Feeling Giggly

I do not know what gets into me some days, but there are times when I am perusing Pinterest and I cannot stop laughing and the humor page! My coworkers think I am crazy when they hear me giggling in the corner. I love when things make me smile or giggle. It is a mood booster and takes away all negative thoughts for a while. Here are some of the things that had me laughing this week :)

This will be my poor children... 
I could not stop laughing with this one! 

These are ones that I could not agree more with :)
I do this and then I wish I was bagging myself
I have wondered this for YEARS!
Have a Great Weekend! Mason and I are spending the rest of the afternoon cuddling.


2 Months

I cannot believe that two months ago today I got the greatest gift - Mason. It does not seem like it has been 2 months already. He has definitely at a different stage now. I love this stage - He is looking around more and checking out his surroundings.
He likes :
-To be outside
-To lay on his stomach
-Tummy time
-Daddy's dancing and singing
-Mommy's kisses
-His swing

He is growing fast and we are enjoying every second of him.
We gave Mason the vapor bath last night and he loved it. He was in there for a while because he was peaceful and seemed happy. I would definitely recommend the vapor baths for congestion. We bought the Toys-r-Us brand Vapor bath because I could not find the Johnson & Johnson. It was probably cheaper anyway and worked just the same. I also had the humidifier on for him last night while he slept. He slept well and only got up at his normal times. Speaking of normal times, he seems to have been getting up at the same time for the last few nights - 1 and 4:30. Is this a routine starting? I hope he starts sleeping longer soon, but I will take these times for now and be thankful he does not get up 3-5 times a night.

Mason is eating much better today. Yesterday he seemed to eat a little then go back to sleep so he did not get a lot of milk. Today he is back to eating his normal amount. He even took a great morning nap so I could walk on the treadmill for an hour. I got in 3.2 miles at a 7% incline. I feel so much better after walking :)

Have a great day all!


Poor Little Guy

I am exhausted! I worked until midnight the last two nights and I got up with Mason during the night. I have not gotten much sleep and it is hard to nap during the day. On top of me being tired poor Mason sounds like he is all stuffed up in his nose and he is coughing. His coughs sound like there is a little congestion in his chest as well. I called the doctor's office and they suggested the humidifier, the nasal saline drops, and a vapor bath. I went out today and got the supplies I needed. I also got the humidifier out of the box and put it together. We will be giving him a vapor bath tonight.
I finally got him to sleep for a little while this morning. He looked so peaceful.
There is not much I can do for him because he is so young. I also asked the doctor what I could take if I get sick and I got bad news. I can have tylenol :/ That won't help, I miss my dayquil and nyquil.
I hope that this thing that Mason has goes away soon.
I have been trying to figure out ways to boost my milk supply. We are doing breast milk and formula, but if I can produce more milk it would help with costs and using less formula. I did a little research and decided to try a pill that I discovered.
They are all natural and do not smell that bad (you know how pills smell sometimes). I took the first pill this afternoon so I will get back to you if it works.
The mailbox was full this afternoon. Along with the pills there was a t-shirt Tim had ordered...
Yup my 27 y/o husband ordered this shirt and I am positive he will wear it often. It is from Woot, he checks the site everyday and occasionally will order from it. I love him - he always makes me smile and wearing these shirts always makes me giggle.
Here is a picture of Mason from the other night when he was in the kitchen with Tim. He was getting a cooking lesson from daddy and watching him dance and sing. I love watching them together.


Monday Weigh In - Not Good

Happy Monday! Mason slept all night in his crib in his own room. We have started to transition him into his crib. In the Rock n Play he sleeps in a reclined sitting position and we want his to sleep on a flat surface. I hope last night was not too easy and we have rough nights ahead. 
Time to talk about the weigh in...
Last week was not the best starting week of Weight Watchers. A few days I went over my points by ten or more and had to use the weekly points. I have encountered my rough areas last week and I recognized them because I was writing everything down and paying attention. I get snacky at work and when I am home and bored. A few times last week I tried chewing gum at work to curb my cravings and it did help. This morning when I stepped on the scale it said 202.0 lbs - that is a 2 lb gain. It is a little disappointing, but I am determined not to see a gain again. I am also reminded that this takes work. 

I have gotten my American Eagle skirt back out and put it on my full length mirror. I did this last year when I started losing weight because I wanted to fit back into it. It is a size 12 and I believe I bought it when I was still in high school roughly 8 years ago. I also took out the pair of pants I bought at Old Navy last fall that are a size 10. They were on clearance for $4.00 so I figured it would not hurt to have a pair of pants to work at getting into. I was very close to fitting into them – as someone who is losing weight that means that they came up to my thighs – in November.
I could have lied and said I had lost, but I need to be honest on here and with myself. It is a journey which means it is not always easy. 


