I think we may have a problem...

Happy Hump Day! It is actually my Monday. I had three days off so it was a little tough getting up this morning. I even got up a half an hour early this morning to get Day 12 of the Shred out of the way. I have a full day today. I am working 6a-6p then Tim and I have class until 8:30. It makes for a long day. Mason gets to spend sometime with my mom tonight.

Let's recap the last few days...
Monday Mason and I took Nutmeg to get a bath. We had lunch at Applebee's. I did really well. I have their soup & salad combo with a water. It was good and the portion was just enough and not too much.
I gave Mason a bottle and he started sucking on the side of the bottle and I told him he was doing it wrong and this is what I got ->
That hair kill me!
After lunch we picked Nutmeg up and she was looking much better!

Monday was another nice day here in Upstate NY so we took a walk in the early evening with Judy. This was the first time that Mason has actually sat up and was awake for the whole walk. We took Tim's brother's dogs for the walk (Nutmeg just had a bath so we did not want to dirty her). Mason watched the dogs while we walked. It was fun to see him alert and checking out the surroundings. 

Yesterday morning Mason slept until almost 8:30, I was so happy. He has been getting up around 7 and I need a little more sleep than that. I put him in his Pack N Play while I walked on the treadmill. I noticed he pulled himself up like shown in the photo so I went over to him and while I was standing in front of him he launched himself into my arms. I immediately put him in his Jumperoo and took the shelf out of the PNP. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. I remember thinking he would never be big enough to take that shelf out. This kid is mischievous, we are going to be in trouble.
 Yet again the hair is out of control - I am going to miss it when it finally lays down.

While I got ready Mason & Nutmeg bonded on the bed.
That dog is the best. She loves him, she is very gentle, and basically lets him do whatever. We are always around to watch them, but she is great with him.


I am on Day 12 of the 30 Day Shred as I mentioned before. Level 2 is more complex than Level 1, but I am doing it. I looked in the mirror last night and noticed some muscles growing in my arm. On Saturday I am planning on taking some progression photos. I am hoping to see a difference at the half way mark. I have been trying to get a walk in at least five days a week. I do not have time for it today, but I have been doing well with it.

I am proud of myself for getting up early today and fitting in the Shred everyday. I usually take weekends off because Tim is home or I don't have time, but I have been making time. I cannot wait to see the results.

I put on a belt this morning that I have not worn in a year plus. I have been wearing one of Tim's belts if I needed a brown one. I decided to try mine this morning. I will tell you that last time I tried it I barely got it to come together around my waist. Today I am wearing the belt fastened in the SECOND hole! I could not believe it. My husband must think I am crazy, I ran into the kitchen jumping up and down all excited.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Isn't it so motivating to see results?! that is the best part for me when I am working hard, seeing results makes all the hard work worth it. Also, that lil man's hair is amazing! total cuteness

  2. I think the non-scale victories are even better than the ones from the scale. Great job sticking with the 30DS, I cannot wait to get back at it (recovering from an injury currently).