Operation Red Bikini Finale & A June Challenge

I cannot believe the challenge that Elle Noel & Kassie started way back in December is over :(


I do not have a final photo of me in a bikini - no one wants to see that yet, but I do have a before and after for you.
The photo on the left is from October 2012 & the one on the right is from April 2013

I did not reach my goal of single digit sizes and 160s on the scale, but I feel great. I am in a size 12 comfortably {almost in a 10!!!} and I am so close to the 170s I can taste it.

I was at 205.6 lbs when I started this challenge, I am now at 182. That is a difference of over 20 pounds. I am well on my way to the 160s and a size 8 :)


I have been slacking lately and I need to get myself motivated again. I have Ripped in 30 sitting on my coffee table ready to go tomorrow and I am going to stick with it for 30 days.

Does anyone want to do it with me? I wish I had thought of doing this as a challenge before to give people enough time to get a copy, but you can find it on iTunes and at your local Walmart & Target.

If you want to do it with me use the hashtag #JuneRipped30 We will link up in the beginning of July {giving people time to get the DVD if they want to start after the 1st}. I cannot wait to see the changes in everyone! Remember to take measurements and weight, not just weight. Sometimes losing inches is more prevalent than the weight loss.

I have been sick this past week and I am very disappointed. I seem to have some chest congestion and it hurts to cough. I was up most of the night last night coughing. I am ready for this to clear up. I want to do well tomorrow at the 5k I am doing - fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!


Summer Bucket List


Today I am linking up with Holly & Trista. Now that the weather is getting nicer and summer is a couple weeks away I am ready to plan some things for the summer.

Some of the things on the list are from Wednesdays goals. Have a great afternoon!


10 Months

I know I am a few days late with this, but I kept forgetting to get his measurements - at least the photos were taken on Monday. 

This kid is growing too fast! I could never have imagined that watching this little guy grow would be so much fun. I enjoy seeing him learn and recognize things. 

He recognizes people very easily. He lights up when a person gets close enough and he knows who they are.  

He is standing whenever he can. He pulls himself up to the coffee table, his high chair, the cupboards, our bed, the ottoman, the entertainment center, and basically anything he can. He climbed into his bouncy seat (which we do not really use anymore) the other night and started bouncing up and down. Tim and I just laughed and took him out. He is going to be a little hellion. 

We have to really get on this baby proofing bandwagon. We have not done much and he is starting to get into everything! I think a trip to Babies R Us is in our future.  

We are working on walking - definitely not there yet on his own, but he does well when he is with a walk behind toy. 

This kid will eat anything! You put something in front of him and he will eat it. That is unless it is the little cheetos they make for his age - for some reason he does not like the cheese flavored ones. Tim does so that is a plus. He ate scrambled eggs like they were going to disappear, but woke up at 1:30 that night and needed some cuddle time like he had a tummy ache. 

Mason met his first horse on Monday. He was a little skeptical at first and kept turning away until Gin snorted at him and gave him a blast of air from her nose.
 He just kept petting her and talking.
When he went for a tractor ride with Glen I could not get him to look at me for a photo because he was too busy looking at the horsey.

Weigh In Wednesday & Exciting News

I have some exciting news! Last week Erin mentioned in her Weigh-In Wednesday post that she did not really want to host it anymore. I am so excited to be one of the first four girls to get back to her. We decided to all host the Link-Up!

I am pretty excited - this is my first time co-hosting a link up. We are hoping that all the ladies that linked up with Erin & Alex will still link up with us.

I have teamed up with some pretty awesome ladies!
Pretty Strong Medicine

I am still going to do my Weekly Weigh Ins on Mondays - check out this weeks surprise! On Wednesdays I am going to try to give tips, my thoughts on weight loss/exercise, or a healthy recipe I have tried. I cannot get myself to change my weigh in day, though part of me wishes I could considering Mondays can be rough right after the weekend.


I got out for my walk last night and it felt great to get outside in the fresh air.

I had a physical last night for the fire department and now I have to make an appointment with my own doctor. I have been having heart palpitations with slight pain lately, but did not mention it to the PA. I had an EKG and they asked if I have had any palpitations. Hopefully it was a fluke and my doctor will find nothing, but it is better to get it checked out now than during the next pregnancy.

I came up with a couple summer goals last night on my walk and I want to share them with you all!

