I saw this on Colleen's blog and decided to do it. 

Current Book(s):
Jemima J - Jane Green   - I just finished another book and I am getting ready to start this one. 
Current Music:
Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood 
& Lady A - Downtown
Current Guilty Pleasure:
I know Colleen said long showers, but I will have to go with that one too. Being a new mom a shower is a precious thing. When I get a chance to just stand in there I take it. I love just standing in the shower. I cannot wait to own a home with a bath tub. I have not taken a bath in years and would really like one!
Current Nail Color:
Old photo, but this is the color I have right now.
Current Drink:
Water - I allow myself 1 diet soda per day and most days I don't even have one.  
Current Food:

No food at the moment. I am craving a bowl of cereal though. 
Current Favorite Show:
Once Upon A Time - I put this as my favorite because I am always waiting impatiently for the next episode. 
Current Wish List:
I want a vacation, preferably somewhere where the water is crystal clear - I would love to still go on a cruise to the Bahamas. 
My realistic wishlist is a Fit Bit. I have wanted it for a few months and I am hoping I get it on my birthday next week. 
Current Needs:
I don't really need anything. I could use a good pair of sneakers. I am thinking about trying Reebok for my next pair. 
Current Bane of My Existence:
Bad Food! I cannot help myself lately. I need to get my ass in gear and get rid of it. 
Current Celebrity Crush:
 I love George Strait - I don't care if he is decades older than me
Oh Bradley Cooper... You are hot! and funny, but really hot.

Current Indulgence:
Heart shaped sweet tarts.
Current Blessing:
My family- my wonderful husband, my adorable baby boy, and our healthy animals. My life - I could not ask for more. We are happy and healthy. 
Current Slang:
No slang... I have been saying "man" at the end of my sentences and it annoys me. I am trying to work on it. 
Current Outfit:
Jeans, sweatshirt, & clogs. It is Friday night, I am cold, and I am at work. 
Current Excitement:
My birthday next week. Nothing special planned, I just love my birthday :) 
Current Mood:
Happy - I am excited to keep working on the project we are working on and I am happy I have the weekend off. 
Current Link:
Have a great Saturday, I am off to Proctors to see The Million Dollar Quartet.  



  1. WOW! Jane Green's Jemima J is one of my faves! After reading that book I had to keep picking up her other books :D Hope you like it and let me know if you do!

  2. Jemima J is great! I love Jane Green!