Another Year Older

Wow, I am 26. When did that happen? I do not feel 26. I can remember when I was in high school I could not even imagine being in my 20's. As of today I have been driving for 10 years - I got my permit on my birthday and my license in April. I have been out of high school for 8 years, out of college for almost 4 years, and married for almost two years. Time really does go by quickly.

I can honestly say that I am happy where I am in my life at this age. I have a home, a college degree, a full time job, a wonderful husband, and an adorable son.

I hope by my next birthday I am happier with my weight and my body, but that will take hard work and determination. My goal for this time next year is for my weight to be at or below 160 pounds.

I was hoping Mason would sleep through the night last night, but that did not happen. He was up at 2:30 fussing and wanting a little something to drink. I finally got him to go back to sleep and he slept until I got out of the shower and he was all smiles.
He talked to me while I got ready for work. I love when he wakes up a happy baby.

I woke up with a sore throat and what feels like a head cold starting. A head cold is better than the stomach bug I have had three times this season.

I got to work and a co-worker made me some Maple Cupcakes - I had one for breakfast and it was delicious!

I have nothing planned for tonight. I wish I could say I am going out to dinner with family or friends, but I am going home to an empty house with Mason. I will get a walk in after work and then just sit like a pile on the couch probably. Tim has been gone since yesterday morning and will not be home until late tonight. [Debbie Downer huh? I am a little sad that I have tonight off and nothing to do or anyone to spend it with, oh well at least I have Mason.]

On a side note - the calorie counting is going very well and I like the Lost It! app.



Calorie Counting & Changes

It is Wednesday already... that means tomorrow is Thursday and my birthday!
Today is a busy day - I have to work until four then Mason goes to my mom's while I have class until 9. Phew by the time I get home I will be ready for bed. I could not get my butt out of bed this morning to get my walk in so I am a little bummed I missed my chance to exercise today.

I have been trying to figure out whether or not I want to keep my Weight Watchers membership for a week now. I found the Lose It! yesterday and decided to give it a try. It is just like the WW App, but it counts calories. I have never counted calories, but sometimes a change is good.

I like this app because it is not that different from WW. It has the bar code scanner for foods and a food look up. The best part of this app? It is free.

I am not having the same results with the online program I was with the meetings. For me I guess actually going to get weighed by a stranger helped a great deal with my success. I do not have the time any more now that Mason is here to attend meetings and go get weighed. With the online program I liked that you got the use of the app and the scanner at no extra charge. The scanner has not been working properly lately so I have been a little disappointed with that.

Has anyone tried Lose It? I am optimistic and willing to try something new. I have heard that trying something different can help at time. It will not be a huge change because it has the scanner and the food look up and I can still track my food which I have been awful at lately. I have been going around the house looking at the calories in my food. Some foods I am surprised to see that the calories are high and some food I am shocked the calories are so low. I will definitely have to get used to this.

I gave a friend a pair of the pink shoe laces and they look great on her sneakers!

Lastly I have to mention bath time last night. He loves his bath :) I washed him up and then I supported him so he could sit up. He played with his toys and splashed the water. I love watching him develop more and more each day.



6 Months

How is it possible that six months have passed since I was in the hospital with Mason. Six Months ago today we were going home with a baby and preparing ourselves to spend the first night alone with this lil guy.

I can definitely see why people have more than one child. I snuggle with Mason at night and sometimes think to myself that I will miss that when he is 2 or 3.

We went to the doctors yesterday and she was happy with his progress. He is currently 15 lbs 2 oz, 26 inches long, & has a head circumference of 43 cm. She said he looks great.

Mason was starting to fuss while we were waiting for the doctor so I put him on his tummy to play with the paper on the table. The doctor walked in and she said the way he was holding himself up was great and he looks like he is making great progress.

We talked about food and how much we should be giving him. She said to stick with the 25-30 ounces of formula per day along with the food once or twice a day. **Tim and I decided last week that we had to be more diligent about feeding him food. We were doing it when we had the time in a day and now we are committed to giving him solids at least once per day.

While she was checking him he started coughing. I told her that the cough has been around for more than a month and now his eyes are gooping (word?) up. I had to help him out the other morning by putting a warm washcloth on his eye to wash the goop away. She decided to prescribe him an antibiotic to see if it would help clear him up.
Mason Likes:

  • Cuddles with Mom & Dad - I think we both get some snuggle time with him at least once a day. I hope that he does not grow out of that for a good long time. 
  • He still loves his O-Ball. We bring it everywhere we go because he will be occupied with it.

  • His Jumperoo... He loves to jump. I can get on the treadmill and get a good 45-80 minute walk before he starts to fuss. I am very lucky that something keeps him occupied for that long so I can get a workout in. 
  • His Ball toy - my mom gave him a toy that has six balls with it and they bounce all around. He figures out a way to roll himself to that toy almost every time I put him down on his play mat. He also knows how to get it going again when it turns off. 

  • Sledding. We need more snow! He is so calm and seems to have a great time when out on his sled. 

Remember last month when the cat crashed our monthly photoshoot? We had a photo crasher again this month, but this time it was the dog.