  • I am currently 182.8 {as of Monday} - I want to see the 170s by Father's Day
  • I would LOVE to see the 160's by my trip to Maine - July 17th
  • I want to do a 5k in under 40 minutes
  • I want to do the Ripped in 30 in the month of June
  • Find a new bathing suit
  • Kayak as much as possible - work those arms!

This are attainable goals and I cannot wait to exceed them!

What are some of your short/long term goals?

Don't forget to Link-Up :) And check out some of the other blogs! 


Memorial Day Recap

Well I was going to do Mason's 10 month post this morning, but I forgot to get his measurements. I will have to do that tonight and post tomorrow.

I woke up this morning at 6 with a pounding headache and a sore throat. I am disappointed in myself that I did not get up and get a workout in this morning, but I just could not do it with my head pounding. I am feeling better now that I am at work and I took some Advil. I will get my walk in outside today now that the weather is nice.

Yesterday we had a great time enjoying the sunshine. I was so happy to get out and get a walk in. We watched the Memorial Day Parade that Tim was in. I am not a fan of the hats off to the side, but if it was on right it covered his eyes.
I assumed he would fall asleep during the walk. He did end up falling asleep in the last 10 minutes of it. He did not get a good nap in all day, but surprisingly he was good last night. I thought we would have a tired baby that was fussy.

Mason's new thing is climbing! He loves climbing on Tim and I if we are on the ground. 

He looks like he is doing CPR on Tim in the bottom two photos. 

We got our garden all planted yesterday while Mason played on the grass. Stay tuned for a post on the garden.

Transformation Tuesday

Nutmeg's 4th Birthday was yesterday and I had Tim take a picture of us. I looked at it after and did not hate what I saw. I don't think I look huge in the photo and I actually was not nervous to share it on my Facebook.

I went digging last night through all my photo folders on my computer to find a "before" picture with Nutmeg. I am not sure when this before photo was taken.

I can definitely notice a difference, these comparisons really do help me see how far I have come and motivate me to keep going.


Weekly Weigh In

Happy Memorial Day Readers!

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  ~Joseph Campbell
I have today off so we will be watching the parade and hopefully enjoying the nicest day out of the whole weekend outside.


How about a weigh in...

WHAT?!?! A 1.6 lbs loss?

I cannot believe the scale is showing that number. I have been awful this past week with my eating and working out. I only got in one good workout. I did manage to finish my squat challenge and I want to do it again. I liked having something to do everyday that I could do anywhere. I am also going to start the ab challenge. This weekend was dreary and cold. I just did not want to do anything.

I am currently in 2 Dietbets right now. I am hoping they will motivate me enough to break into the 170's. For one of the bets I have to hit 175 lbs in 25 days.

My Fitness Pal will be dusted off this week and used everyday!

Operation Skinny Jeans

Goals for the week:

  • Use My Fitness Pal to track workouts and food everyday all day!
  • Walk 15 miles
  • Move on to Level 2 of the Shred It with Weights
  • Plant my garden! (I know that this is not really related to fitness, but it is a workout and it gives me fresh veggies in a couple months ;)


Go Check Her Out ;)

Have you guys met Natalie from Beauty & Brains with Brown Eyes?
Photo Courtesy of Natalie's Birthday Post
She just turned 24 and she has a lot going on in her life. She is recently engaged {eek!} to a brainy guy. They are an adorable couple and I cannot wait to hear all about her planning process {I miss planning a wedding}.   We have something in common - we are both in the Health Care field - she is more in administration it sounds where as I am in the emergency setting part.

She is a Texas girl who is over 6 feet tall. I love that she talks about her height and embraces it! I look forward to her Non-Scale Victories. I think we all should embrace the little things and not focus too much on  the scale. Go check her out!


Since it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow I do not think we are going to get much done this holiday weekend. It is nice to slow things down though and just relax.

Anyone have any fun plans for the three day weekend? 


Taking the Tricycle Outside

I am so happy that winter is behind us. The windows in my house are now open, there is fresh air in the house, and we are spending more time outside. 

I asked Tim to go get the mail last night and he said he wanted to take Mason. They needed to take the tricycle because of the storage compartment {needed to put the mail somewhere right?}. 
 After they started out the door I ran to get my camera and got a few cute ones on my phone. 
 I went down to the driveway and I could hear Mason squealing as he was coming back. He loved every second of his ride. 
His hair cracks me up! 

This was the first time he has been outside on his tricycle. We push him around the basement all the time and he loves it.

Help For Oklahoma
Please go to Allison's blog and see if you can help... Her town was hit by the tornado early this week and has been slightly overlooked.

