5 on Friday

What a long week this has been or at least it seems. I still have to work tonight 4-12 and tomorrow night 4-12. I have Sunday off, but I have to work Monday. I am having a hard time keeping track of my schedule right now, geesh.
One perk of my job is that you have three shifts a day you could work. So I rarely use sick time for doctor appointments because I can switch with someone or I schedule them on days I have off.
Tim does not think I could do a Monday through Friday, 9-5 job. He thinks I am too used to having weekdays off to get things done and the flexibility - he is probably right.

I love watching my mom with Mason. She watched him last night because Tim had to work overnight and I had squad duty. When I picked him up I loved listening to her tell me what they did, how he loved his bath in the big tub, and how he just wanted to cuddle when he was ready to go to sleep.

We are very luck & fortunate to have our family close and willing to watch Mason when we need help. We would not be able to do a lot of what we do if it were not for Judy & Mom.

I am tempted to get out my Fall candles this weekend. It is the unofficial end to summer on Monday. I also want to make everything PUMPKIN! Muffins, dip, cake, pie, cookies, etc.

I am dreading putting actual shoes on Mason though. He is getting used to having sandals on, but they are super easy to get on him. He scrunches his foot up when I try to put on shoes.

But there are some adorable outfits out there for fall :) Now that Mason is vertical I think outfits are even cuter
Crazy 8 

I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I say 179.4 which is a 2.4 lbs loss from Wednesday. I am working out everyday and I am eating right. Amazing what a little planning and activity will do!
Now that Mason is mobile I understand why other moms just want to go to the bathroom alone. Every time I am in the bathroom Mason has to be right there.

Happy Friday! For those of you that have a three day weekend - Have fun!

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Randomness on Thursday

First I want to say that you guys are so sweet! Thanks for the support yesterday! I am glad to see that i was not the only one that did not do well this summer. Well not glad that others didn't do great, but you know what I mean.

I think that September is the month for everyone. Time to get our routines back and time to bust through the barriers we have been up against the last month or more.

I am feeling great, day two of waking up an hour early to get my workout in. I did not get a walk in after work, but Mason and I did go to a friend's house to go swimming. Mason had just woken up from a nap so he was a little cranky at first but he warmed up to the idea of the pool.
He is such a ham, he would smile and pose when Celinda got out the camera. 

The pool and playing with daddy after dinner must have been exhausting. After dad left for work at 8:30 Mason climbed out of my lap and fell asleep face first on the living room floor. He looked so peaceful I did not want to move him. He did not make a peep when I moved him. 

Then this morning Mason looked thrilled to be dressed for Beach Day at Daycare. This kid does not like to be woken up, but who does?

I may just have to check out Reebok's Sale this weekend! I love sneakers and I may be in need of a new pair. I really like my pink Reebok ones so I think my next pair will definitely be Reebok :)

Offer: 25% Off Sale Collection*| Code: LD25
*Offer excludes Reebok CrossFit items

Code is valid from August 28th - September 2

Great time to get the kiddos some shoes for school with 25% off! School around here starts next Wednesday while I see on Instagram that some places started weeks ago.

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Weigh In Wednesday - Struggling

Weigh IN Wednesday

I am upset about my weigh in this morning. I really need to get things back in order in life and have plans. The last two weeks have been awful for eating and drinking.

I have been doing well this week with my eating and planning out meals. It really does help when there is a plan in place for what you are going to eat. I am trying to keep all snack foods out of the house when I am bored I tend to go to the kitchen. I am trying to focus on cleaning when I am bored because my house needs a good cleaning!
If busting through 180 does not kill me I am not sure anything will! I am sick of this dance with the number.
I have told Tim it is time to start hounding me again when I put food in my mouth when I should be doing other things.

It is time to get my butt out of bed in the morning - like I did this morning - and get my workout done. I now have time this afternoon to walk on the treadmill or outside with Mason.

It is time to stop ordering out with coworkers and eat the meals I have planned.

It is time to stop make excuses and do it! 

I am doing awful with this 10 week fit camp that Jess started and I feel so bad for taking up a spot. I have been motivated by the girls in the camp, but I feel like a failure!

I did switch out my normal regular vanilla ice cream for Sherbet. I love Sherbet & did you know it is pronounced "sher - bit".
One last thing... This little guys is 13 months old already! When did this happen? I think I am going to the the monthly posts every other month now that he is over a year old.

Don't forget to Link Up ladies - let me know I am not the only one struggling and give me the motivation I need!

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Ad Sale & Stuff

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Oh Miley :/ I Googled the performance yesterday morning because I was wondering what all the hype was about. I think the Smith Family's expressions say it all.
I really could not believe what I was watching. I do not think that was appropriate even for the VMAs. What happened to Miley Cyrus? Hanna Montana? I get that she wants to be seen as an adult now, but there was nothing wrong with the girl she was in The Last Song.

On a better note, I watched Justin Timberlake's performance and got a little excited when NSYNC was on stage :) My 13 y/o self would be very excited if they did a reunion tour.