My Monday

Today is my Monday, which means it is back to work for me. Today has been pretty productive so far. Mason and I got up at 8 which was great considering I fed him at 3:30. I love nights like that, when he sleeps for 4 hours at a time.
After he ate around 10:30 he fell back asleep and I took advantage of my time. I got on the treadmill and walked 3.2 miles in an hour at a 7% incline. I felt great after and Mason was still sleeping! I love when I can fit things in like that.

This afternoon has been relaxing. After lunch I decided to make a recipe I saw here the other day, thanks to Jess. I have recently discovered this new blog and I like it. I had all of the ingredients for the Cake Batter Dip - which almost never happens when I want to try a recipe.
 It was super easy to make and only took a few minutes.

I did not have any teddy grahams, but I did have some honey graham crackers in the cupboard from the summer and s'more season. I packaged up half of it and I am going to take it to work for a snack this week. It is only 4 points + per 1/4 cup which is a lot of dip.
The rest of the afternoon Mason and I have been cuddling. I love this little guy, he is so warm and cuddly. He is adorable too.
I am really focusing on what I am eating today. I went 10 over my daily points yesterday and the day before so I need to buckle down. I want to make it a goal to not use any of my weekly points next week. Even though I have had a few rough days, I am proud that I have tracked everything and I am being honest with myself. I am looking forward to stepping on the scale on Monday which scares me, I don't want to have high hopes and then not see a good number. I guess we will see on Monday morning.
Time to get ready to bring Mason to daycare and me to work. Check out the recipe - it is delicious!


Weight Watchers

Today is looking much better than yesterday. The sun is out and the clouds are white. It is a gorgeous Fall day. Mason is still in his PJs because we have no plans today and he is comfy.
I joined Weight Watchers again on Monday. I am doing the online version this time. So far I must say that I like the tools online and the iPhone app. I marked down that I was a nursing mother so I have a few extra points than I normally would. I get 39 points a day now. I have been great about tracking things and the app makes it easier to look things up when I am on the go.
I feel like I had to sign up for WW because if I was not in a program I would just keep saying "Oh I will start on Monday" and then not start. I will admit that I am having a tough time finding time for walking. I have to learn to get in what I can. If Mason wakes up and wants something I have to take a break. I have decided to get in what I can when I have free time.

Here is where I am starting:

I feel empowered and ready to begin this part of my weight loss journey.
Happy Hump Day!


I Love Fall

What a dreary day here in Upstate NY. I wish I could sleep in, but of course I have a dentist appointment this morning preventing me from doing so. I cannot believe it is Tuesday already. I went back to work last Thursday and it has been pretty busy around here.
Mason hit the 7 weeks mark on Friday  :)
Dropping Mason off on Thursday for his first time at daycare was a little tough, but he was being picked up within the hour so he was not there long. On Friday he was there from 7:30-4 and he did great. I trust the daycare staff to take good care of him.  They are easy to talk to and they keep track of when he sleeps, eats, and gets a diaper change. Saturday Mason spent the day with his Nain (Judy), Tim had class and I had to work. It was nice for Tim and I because we got out of the house Saturday night when we went to get Mason from Nain’s.
He was sound asleep after a day at his grandparents 
If you follow me on Instagram you know that Sunday was a perfect day. After lying in bed for a while talking, I decided it was time to get up. I took Nutmeg and went to the Garden Barn. I wanted to get some mums and Tim wanted me to pick up some breakfast. This place has delicious cider donuts and apple cider. The donuts were coming out of the machine and the older guy that makes them was rolling them in sugar while I was paying. I had to keep the bag open because they were so hot.
 I picked out a few Mums and a few pumpkins that I liked. Nutmeg loved going for a ride, she had her head out the window for most of the journey.
When I got home I did a few things inside the house and then I decided to go out and mow the lawn. It has been a couple weeks since it was done. The nice thing about this time of year is that the grass does not grow very fast so it is ok if you let it go for long than a week. I am not sure what got into me but after I mowed the lawn I got the blower out and cleared off the driveway. Then I decided the front tree needed trimming so I trimmed it and cleaned up the trimmings. My neighbor told me I could have some cornstalks out of her field so I went and cut some of those and decorated the trimmed tree with some fall decorations. (I will have to post a photo of that sometime - I wanted to get one this morning but it is pouring out) I was outside for a couples hours and I felt great when I was done. I am usually one to try to get out of doing the trimming and cleanup. I have a few more things to do outside and it will be all ready for fall. 
This is what was going on inside while I was outside
Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the weather and the colors. I also love pumpkin everything, mums, apple picking, and cider donuts. 


