Weekly Weigh In

First I will share some shots from the weekend..

Last night Mason looked so cute in his Carhartt Overalls. When he stands up {which he is always doing} he looks so grown up. It makes me sad to think he is growing this fast.

We had a banquet for the rescue squad on Saturday night to go to so we brought Mason with us. He was great all night and only really fussed toward the end of the festivities.

Now it is time for the rough stuff...

Ahhhh I am hoping that May is better for me. I have had an awful month of April! I am doing a squat challenge and I joined a group that Jess started on Facebook for a 10 week challenge.


I almost cried on the scale this morning {hence the black and white editing}. That is a 2.4 lb gain!!! What the hell happened last week??? Seeing that number on the scale did have a positive influence on my exercise. I did Level 1 of the 30DS and I got in 65 squats- according the the challenge today is a rest day, but I felt like I had to do something!

I have a walk planned for after work with Mason and Judy. I have tracked perfectly today with My Fitness Pal. Speaking of that - anyone want to be friends with me on there and we can hold each other accountable?

I went grocery shopping yesterday and my cart was filled with lots of veggies & fruits. I even came home and organized my fridge to help keep me accountable.
Strawberries, yogurt, preportioned pudding packs, squash, apples, baby food, premade salad, boneless chicken, water bottles, lunch meat & cheese for Tim, & the drinks on the top shelf are for Tim too. 

I am ready for the week ahead and I am confident that I can stick to the plan. I am also hoping that I was bloated or something this morning.

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Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Did you sleepwalk as a child?
No sleep walking, I did sleep talk though. 

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?
My mom was never home so I did not really have to sneak out. 

Did you have any imaginary friends?

No imaginary friends that I can think of or remember

Did you ever go toilet papering?

No never went. We did have toilet paper one Halloween, but never used.

Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren’t allowed to watch?

My mom said I could not watch Dawson's Creek, but I never missed an episode

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9 Months

Mason is now 9 months old, hard to believe.

We went to the 9 month check up on Wednesday. Our pediatrician is great, I feel comfortable asking her questions and she explains things in a way I can understand and feel confident with. She said that he looks great. His reflexes are right on track. He was jumping all around and laughing with her.

I asked her about his sleeping and I was told that he is training us right now instead of us training him. She suggested to try letting him cry it out. I have been getting up with him and giving him a 2 oz bottle to get him back to sleep, she said not to do this. The first night he work up at 3 and I let him cry, he ended up crying for over an hour before I gave in and gave him a 2 oz bottle.

The second night he fell asleep before Tim could give him a bottle. I ended up waking up at 1 and gave him a bottle. This is tough. Hopefully we will have more luck in the coming days/weeks.

I could not help but use this photo. His face is priceless.

He has tried a few different foods this month. I cannot believe that no one told us about puffs. Tim and I can finally eat dinner and he is occupied. I can cook dinner and he is occupied. Nutmeg loves them too.
I love his laugh. It is contagious. He is always smiling and laughing. We are very lucky because he is a good baby for the most part. He does have his moments, but who doesn't?
He loves standing. He is constantly pulling himself up. I put some of his toys on the coffee table so he has something to play with while he is standing there. He likes just standing up so I might as well keep him occupied.
He has a total of 7 teeth now. Four on the top and three on the bottom. The worst part about his teeth is that he likes to grind them. He gives me goose bump constantly because he will grind his teeth. and then he laughs, I am starting to think he does it on purpose.

Time to start planning his 1st Birthday party! It is crazy that it is only 3 months away.

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Stuck in a Rut

I have been awful with my eating this week! I need to get myself out of this rut and back into my good habits. I just joined My Fitness Pal - Anyone want to be friends?
On Monday night I laid in bed saying "too many M&Ms." Thankfully they are now all gone from the house.
 I did feel great on Wednesday when I put on a shirt I bought in college that used to be way too tight and it fit well. When you are having a crappy week sometimes the non scale victories can help you through.

I am determined to have a great weekend with eating and working out. I have been good with my workouts for the most part.  I had to skip them yesterday because I was gone all day. I have 2 walks planned for today and a session with Jillian. I am also looking at a 30 day squat challenge. It looks like a lot of work, but the results I have seen on Instagram and other groups are pretty amazing.

Yesterday a few of us from work went on a little field trip to another dispatch center to look at their consoles/desks.