This has been a tragic event & the more stories I read the sadder I get. I just read a story this morning about a mother who tried to take cover in a 7-Eleven with her 4 month old and ended up being buried in the rubble. I find that reading stories like this hit me harder now that I have a child of my own.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma.

Back To My Normal Schedule & A New Challenge

I am finally done with the training for the week. It seemed boring at times, but I actually did learn a lot about a program I have been using for years. There were a lot of little things in the program that I did not know were even there! 
Yesterday was the last day and it did not seem to drag like most last days do. We actually got to take our test earlier than the instructor had predicted on the first day. The test was actually pretty easy {not to sound too cocky} as long as you read through the questions carefully and knew where to look for the answers in the guide we had. 

I must say that I have gone to two trainings in the last two months and both times my eating habits and my workouts were not up to par. I find it hard to eat as I normally do when I am not in my normal setting. I am not used to sitting in a class for 4 hours before lunch. I am at a desk or at home and I can move about freely. I am not really sure how I managed in college.

Squat Challenge Update:
I did 230 squats yesterday! I spaced them out - I did 80 before work and 150 in the evening while we did a little DVR catch up. Today is a rest day, but I am going to try for 235 squats. I will be done with the challenge on Saturday - phew! I may do it again. I want to see my before and after photos to see if it helped any.

I am a sucker for punishment so I am going to start another challenge! I am finding that challenges get me to be active everyday. They usually do not require too much time and I feel great after. I also seem to get addicted to getting it done after a couple days in.
Courtesy of Courtney
Holly is hosting a 300/30 Ab Challenge - I love the hashtag she came up with - #nomorefoodbaby - that is great :) Check out Courtney's blog too - The Petite Athleat - I recently found her blog and really enjoy it. She has a great personality and has some great tips.

I am hoping this will improve my core area. Holly is the reason I tried the 30DS and it worked so hopefully she is right about this too.

I am in desperate need of a walk outside! I am going to find a way to fit one in in the next few days, but there is rain in the forecast until Monday :/

Starting Friday Off Right

Can I start this Friday off by telling you how good it felt to get a workout in today? I feel amazing. I missed my morning workouts this past week. I was wide awake at 5:30 - twenty minutes before my alarm because I was looking forward to the workout so much.

I ended up doing Level 1 of Shred It with Weights this morning and a couple sets of my squats for the day. I did not do my ab workout yet. I wanted something I could follow my first day back into exercise after almost a week off. I will start it tomorrow. I finally found time to take before pictures this morning.

I am glad this week is over and I have a day off tomorrow and Monday. I have staggered days off, but I don't mind considering they are both on days Tim has off too.


Look what I found on the web:
I am on Diettogo.com's list of the top 100 weight loss bloggers of 2013! EEK!
That is pretty exciting for me :) I document my journey on my blog in hopes that I reach others and inspire them. I read several blogs that have inspired me.

How about a Sponsor special for Memorial Day?

Enter the code MEMORIAL & get $2.00 any ad  --> head on over to the Sponsor Page and take a look :)


Snacking While Training

I had my first paying cupcake gig a couple days ago. I made cupcakes for my cousin's birthday party. I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting, you can find the recipe I "kind of" follow here. I follow the recipe loosely, I usually play around with the ingredients and use the recipe as a guideline. 

Mason got to see a new firetruck this past weekend. Uncle Michael showed him the truck and let him sit in the seat. I had to get some pictures - he was cute and he was looking around studying everything in the truck.
Daddy also had to check out the truck...

I love putting Mason in new outfits. He looked very cute in his plaid shorts and dog t-shirt the other day. He was such a good boy, but then he went into fussy mode in the evening. He was tired, but he still looked cute.


While at training this week I am trying to bring healthy snacks with me so I do not feel hungry and over eat at lunch. I cannot eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. I usually eat while at work around 9, but with training I have to get something easy. I usually have breakfast in the car ride to training or right before training starts.
Here are a few of my options:

A baggie of Quaker Oatmeal Squares {my favorite & very filling}
Quaker Bread Bars - these are delicious. They also comein a Cinnamon Pecan. I bought my box at BJs Wholesale and got both bars.

My favorite new find is the Special K Pastry Crisps. I like these because they remind me of Poptarts, but with out all the icing. They are just sweet enough to satisfy.

I try to have bananas in the house to so I can bring them.

Any other ideas out there?