Weigh In Wednesday 6-5

Happy Hump Day! Has anyone seen that new Geico commercial with the Camel?
I find it hilarious. I love the new one with Maxwell the pig too. I am just a sucker for talking animals I guess.


It is Weigh In Wednesday! Thank you to all the bloggers who linked up last week. I love reading all your posts and hearing you stories!

I am still up every night for most of the night coughing, but I have been getting in a workout during the day.

Yesterday I did Day 2 of Ripped in 30 & walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes. I wanted to walk longer, but Mason did not want to play on his own anymore.

I was done with all of the things around the house that I wanted to get done and decided to take Mason for a walk outside before work. There is a great walking path about five minutes from our house and right up the road from where I work. I have walked the path once before with Judy. I think I may make this a regular occurrence. I brought clothes to change into for work and it is nice to get out in the sunshine before I am stuck inside for 8 hours.
This path goes along the Feeder Canal. It is nice to walk along the water and out of the way of traffic.
Mason slept for the first part of the walk, but when he woke up he was ready to look at everything and chat away.

I would definitely recommend finding a walking path in your area. This path is over 17 miles long. I have been telling Tim I want to park at one of the spots in the next town north and get on the trail there one night after dinner {there is a soft serve place near the trail}.

Pretty Strong Medicine

You can see my weigh in this week here. I am really hoping to "officially" see the 170s very soon. By officially I mean I need to see it on the scale on Monday morning.

A little motivation:

I saw this on FitFluential's Facebook and love it. It is so true. How many times do you say to yourself "I wish I had started back then"?

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  1. I'm a sucker for talking animals in commercials too lol. Thank you for hosting this linkup and congrats on your progress so far!

  2. Looks like a realmpretty place to walk

  3. This looks like a great link-up. Maybe I'll try it next week!


  4. I wish I had a walking trail near me. It stinks having to drive to one. You are going to see the 170s, stay strong!!