7 Months

I almost forgot that it was the 27th today! I am still in denial that Mason is 7 Months old today. He has grown so much mentally in the last month. The best part of this journey is watching him develop. One minute he cannot get on all fours and now he can get up and rock back and forth.
Here is a video I took on Monday of him attempting to crawl

He is soooo close! He gets frustrated with it at times and will fuss so I will roll him to give him a break.

And lastly what would a monthly photo shoot be without an animal...
Photo #1: Sees kitty on floor, starts talking to kitty
Photo #2: Kitty jumps into chair for a for conversation
Photo #3: Kitty decides she wants to take a nap
Photo #4: Kitty just whacked Mason in the face with her tail
What is going on with me?
I have been great about working out five days a week. I worked overnight last night and woke up at noon so I would have enough time to get a good walk in before I had to go get Mason.
I was up for a little over an hour and I already had a full grown flower :) I did step on the scale today and was happy to see 194. I think that my gain on Monday had to do with me not feeling well.


My First Mixture - Apples & Blueberries

I am really enjoying making my own baby food. If this is your first time visiting check out my other baby food posts - Apples & Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Squash, Guest Post - Tips.

Mason has been enjoying the homemade baby food so far, he is also enjoying the store bought. I like that I have a homemade option to offer him and the convenience of store bought at times. I recently bought a few fruit mixtures and wanted to try my own. I saw blueberries on sale and I remember seeing a blueberry/apple mixture so I decided to start with that.

According to the chart I have from Wholesome Baby Food show blueberries as an 8 month food. I will have to save that to try until next month, but at least it is done now. Check out their chart, I printed it and put it on my fridge. When Mason tries a new food I write the date next to it.

I can see this food making a mess when we give it to him. This should be interesting, so far most of the foods have been dull colors.

What mixtures have you tried? Any great ones you suggest?



Guest Post - All That Glitters

Hello all! Today we have a guest blogger, I read her blog like it is my job and I love her! Here is Rebekah...

Hi all you Step in the Right Direction readers! I'm Rebekah & I blog over at All That Glitters. I'm so thankful that Ashlee has allowed me to introduce myself. Thank you so much for having me girl!

I am in pharmacy school here in Arkansas. I know, it's crazy that I even have enough time to blog, but I love scheduling & organizing so it makes it easier! This is my family at my white coat ceremony:

{my sis, dad, me, mom, & zaebree}

I have the cutest niece & nephew in the entire world. I am so obsessed with them & you can find me taking pictures of them 24/7. Here they are in all their glory:

{zelphia & zaebree}

I started blogging, because I think it is a great way to share my thoughts with people in a fun way! I like to write about anything really. I have two continuous weekly posts: the Wednesday WHY?! & the Dallas Daily. In the Wednesday WHY?! I like to share something that has frustrated me over the past week. I try to make it funny :) In the Dallas Daily (on Saturdays) I like to share places that I love in the greatest city in the world, Dallas!

I have loved getting to know others through blogging & cannot wait to see what will happen next. I am truly inspired by the stories that some girls share & it inspires me to be someone people can talk to.

Everyone be sure to stop by and say hey! And thanks again Ashlee for having me!

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Go check her out!



Monday Weigh In

Life is back to normal now... well for the most part. Mason spent four days with his grandparents. Tim went over and spent the night with him one of the nights, but basically he was away from home all those days. We both had to work Thursday & Friday so Tim's mom volunteered to babysit to save us money. This meant him staying with her because of the distance between our houses.
I did get a few pictures from Judy to help the separation.

Saturday morning Mason ended up in bed with Tim because he was fussy, but when he woke up for the day he seemed very happy with himself for weaseling his way into bed.
I cannot believe how much older he looks lately in photos. I feel like there are photos he looks like a little boy in and not my baby.

Being away from Mason was tough, but I did get to see him face to face everyday.

We went to the doctors today for Mason's second flu shot. He did great and did not even cry.

With my Monday Weigh In I am linking up with Alex & Erin...

When I stepped on the scale this morning I saw...
UGH! A gain of 1.2 lbs. Note to self: Do not eat a bagel for breakfast 5 out of 7 days and expect a weight loss. I am also not feeling well today so maybe that has something to do with it. I did get a workout in 5 days last week. I am proud of that.

I need to get out of this rut! I will work harder this week and cut out the bagels.



Sunday Social

I am back with Sunday Social. I did not do it last week because we are not big Valentine's Day people so I really did not have good answer for all the questions.

Sunday Social

1 Biggest Middle School fashion mistake

Oh dear where do I begin? There are times I wonder what I was thinking. I went through a Carhartt phase and I would wear Carhartt pants and boots. I was a girl! What was I thinking? I wish I had a picture to show well maybe I don't ;)

2. Who were your best friends in High School? Pics?

Lindsey, Amanda, Trisha, Christina, Brittany, Krissy - I miss seeing friends everyday and hanging out on the weekends. Some of us get together for dinner once in a while to catch up but it is tough now.

Junior Year
Homecoming - Sophomore year
Graduation Rehearsal (I am the one all the way to the left)
3. What was a typical weekend like for you in HS?

Some weekends involved staying home and cleaning and other weekends were filled with activities with friends. I liked to go out in those years and go to parties. I usually worked during the day and then at night hung out with friends.

4. Did you have any boyfriends? Tell us about that

I had a few boyfriends, but not many. I did not really date anyone I went to school with. I was usually dating guys that had already graduated. I had three boyfriends total in high school. I met Tim in May of my senior year and we have been together ever since. I did date a guy that was in the army for a year or so. It was a long distance relationship, but it was fun to see each other after the time away.
I am happy I found Tim when I did, I did not have to go through the years of dating to find the perfect guy. It will be 8 years in June since we started dating. It does not seem possible it has been that long.

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!

I don't think we had any secret codes. I remember a lot of letter writing in class and such. This was the time before everyone had cell phones so we actually had to call each other from home and talk.
I am glad we had to call each other and hope the other person was home. Texting seems impersonal in a way. Though it does seem like it would have been easier to do things if we could be reached anywhere.

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from ms or hs, what would it be?

I would love to go back to senior skip day. Instead of doing something as a class - 4 of us girls went shopping an hour away.
Look at my spiky hair! We had fun that day. I hated driving on the highway especially near the capital, who would have thought I would end up doing it five days a week for two years.