like he was sad, as if he was going away alone. Then I remembered he was just a stuffed animal. That Doc McStuffins is a great show, even fools us adults. #momproblems
The UPS man had a wonderful package for me the other day. I order some sneakers during the Friends & Family Sale that Reebok had last weekend. I have always had this thing about not spending over $45 for sneakers. My mom used to tell us we could order a pair of sneakers from a catalog as long as they were under $45. I guess I have stuck with that price limit. I find it silly to spend so much on sneakers when other bills need to be paid.
I ended up getting these shoes for a total of $86. Score! The catch? I cannot have them yet. As you may remember I have a package waiting to be opened, I have to be 170 to open the package of clothes. I have decided that I have to lose 5 lbs to use one pair of shoes and then another 5 lbs for the other pair. I am currently at 175 lbs so at 170 I get two rewards and at 165 I will get another.
I have gotten in a few miles this week, but I really need to buckle down if I am going to make my goal of 150  miles in 15 weeks. I have a 5k tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to the cold. Tomorrow's 5k starts at 11 so I don't think the temperature will be too bad. The other 5k I am signed up for starts at 9 and that one is in December. I am going to have to find some Under Armour for that one (this means biting the bullet and spending the money :/).

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