All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today is a sad day... It is my last day on maternity leave. I am happy and sad at the same time. I want to go back to work. I enjoy my job at a 911 dispatcher, most people cannot say that they like their job. I like my coworkers and I miss seeing them everyday. Most of all I miss human interaction on a daily basis.
I will miss Mason, but the positive of my job is that I am on a "swing shift." My days off change every four weeks. I work 2 8a-4p shifts, 2 4p-12a shifts, and 1 12a-8a a week, this means that Mason will only be in daycare part time. For Example: This week he is only going tomorrow from 3:30-4 and then Friday from 8-4. Next week will be Monday for 2 hours, Thursday for 2 hours, and Friday for 8 hours.
I have been to the daycare center and looked at the set up and had a lot of my questions answered. I feel comfortable leaving him with the people there, but I am having the normal nervousness. At least I think it is normal.

I got my hair cut and colored last night. It is amazing how that can make me feel great afterwards. That is one of the things I could never give up if we had to go on a strict budget, I would get a second job to pay for it.
Michelle watched Mason while I was there and he wore a special outfit for her and Uncle Michael.
In this county Tuesday is the night that Firemen go to the firehouse for maintenance/meetings/etc. Michelle, Michael, & Tim are on the fire department so Mason had to wear the appropriate shirt :) He wore is Sunday too, but he spit up on it before we got to see Uncle Michael and Aunt Michelle.
Today we are going to try to run some errands... this is my first time taking him to stores alone. Wish me luck.


Rough Day for Mason

Mason and I started this Monday morning off great by sleeping in until after 9. We had an eventful weekend and Mason got to meet a lot of my family. We are a close family and I could not wait for most of them to see him. They loved him and he definitely got a little spoiled Saturday afternoon/night. They kept holding him and passing him around. I wish I had gotten some pictures, but I was just enjoying the time.
Sunday was a lay day for us. Tim and I got the house cleaned in the morning - not just picking up we actually vacuumed, swept, mopped, and took care of things. I was so happy when we were done, I really like a clean house. Some of Tim's college friends stopped by in the afternoon because they were in the area for a wedding. It was nice seeing them for the first time in a few years.
Tim got some snuggle time in with Mason Sunday afternoon. This is one of my favorite things about having Mason. Watching Tim with him is amazing. I would have never imagined it, he is great with him and loves his little guy.
Mason had an appointment this morning with his pediatrician for vaccinations. I just want to say that I LOVE his pediatrician. She is great, she explains things very well and does not treat me like I should know it all. I feel comfortable asking her questions and I really like how she explains everything so I will understand it. He is growing perfectly and the doctor said I am doing great feeding him the proper amounts. The worst part of the visit was the set of shots at the end. I thought I would be fine, but when Mason started crying I started tearing up. It was a lot harder than I thought. He got little soccer ball band aids, but he was still a little upset. I held him for a little while and when I put him in his carseat he fell right asleep.
After that appointment we had to go to the Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor. I thought we were just going for a consult, but after deciding to go ahead and clip his tongue tie the Doctor did it. It was tough to watch, but it was not as bad as the shots. He bled a little and cried, but after giving him a bottle he was fine.
Mason had a rough day so he cuddled with mommy for a little while when we got home.
I put him in his crib to sleep and someone followed me in there and stayed. I went to get something a little while later and got this picture. I was wondering where Nutmeg went. I did not realize she stayed with Mason. I am trying to put him in his crib more because he will be in a crib at daycare. He usually sleeps in his swing (off usually) and his rock and play. It is good for him to lay flat too.
Time for me to make dinner. Have a great night :)


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9-9-12

Good Morning :)
Mr. Mason is being fussy this morning so I am typing this with one hand and holding him with the other. Here are my interpretations this week.
Ramblings and Photos

The elephant on Mason's mobile is monochromatic.
Starts with the Letter...
Z - This is in Mason's room and usually has a few bottles on it because it is right next to the rocking chair. I love this flower arrangement - I think I have taken a picture of this before, but the flower light up so it creates a nice glow for night feedings.

Upside down
This one is a stretch, but I did not have any photos that would go so I turned this one upside down. Nutmeg was lazy the other day and did not get off the couch. I put Mason on her and she still did not move.
Check out his hair! We forgot to comb it after his bath last night so he now has crazy hair.
These PJs are very soft, It was a little chilly last night so he got to wear these for the first time. Daddy really liked these too because of the fire trucks. :)