Weekly Weigh In & Changes

Happy Monday Morning!

I am so happy to have this morning at home and not have to go to work or drive an hour away for training. I do have to work tonight. I have not worked 4-12 in a while and I have three nights in a row of it.
I am not stepping on the scale this morning. I know my eating was terrible the last week and I don't want to see the damage. I ate out for lunch every day last week and I was not very mindful of my calories for some of my meals. I am just going to work hard this week and pray for a loss next Monday.
Good news though - I won the Erin's Diet Bet. I actually made $22 on it! I ended up losing 10 lbs last month.
Here is the photo I submitted for the final weigh in. I think I look a lot smaller than I ever have. The tank top I have on was from my wedding and it did not fit then. It was way too tight.

Time for me to get moving. I have my first 5k of the year this Saturday and I need some practice. I am trying to figure out which workout program to do next. Any suggestions? Jillian's 6 week abs?

Some Exciting news! If you notice up top I now have a .com! I won a giveaway last month to become a dot com and I decided to go for it. So my blog address is now http://www.ashsrightdirection.com/. I find this exciting! It really is the little things in life that make me happy :)

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  1. Love the .com. You are looking great too. You make me want to try the 30 ds again and finish. You are an inspiration!!

  2. And congrats on winning the bet!

  3. Congratulations on the diet bet! No shame in not weighing in... I take FREQUENT breaks from the scale! Good luck on your 5K!

  4. you look amazing, so thin! you go girl!

  5. Good for you for winning Erin's diet bet! I didn't make it, sadly. I started at 197, and had to reach 189. Last week I was close at 192, and today I'm 190, but still didn't win my money back! Sad day. Oh well. I don't consider it a "failure" because I did in fact still lose weight!! And you're looking great in that picture! Visiting today from the WIW link-up :)

  6. I was so excited about becoming a dot.com :)

    I didnt weigh in this week either - Im trying to have a good week and after a bad week I didnt want to feel discouraged :)

  7. yes congrats girl!!!!!!!