Things I Am Loving

There are a few things that I am loving right now.

*Katy Perry's New Song/Video. I like music videos that have a little story in them.

*My Treadmill. Jillian was boring me so I had to switch it up and walk on the treadmill for a little while. We are trying to play catch up on our DVR. NCIS & Criminal Minds are still on there from last season - oops. My personal rule is that I can only watch my shows while on the treadmill and joint shows if Tim has already watched them. I have stuck to that rule pretty well the last few years.

*Sneakers! I need another pair I think, well maybe not need, but defintely want. Reebok is having the perfect sale too! I don't like to buy sneakers that are more than $45 and that is pretty hard. Reebok is offering their EasyTone Shoes for only $29.99 PLUS Free Shipping! From the EasyTone Lead to the EasyTone Reeinspire II, get all shoes from the EasyTone collection for $29.99 when you use code EASY30 at checkout!

The EasyTone collection features a proprietary BALANCE BALL design with Moving Air Technology, which creates softness and micro-instability in every step. Grab these shoes at a great price today at Reebok and save big with code EASY30!
(click the links to go check them out :) )

*Mason & his new rocking chair. Tim's dad had picked up a kid's rocking chair at a yard sale and we took it out the other night. He now has a place to sit for Jeopardy with Nain & Pop.

Then he got brave and stood up....

In other news, I am helping a friend with her weight loss efforts. I am pretty excited to help someone else on their journey. I do not have a specific method, but I can help her get to a better lifestyle.

Helper her means I have to buckle down and start practicing what I preach. I have a week or so left on both of my Dietbets and I need to lose around 5 pounds still. I am not going to lose the $50 I have investing in this!

Check back tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday and an announcement!

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  1. I'd heard the song "Roar" (and have to laugh as my boys sing along) but hadn't seen the video yet.

    I too only watch TV while exercising ... elliptical or treadmill. I generally don't even try to watch anything current, but wait until it hits DVD or Netflix (although I have figured out how to watch current shows down in the gym if I want). No just sitting and watching!

    I have a hard time paying much for shoes too ... I HATE shoes and only wear them when absolutely necessary. I love that I can wear slippers for my elliptical and stationary bike :) Hubby is a firm believer in getting what you pay for, so he may have me splurge on a more expensive pair of running shoes fitted at a running store. He'll have to take me and run the credit card, I seriously can't bring myself to do it! I guess we'll see ...

  2. Love her song and that video! I am definitely going to have to check out those shoes!

  3. Mason is so ADORABLE! I need a kick in my butt again to start working out.