Color Me Rad & A First

The Color Me Rad was this past Saturday. I found out about it a little late so we managed to get one of the last few spots in the last time slot, 2:30. This was Ashley's (the one in the middle) first 5k ever. Might as well start with a fun one right?
We did not get all colorful this time beforehand. In this race you got your color packets right before you crossed the finish line.
Why yes that is a bunny. He was walking around before the start of the race giving out goodies, sadly we did not get any. I think the race started a little earlier than schedule because I remember looking at my phone and thinking 10 more minutes and then they blew the horn to start.
The race was great. It was a little crowded at the beginning, the course was tight through the fair grounds until you got to the open field. After the first color station I noticed a difference in the colored powder from last week. It was a lot finer. It was so fine that it went through our shirts.
A lot of this course was on the road, which was fine. The next color station we came to was a liquid color station. It cooled you off and got you all colorful. There were around 5 color stations with two being liquid.
These photos are pretty important to me. A few years ago if I was photographed with these two I would have felt HUGE because they are like a size nothing. I look at these photos today and actually do not see myself as the fat friend.
This race was pretty big for me. I was with two friends that are actual runners. Michelle (the one on the left) actually did the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure that morning and had an amazing time of 26 minutes. I decided to run as far as my body would allow me to. I started off great and at one point I realized that I had runner farther than I ever had and mentioned it to the girls. 

There were no mile markers, but I had my Map My Fitness App running. I was still running when my bra started talking to tell us our speed and that we were at 1 mile. I ran my first mile! I RAN MY FIRST MILE! I want to shout it from the rooftops :) I ran a little over a mile before I started speed walking. I would run, then walk, run, then walk after the first mile. I felt amazing after running that first mile, I did not think I had that in me. We will see what I can accomplish in the three races scheduled in October. 

The course was not quite a 5k, but I liked my pace overall.  

As you can see from the photo below, I looked better at the end of this race than I did at the end of last week's. The only color left on me at the Color Vibe was what my sweat mixed with. I think the powder being finer helped the color stay on better. At the Color Vibe the color shook off of you as you ran.
The only downside to this race was, just as last week, there were no mile markers. I know it is not times, but mile markers are great motivators. This race did have water and a snack at the end of the race.

I would seriously recommend any of these races to everyone - whether you are a serious runner, a beginner, a walker, a skipper, a dancer, a person who loves to where tutus, or a normal person that likes to have fun. Some 5ks are serious business and it was nice to have a laid back feel and just have fun.

***Disclaimer - I was not paid to write this review, Color Me Rad did not know I was writing a review (& probably still doesn't). All opinions are my own***

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  1. Looks like a blast! I am so jealous!!!! Want to do one of these sometime in the future, FOR SURE!