Monday Weigh In

What a wet & chilly start to my birthday week. It started snowing around ten this morning and has not stopped yet. And yes I just said "birthday week." I love my birthday, some people think I am too old to like my birthday or make a big deal. I don't care. If I am the only one that celebrates it, that is fine with me. I just like my birthday.

Yesterday is was nice and sunny out.
My cousin gave me some infant sunglasses and I decided to give them a try. He did not mind them and they helped keep the sun out of his eyes.

This morning Mason was a little fussy around 6:30, but he was still asleep so I brought him into the bedroom with me so I did not have to get up every time he rolled over and did not like it. He slept until 8:30, I was amazed. He went twelve hours between the bedtime bottle and breakfast.
After breakfast he was rolling around on the floor and someone came to play...
We are so lucky that Nutmeg & Scribbles are great with Mason. They are so gentle and seem to know that he is not big enough to play rough yet.

Ok I really need to stop eating junk!
I gained this week and I know why I gained. It is not secret that I have been majorly slacking off on my tracking and eating right.
This is a 1.6 pound gain. At least it is still under 200.

Has anyone else ever had a rough patch like this? I feel like I cannot get my brain wrapped around doing this.

I did start off the week on a good note - I did Zumba on the Wii today. I love Zumba! I think you lose most of your weight because you are trying to keep up with the instructor. I am getting better at it though, I can actually do some of the steps correctly.



Sunday Social

Sunday Social

What is your ideal way to relax?
My ideal way to relax is to not have anything planned. Last week we had no plans for Sunday and I loved it. We sat around the house and did nothing all day. It was extremely relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Where is your favorite place to be?
My favorite place to be is on the beach in Maine. I love just sitting on the beach watching the water and the people. It is just peaceful and if I am there it means I am on vacation. I am really hoping we get to go up there this year. I missed last year because it was too close to my due date.

In everyday, non vacation times my favorite place to be is on my couch in our family room relaxing. This usually happens three times a week. Tim and I will go downstairs and watch the DVR. It is so much more relaxing

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My biggest role model... hmmmm
My mom would be one of them because she raised my brother and I as a single mom working 3-4 jobs at times.
I find this question hard and I am not sure of any other people.

What does you life look like in 3 years?
Life looks great. We plan on having another child in 2014. In 2016 I will, with any luck, have a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old. We also plan to look for a new house next year. I am hoping that 2016 looks quite different than today for us as a family.

If you could go back and change on decision what would it be?
I cannot think of anything I would change. The memories I have from the things I did in High School will last a lifetime. I would not be where I am today without the choices I made along the way.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
I got my Bachelor's Degree. I am proud of myself for this because I did the last two years while working full time. I worked very hard to get this and I put a lot of miles on my car driving to college.
I am also glad I did everything I wanted to do before having a child - Graduate college, get married, have a full time job, & own a home.




I saw this on Colleen's blog and decided to do it. 

Current Book(s):
Jemima J - Jane Green   - I just finished another book and I am getting ready to start this one. 
Current Music:
Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood 
& Lady A - Downtown
Current Guilty Pleasure:
I know Colleen said long showers, but I will have to go with that one too. Being a new mom a shower is a precious thing. When I get a chance to just stand in there I take it. I love just standing in the shower. I cannot wait to own a home with a bath tub. I have not taken a bath in years and would really like one!
Current Nail Color:
Old photo, but this is the color I have right now.
Current Drink:
Water - I allow myself 1 diet soda per day and most days I don't even have one.  
Current Food:

No food at the moment. I am craving a bowl of cereal though. 
Current Favorite Show:
Once Upon A Time - I put this as my favorite because I am always waiting impatiently for the next episode. 
Current Wish List:
I want a vacation, preferably somewhere where the water is crystal clear - I would love to still go on a cruise to the Bahamas. 
My realistic wishlist is a Fit Bit. I have wanted it for a few months and I am hoping I get it on my birthday next week. 
Current Needs:
I don't really need anything. I could use a good pair of sneakers. I am thinking about trying Reebok for my next pair. 
Current Bane of My Existence:
Bad Food! I cannot help myself lately. I need to get my ass in gear and get rid of it. 
Current Celebrity Crush:
 I love George Strait - I don't care if he is decades older than me
Oh Bradley Cooper... You are hot! and funny, but really hot.

Current Indulgence:
Heart shaped sweet tarts.
Current Blessing:
My family- my wonderful husband, my adorable baby boy, and our healthy animals. My life - I could not ask for more. We are happy and healthy. 
Current Slang:
No slang... I have been saying "man" at the end of my sentences and it annoys me. I am trying to work on it. 
Current Outfit:
Jeans, sweatshirt, & clogs. It is Friday night, I am cold, and I am at work. 
Current Excitement:
My birthday next week. Nothing special planned, I just love my birthday :) 
Current Mood:
Happy - I am excited to keep working on the project we are working on and I am happy I have the weekend off. 
Current Link:
Have a great Saturday, I am off to Proctors to see The Million Dollar Quartet.