Weigh In Wednesday - Last One of July

Weigh IN Wednesday

I have been slacking in the eating and workout department; the scale definitely showed that this morning. I weighed in at 180.0 lbs. I am not very happy with this number, but I am going to take that disappointment and turn it into motivation. 
My eating has been horrible the last few days/weeks. I need to get back on track with pre planning meals and knowing what I am going to eat instead of just winging it. I end up eating crap when I do not have a plan. Tim and I are usually pretty good about planning meals. He usually writes on the whiteboard in our kitchen what the meal plan is for the coming week.

I am also getting back on the exercise wagon. I think I wore myself out with the workouts the last few months. I also got off my routine a couple weeks ago when things were hectic and then we went on vacation. I am ready to start my routine again. I need to start a routine again. I know working out helps me. I am thinking about doing the 30 Day Shred again soon. I know it works and I can get into it and slightly addicted to it. Last night I took a 3.25 mile walk with Judy, Mason, & Nutmeg. I also got the 300 workout in while watching primetime tv.

I will figure this out. I will get back on track. I will be in the 160s soon. I will feel even better about myself and my body.

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Transformation Tuesday

A friend said something last night that has been bugging me... I had a really bad eating day yesterday. When someone at work mentioned it, my friend said that as long as I blog about eating bad I think it is ok. I have been doing this. I have a bad day and then I think "well as long as I mention it on the blog it makes it better." What is that teaching me? NOTHING 

I have been tracking today like a trooper. I saw a number on the scale this morning that I did not like and I am in a fit camp that I am lucky to have a spot in so I need to get my butt in gear! 

I need someone to email or text me in the morning I work at 8 and tell me to get out of bed at 5:30 and go out for a run or workout. 

I have a mini goal I want to crush! I have my yearly girl appointment in September and I want their scale to show me the 160s. That means that I need to be well into the 160s to get their lying scale to show 169 at least. That give me at least 5 weeks - I do not have an appointment yet, but I know that appointment card will be in the mail any day now. 

The photo on the left is from the day Mason was born. I know I just had a baby, but I definitely had work to do. The photo on the left is exactly one year later. I have lost 50lbs since the day Mason was born. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I cannot wait to lose the rest of the weight and try for another baby!

Happy Tuesday :)

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Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend. Mason turned one on Saturday & we had family photos on Sunday.


His party is not until this coming Saturday, but we wanted him to have cake and ice cream on his actual birthday. We bought some mini cupcakes at the store and gave him some vanilla ice cream.


For our family photos I was going to have us all dress alike. Tim & I were going to wear khaki bottoms and white polos. Mason was going to wear a white polo with blue plaid shorts for the pop of color. When Tim and I got dressed I thought it was way too "matchy matchy." I decided to bust out my aqua shorts that I really like and keep the white polo. Tim went with khaki shorts and a red polo and we kept Mason's outfit the same.
I love these shorts and I really feel good in this outfit. I am so happy with the changes I have made the last year or so and the way I feel now compared to last year and the summers prior. I also cannot wait for my hair to be straight again - I have to blow it straight now and in the summer that gets a little hot.  

Mason did great at the shoot. He really wanted his tricycle, we brought it as a prop. We moved it out of sight toward the end to get some other shots. Our photographer was great, she brought out some different toys so he would be interested. She also had some good ideas for him when he was getting cranky or being a fuss butt.
I cannot wait to see the final photos. Erin {photographer} did my boudoir photos and I thought she was great with the sensitivity of photos. She did amazing with our family photos and I would definitely recommend her. She is creative and is good at her job.

Two big things happened Sunday night
  • Mason had his first meal from Panera. Most of our order was screwed up and the cashier annoyed me by not asking what kind of sides we wanted he just assumed. Then poor Tim did not get his jalapeno on his sandwich and I did not get chicken on my Chicken Caesar Salad. During Mason's bath we had to really work to get the cheese out of his eye lashes and his eyebrows. 
  • We threw away the last formula container we had in the house. Mason is a whole milk kid now. It has been going pretty well so far with the transition. We have been trying whole milk for a couple weeks now. We are also trying to cut back on bottles. We are pretty much bottle free during the day, but there are times he still needs the comfort of the bottle. 

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If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}

This is my 500th post! That seems like a lot. I have learned a lot in 500 posts. I have discovered a love of writing. I like writing about our life and my journey. I have met {not face to face} some amazing ladies & gents through blogging. I am amazing at how my little space on the internet has grown over the last 500 posts. I hope it continues to grow and I hope I continue to grow as well as a blogger.

Thanks for reading!

Linking Up again with Becky. I am loving this series, it makes you think and it gives you a creative idea to run with for a blog post.

This weeks prompt is : If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}

I have been asked in the past if I regret anything I did in high school or if there was anything I would do over.

I did some things in high school that I have still have not told my mom and probably never will. I got good grades and went to school everyday, I just did some things on the weekend that would be frowned upon. Most of those actions are why I do not drink much now. I met Tim at 18 and changed my ways and quit doing a lot of what I was doing. I am trying to be vague, I hope that all makes sense. My point to all this is that I don't regret anything. I had fun. I had good friends. I still did my school work and worked almost full time.

I do have one thing that I regret, but I am not sure I would go back and change it. I regret not going away to college. I really wish I had that college experience. I went to Hudson Valley Community College for three years and then went to U Albany for a year and a half. The first year I was going to HVCC I lived with Tim and two of his friends in an apartment by their college. I got some of the party life of college there, but not much. After that Tim and got an apartment by ourselves, then the house.
The reason I say I don't think I would go back and change it though is because I do not have any loans to pay off. I worked full time while going to college and paid it off a year after graduating. I definitely think that I would still have loans if I had gone away to college.

I really just want to have had the experience of living some where new and exploring the area. I will definitely encourage my children to go away to college and live there. We have already started planning for college for our children so we will be there to help.

Anyone else not go away to college? Financial reasons? 

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