The ones we are hoping to get approved for move up and down so we can stand if we want. I am looking forward to standing for part of my shift. Sitting for 8 hours can get old after a while. Standing for part of the shift or even 10 minutes per hour can burn more calories and help your body. 

I had to get a picture of my outfit yesterday. I bought this jacket as a splurge at Charlotte Russe. I have always wanted one like it, but was afraid I could not pull it off. I am glad I bought it and actually wore it. I was a little nervous that I would never wear it, but I proved myself wrong.  

Well time to get my butt moving. I will leave you with some photos of Mason...
Boy are we in trouble... He is such a flirt

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Giveaway with Pharr Away

Good Afternoon All! I am sharing a little giveaway I am involved in today.


Today is Nicole's very first...
 BLOGIVERSARY, [blog-uh-vur-suh-ree]you know, the yearly anniversary of her blog!!!

So enough with the lessons, let's celebrate! I've teamed up with her and the fabulous ladies below to giveaway $250 cash via Paypal!

Be sure to read the Official Giveaway Rules.
Note: This giveaway is open internationally.  You must have a Paypal account to enter.
Now get to it and stop by to wish Nicole a Happy Blogiversary!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have Fun!

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Spring Swap

I saw this swap on Alli's Blog and had to sign up. I love flip flop weather and I really like nail polish. I like polish even more now that I stopped biting my finger nails and can actually paint those and my toes.

I was paired up with Erica from So Much Sunshine. You can see what I sent her here.

I received a nice looking envelope on Friday and I could not wait to open it.

I found a cute pair of shoes and a nail polish color that I fell in love with!

And because I could not contain myself...

Thanks Erica!
I would definitely do a swap again. I think they are fun and I love getting mail :)

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Only A Matter of Time...

before Mason is walking. He is all over the place now with the crawling. When he gets to a table, wall, basket, dog, ottoman, etc he pulls himself right up to a standing position.

Our new puppy

Look at how big he looks standing up. I cannot believe he is doing this already! We are having fun playing with him now. He actually plays and laughs. I enjoy watching him discover new things and learn how they work.
We are working on sippy cup usage. He usually has some water or watered down juice once a day.

Mason has him 9 month doctor's appointment today. I cannot believe it is here already. I have a few questions for the doctor, but otherwise I think we are doing pretty well. It has definitely been a learning experience for Tim and I with opinions from everyone.

It can get hard when people are telling you to do things and you are unsure. We have been making decisions based on how we feel and what Mason shows us he is ready for. We tried Puffs for the first time two weeks ago because he kept drooling over our food, so we decided to give finger food a try. He loves them and Tim and I are actually able to eat dinner while he snacks.

We are going to keep doing what we are doing and hope Mason comes out normal with no permanent scars from our mistakes as new parents.


Lastly, I just like this outfit and the expressions on his face

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Spring Clothes Cleanout

Nothing exciting happening here today. I am on Day 6 of the 30 Day Shred again and I have realized that I like having a routine. I like getting up knowing that I have 25 minutes with Jillian and a walk if I can fit it in.
Mason is all over the place this morning so I will have to wait for him to nap to start my workouts.

Last night he actually played well while I let Jillian tell me what to do. He loves the green yoga mat that I use, so I cannot use it for the most part. If it keeps him happy I don't mind.

 I love this picture. Mason stood looking out the window for a while and I went to see what he was looking at. It was Nutmeg laying on the deck and then she got up and came to see what Mason was doing.

I took this picture so Tim could see the dried blood in Mason's nose. He had his first mishap that yesterday morning with my mom. He was playing in the kitchen and a toy rolled away and he slipped and went face first into the floor. Poor kid, but he seemed fine and just as energetic as always.
I also think he looks just like Tim in this picture.

I love that I am fitting into a smaller size now and I am losing weight, but there is a down side. I took out three under the bed totes the other day and went through all of my summer stuff.

I ended up with two garbage bags full of clothes that I sent to a friend to see if there was anything she would like. I feel great that I don't fit in some things anymore, but there were some pieces that I never got to wear because they were too small.

I now only have two pairs of shorts :( One pair is too big but I have never worn them and I was not ready to let go. I am going to have to make a trip to Target to see if they have any shorts on sale. Fall is the time to buy shorts when they are on sale not now. I have a crap load of gym shorts so I am looking for khakis and jean shorts.
Any suggestions for finding shorts? stores?

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