I had this great plan to go for a run after work because I have an hour before I have to get Mason from daycare. I am a little nervous though. Everyone is saying that it is hot and humid outside. I get out of work in an hour so hopefully it is not too bad. I want to get the run in and go home and have a nice date with Jillian.
Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans is doing the 30 Day Shred & will have a link up at the end. Interested in joining me and a few other ladies while doing it?

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Our Week At The Lake :)

Transformation Tuesday Time!

I cannot believe I was that big for that long. I at currently at a weight {hovering over 180} that I have not been since high school. I can see the difference in weight, but I can also see the difference in my demeanor. I am happier, more confident, and just have a better attitude.

I am currently struggling to get away from 180 lbs. Everyone has their struggles and I seem to have the hardest time when I am trying to get into a new decade.

My workout routine is back & I am feeling a lot better. We also started meal planning again this week. Life is starting to slow down and I could not be happier. I don't mind having plans, but sometimes you just need nights at home to relax or work around the house.

Does anyone else find they struggle when trying to get into a new decade?

Now for a little recap of our week at the lake...
I had to take Mason is a nice easy ride in the tube. Pops towed us around the no wake zone and Mason seemed to like it.  

 Mason loved his boat rides. He wanted to be in the driver's seat most of the time. He would fuss if you tried taking him away from the driver. 
I get a little sad looking at pictures like this because he is growing up so fast. 
His little hand on Tim's arm is so precious.Mason's facial expressions are priceless. At one point during a ride he started looking a little sick. Judy & I were worried he might get sick so we went back to the dock. He ended up being fine - phew
*Boat was not in motion or unhooked, hence no life vest*

Family photo! 

Tim and I had a few opportunities last week to get out and kayak together. He is too daring for me. I like nice, calm waters. He was trying to find the rough areas and go as fast as he could. We should send him down the river! 
I really would like to get out in the kayaks mores. It is tough because they are hard to transport, but I need to make time. I am sure the lake will be amazing in a couple weeks with the changing leaves. 
As it has been the last few years the week at the lake is an indication of the end of summer. As I mentioned above I am ready.

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I said I would never....

Let my child sleep with us.
I said I would never let our children sleep with us in our bed. I was worried we would end up with a child between us all the time and never have time to ourselves.
last week sleeping next to me
While my rule is not strict it is still there. I let Mason in bed with me in the mornings when I am just not ready to get up and he is fussing. Tim started doing this on weekends months ago and it drove me nuts because I would end up awake from all the commotion and lack of bed space.

I try to only bring Mason into bed after Tim has gone to work. I will sit in the recliner with him in his room to get him back to sleep if it is not even close to morning yet.
couple weeks ago at my in-laws sleeping with me
Many parents co-sleep and I think that is great, I just do not want to do it. I think it is personal preference. I was/am afraid of losing that "together" time Tim and I have at the end of the night. We go to bed not long after Mason and we will lay in bed and talk. 
a month or more ago - sleeping with me
I had to include a furry child in this too. For the most part Nutmeg will only sleep on the bed with there is only one of us in the bed. She does not like that there is not space when both of us are in bed.
Even though I let Mason sleep with me and Tim lets him sleep with him sometimes we do not plan on making it an everyday thing. I usually do it the mornings after I work until midnight because I know that I can probably get him to sleep just a little bit longer with me. 

Off topic but I am pretty excited about this...
Those are bottles that are ready to be packed away for good! The best part about getting Mason off the bottle is it was not intentional. I knew I wanted to do it at some point, but I did not expect it so soon. We had told daycare no more bottles about a month ago. We were giving him a bottle in the morning and before bed still. Friday night I realized it had been a couple days since I gave him a bottle. I know Tim gave him a bottle Tuesday morning, but I could not remember what we did on Wednesday.

I have a sippy cup kid now! Wahoo! I am pretty excited about this. I am happy I am not washing those dumb nipples anymore.

Happy Monday Everyone! (Not really for me I have to get our cat into a carrier to take her to the vet today = not fun)

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5 on a Beautiful Friday

Tim has today off so it makes Friday even more exciting. Today is our last day at the lake. Tim's aunt is going to the Saratoga Race Course tomorrow so she is leaving early.
I am hoping to water ski again today & take Mason out for a boat ride. I would also like to go out kayaking for a little while. Good thing I got up early to get all of these things done today ;)
I am feeling pretty sore good this week. I love having a workout routine. I would like to get out and run/walk a little more, but I am sure I will get more of that in after life calms down.
Mason has been great while I get my workout in. He sits in his pack n play and plays. I want to set a great example for him and I wonder how this will effect him. Will he be act because he has seen mom workout almost evey day since he was a baby? Will he try to mimic me in the years to come? How soon can I get him in a 5k? I think those children at 5ks are adorable. There are a couple events I do that have a little 1k for children.

THE LUKE BRYAN CONCERT IS SUNDAY! I have lawn seats with a bunch of friends and I cannot wait! I actually got the ticket to this sold out concert because a friend's boyfriend has to go back to college today to start his Master's program so he could not go.

I am actually looking forward to summer being over. I love fall - sweatshirt & jeans weather, foliage, apples, apple cider, & my fall scented candles. I cannot wait for life to slow down a little too. I feel like we have been going, going, going all summer long. I am ready to get back to our normal routine.

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